Tips to Avoid Common Rats

Rats: one of the most common pests in our country and two types stand out, the common rat and the black rat.

We can say that they are destructive creatures and that they contribute to the many problems that some homes and businesses have. Having a rat infestation endangers the structure of buildings and public health.

If you’ve never had to deal with rats, it doesn’t mean you’re free of it. And sadly, getting rid of a rat plague is not that simple.

Rats are not limited to living alone in sewers. They prefer to live close to humans. Most of the time they live in hidden burrows and access through crevices to get food, but they can also live inside.

Also, these rodents chew everything and constantly, including wood, plaster, cables …, this is because it keeps them from growing teeth and their edges are sharp.

Rooting and damage caused by rats

These pests cause damage to millions of euros a year in Spain. But, what is worse, they are carriers of a series of diseases that can have dire consequences for people if they are bitten by a rat or bitten by fleas carried by rats.

Since rat pests are difficult to exterminate, the help of professional rat pest control specialists is necessary.

Pest control that any particular develops will be ineffective because the root of the infestation is generally not addressed.

As a professional in the elimination and eradication offers effective advice and plans of control and management of rats for communities, individuals, and businesses in the area of ​​the Community of Madrid.

Remember that rats are not an animal that someone needs in their environment.

Tips to prevent rat pests

Due to the speed at which rats reproduce, we have listed some helpful tips to help prevent them from becoming a problem in and around your property.

  • Seal any openings on the outside of the building, make sure doors and windows are in good repair.
  • Look around the pipes going to your house and make sure there are no gaps around you.
  • Eliminate potential food sources such as overflowing garbage cans and outside pet food.
  • Keep your family safe from these destructive creatures by calling we pest control in Madrid.

Our professional staff can assist you with their tips on inspecting and removing rat pests from your property.

  • After removal, you can protect yourself from future rat and other pest infestations with our year-round pest protection plans that protect your home or business.

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