yamaha bolt fork swap

$14.90 shipping. Also, if she is about 110 lbs and a trail rider only, will the regular 2004 YZ85 springs be OK for her??? Next, remove the upper steering stem nut that retains the upper clamp and loosen the pinch bolts. Know I still want to know has any one put YZ, CR, RM forks on a TTR 230. Thank you very much for the in depth info. These forks are great and have been rebuilt recently by active ride suspention. This Hub allows you to easily adapt a laced rim to a modern inverted fork. On the 74 up XS650's the XJ 650 Seca is a straight up bolt on swap. Welcome EzUnix, The forks listed on that DoTheTon site are by fork tube OD. No more difficult than doing Traxxion damper rods - I would argue easier. Enter, the Yamaha Yard Built "Speed Iron" Bolt and its full VMax front end. You might be real close with the stock brake line also if you dont have the YZ setup. I have a set of forks from an XS1100 Standard. Work grease into the lower stem bearing from the YZ, and the upper ball type bearing from the TTR. Link to post ... removing that bolt on the left fork = 5 h I was so close to a complete fork swap Yeah its been a huge pain in the ass. All ya gotta do is drop the bottom bolt in the fork let the oil out pump the fork a few times to remove as much as possible. Perfect for any rider with a passion for old-school theatrics, driving your Yamaha Bolt can be an intensely gratifying experience. Thank you very much for the in depth info. Springs are only part of the equation, valving for the type of riding you intend and your speeds you ride is equally important. Many of the other pieces may come with the set, so don't rush out and buy any parts before you get your fork set. Yamaha Motorcycles. Fitment: RoadLiner-Stratoliner 2006-Up, RoadStar 1600/1700, V-Star 1100 99-09, V-Star 650 98-16. Just don't buy their bearings, they're Chinese junk. So where do you get and what size springs do you put in it? Sale 20% Off! If any one needs some forks, I have a set of 2005 kx100 forks that will bolt right up, with the clamps, and spacers. $7,999 - Raven - Available from September 2019 in California, Nationwide from October 2019 But that may be a good thing, then the bike will be more even front to rear:thinking: I am still gathering all the YZ rear parts together (I'm cheap, want to keep the parts list under $200) and all I have left is the rear wheel. Now, I have a Tusk bar riser on my wife's bike raising the bars up about 1.5", shouldn't this allow me to level the bike out just about perfect while using the stock 19" wheel? away 95. Is the hub only 1/4 inch narrower? The only real clue I have found is in this Yamaha forum where a seller posted a picture of his Bolt where he or she was able to affix some type of risers. If so how hard was it? Add performance and attitude with the Bolt® Air Cleaner Cover. If using the YZ wheel figure another $125 for the wheel. Great pics as well. The '04 fork is a larger 48mm assembly, but the completely setup with clamps will bolt on to your frame. It solves the need to upgrade to adjustable forks to account for the significantly larger tire. I put the forks on my 75 XS650 B. The Yamaha Bolt is a powerful fusion of classic design and modern innovation. Get technical support and information for your Yamaha Star Bolt motorcycle or search for information before buying; ... Actually, it's pretty easy. Actually, the YZ front brake is the way to go since the hose is longer and won't be cutting across the number plate like mine does, they both share the same front caliper, but the hoses and master cylinder are different (only in the hose connection points) so keeping the YZ front brake is great! $169.95. these have several advantages over Ball Bearings. Press the brake pads back into the caliper with a scredriver so that the front wheel will be easy to reinsert. Next mod, YZ 85 swingarm, shock, linkage and hydraulic brakes! The TTR caliper and caliper bracket bolt up directly, but the brake hose seems to be a bit short-, It went well, and here's my finished product-, And with the YZ 85 master cylinder and Stainless Steel front brake line installed-. Use two shims for the TTR hub like said but... use one on each side and poof your wheel is centered then shim out your caliper. The later 35 mm dampers had an internal 12 point top. I also have access to these and don't want to lose them if it's not too bad of a swap. Anywho, I like me some chunky front tires (like your Forty-Eights and Scouts), and I'm not real interested in just getting some overpriced inner-tube simulacrum when I get around to doing this. They all use an allen bolt with an 8mm allen wrench hole. It was real easy, and took around 2 hours to do. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now, torque it to 14 ft lbs. or are you saying that it is only offset by about a 1/4 inch? Motorcycles on Autotrader has listings for new and used Yamaha Bolt Motorcycles for sale near you. Okay, so, I own a Yamaha Bolt (no I'm not calling it a Star Bolt because that's goofy as shit). Any pros or cons regarding using the YZ units? Now, obviously, I don't have direct access to Yamaha's warehouses like those guys did, so I'd be building the triples piecemeal if I go this route. Direct replacement for the Bolt’s OE air cleaner cover. Now, could I just wander into the local custom shop and ask them to CNC me an identical pair of wider triples? ), 3.Torque wrench that goes as low as 15 ft lbs and up to 80 ft lbs. The easiest thing to do would be to find an extra set of triple clamps and swap the stem. http://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l111/chickenhauler_2006/bikes/?action=view¤t=TTRForkProject021.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch32. Now move the fork tubes up as far as they will go in the clamps without hitting the underside of the bars and tighten the upper and lower pinch bolts This is because the YZ forks are MUCH longer than the stock TTR's and will cause the bike to ride nose high if you don't. The forks/clamps combo can be found on E-bay for around $300 roughly. Great pics as well.

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