can we use header inside article and section

Now the section headers can be given their proper importance on the page, but within the context of the overall article. 2:51 Back in index.html, let's divide our page into logical sections, and 2:55 we'll start at the top by placing the introductory content here inside a header. Adding section labels to our example layout, Concerns with the simplified outline algorithm spec, Using aria on the example layout sectioning elements, cannot be nested inside other headers and footers, use Flexbox to rearrange the visual order, not have a heading level of 1 at the root of the document, not have a heading level of 1 be the first heading in a document,, discussing the HTML Document Outline Algorithm, video of Léonie Watson rolling through pages in JAWS,, Accessible Name and Description Computation spec, many of us forget the importance of semantic, organized markup, In-page navigation (within a long article, for example), Social links (although there may be exceptions where social links are the major navigation, in sites like. Things always get more complicated whenever IDs are involved. I fear, however, that you may have had some conclusions in mind which swayed your research. The section element. I didn’t remove your comment, it was flagged for moderation as it contained links. Most themes will use headings as part of their HTML code, but some don’t follow best practices. Sections should be used if you need to group together a bunch of elements that are related but don’t fit the requirements for an article element (i.e. We’ll be making updates to make sure the article reflects the best possible information. Any reason why? Sectioning elements require labels so that screen reader users are able to quickly identify what content they can find inside that particular section of the site. As per the Accessible Name and Description Computation spec (see step 2) aria-labelledby should still work on an element that’s hidden, as is the case with using the hidden attribute. Note that this can be done independently for each separate type of header and footer. You are aware of, many people are seeking spherical because of this facts, you can guide these tremendously. There are many news blog logo networks around where you can submit you and market This is how the W3C recommend creating a element: Not all screen readers support this syntax. This includes things like sidebars (like those you might find in a book), groups of

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