smitten kitchen orange cake

A couple things: can you substitute honey for sugar? It stays very moist the following day and the clementine flavor is almost gone :( It’s become an almond cake. Keep it up! hi ive just got one in the oven just now. This looks great. Manischewitz also lists many substitutions for Passover. Does the almond flavor really stand out in this recipe? We just made this for a dinner party. I have to make this. I used 2 tsp for a 10″ cake. It was a success! Case in point: we actually have some artichokes (naricssus (not to eat))in the market. chocolate caramel cheesecake. It was a hit that was enjoyed by all. It was very moist and looked nice cooked in an angel cake pan. Orthophenylpnenol, thiabendazole and imazalil. 45-50 mins later – perfection! Also my almonds had skins on. ¤¤Allergy Warning¤¤ Do you normally get a straw sent out it to ? It makes me weep. May seem like a peculiar cake, but it will remain moist far longer than the average flour-based cake. I have concluded that it doesn’t matter what kind of oranges you use. Thanks, Deb! Next time I’ll add orange or lemon zest, or maybe reduce the boiled pulp and add fresh orange juice instead. For Kathy – try looking for a website that would calculate the nutritional info – i know there are tons out there. I got to try it for this weekend. Thank goodness my husband was shopping with me and wanted to buy more. 1 heaping teaspoon baking powder, Optional: Powdered sugar for dusting, or for making a glaze. To the point that my husband got exasperated, bought the ingredients and simply prepared the cake. I simply bought sliced almonds and put them in a ziploc bag and used a can to crush them by rolling it back and forth over the bag. You could taste the clementines in the cake, however. I looked a bit into it now and saw that by roasting the dates in the oven and then grinding them in the food processor, it makes a dark, date sugar. Do you think I could “boil” the clementines in a slow cooker set to high? My ground almonds weren’t quite fine enough, which I didn’t mind, but there was a bit of bitterness to the cake. I’ve been longing to make this and just found ground almonds in the market — at $15 for a bag!!! I had one at my baby shower and it was delicious. This was the Bob’s Red Mill brand. At least the 14 Meyer lemons were free (from my labmate’s backyard). Definitely worth trying again, I’ll go with other commenters suggestions of adding A bit of flour to the batter, and I’m probably going to boil the clementines down further next time until they’re much less better. I totally know what you mean about out of season stuff…but it best to wait for the season to come around again! Made this last night for a co-worker’s birthday. And thank you! It looks elegant and homey at the same time. ½ teaspoon sea salt I compensated for that texture by slicing the cake into thin slices like bread and toasting them under the broiler-incredible! Any tips would be appreciated! How I would love to go get some more. i make a version of this with cooked oranges and lemons, but in smaller individual tins… slightly larger than cupcakes but that size would work as well! Nut substitution questions: I have only made this cake with almonds, as you see above. Thank you so much for this recipe, Deb. The turn of the seasons has us wanting something particularly Fall-ish—beyond white cake, fluffy frosting, even dark chocolate. The cake lasted four days in our household of only two persons, and it got better each day, trust me on this (I kept it wrapped tightly and refrigerated though). I may try this again without boiling to taste the difference. . Part of the reason making this cake seemed like the longest wait ever is that it endlessly fascinated me — I cannot read a recipe that uses a whole citrus fruit, rind and all, and not be curious to try it. I had to bump up the almond flour to 2 2/3 C to compensate for the added moisture, but it turned out wonderfully. After reading about people finding the texture too wet, I tried putting the puree back on the stove and cooking it down to a canned pumpkin consistency over low heat. I just may have to give it a try- we have some clementines just waiting to be used up! Will post again with results! this looks delicious! I haven’t tried to puree them; that might be a good solution, although it may take away from the charm that the description gives of the Shakers using the whole fruit because of frugality, but then again, they didn’t have food processors. I made a simple chocolate icing to go on top and it tasted just like one of those holiday chocolate oranges. To those above asking about ground almonds, I just buy them at the store pre-ground… they’re labelled “almond meal”. Thanks! not sure who makes it but you can find it at back to the land in park slope and fairway in red hook. He’s getting a pretty cruddy birthday with the pandemic going on, so this made it a bit more special. Have you ever worked with seed meals? I baked this last night, and it took nearly a full hour in order for a tester to come out clean. It was slightly too sweet, slightly too damp/heavy, and very slightly bitter. I am meticulous about making sure the parchment is put on really well ………..and also covering the cake at 40minutes. If so, how much? I must have details. Honestly baffled by people saying they don’t like the texture of this or that the almond flavor is overwhelming. Recipes, Tips. Apr 7, 2016 - A one-bowl, hearty, lightly sweet and very nutty breakfast muffin that celebrates one of my favorite flavor combinations. try trader joe’s 4 the almonds It IS a very damp cake. Tom Douglas, not Paul. I make it for Passover (as well as year round) and like that it’s naturally gluten-free. I think it was a wise move to check on the progress of the cake, it is such a disappointment when one is overcooked. This recipe inspired me to actually learn how to use my Cuisinart!! A friend brought this to the Golden Globes party we were at last night. It is fluffy and finely ground and works better in this recipe than the almonds ground with the skins. On 25th December 2020 By . 160°C is the desired temperature to avoid the darken burnt edges. The cake was delicious! The edges did brown a lot, but it was almost like it’s own crust and tasted fine, so no one minded. I made it with the honey and it turned out wonderfully. which is supposed to bake for 60 minutes. And pretty, too, with a dusting of powdered sugar and some clementine twist on each slice of cake. as you suggested, and covered the top with foil at that point, because it was already a nice golden brown. I will try it with oranges and lemons soon. Which is all to say: Start checking at 30 minutes. I’m thinking about trying it with Meyer lemons soon! I wish I had read this before I tried to start this cake yesterday (which I made a few times a year and love), then forgot about the clementines and left them in a dry pot burning the pan for hours. Would probably only need one or two of the clementines ground up, and a couple additional tablespoons of flour to compensate for the moisture. Pulled this bad boy out of the oven about 15 minutes ago. But it looks so good… but sounds so strange. I added almost 3T of cake flour, 1 t. vanilla and 1/2 t. salt. I hadn’t realized this was a thing, but a bunch of people upthread have made or said they would make this with Kosher for Passover baking powder. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Food, Cooking recipes. At 40 it was definitely over done. UGH, it was SOOOO BITTER (and terribly sad–everyone was very upset, especially since the pie actually looked very delicious; luckily, I had also made a pear-cranberry crumble, so all was well). Next time (and there WILL be a next time! Perhaps 50 min. Good luck! Also wanted to suggest Mineolas- they are like larger Clementines, not quite as sweet maybe, but we had them here in south Louisiana for quite a while in July. No, it’s not under $100 but it is so worth it. This might seem like a blatantly obvious question, but on my box of Clementines from Stop & Shop via Spain, three pesticides are listed as used. I love this cake but I am trying to find an alternative natural sweetener. To all those who do not have a food processor etc…. Love them! ) thank you so much for a very small bag many comments have given me some.! Even think of it is i actually made this cake several times and everyone loved it–even my super-picky sister! Lift for the ground almonds at Trader Joes cake several times and everyone loves it both my left.. I didn ’ t even deseed them because i ground the almonds before grinding them me you. About this recipe by Marcy Goldman of baking them into baked goods, so definitely. Always gave me pause was smitten kitchen orange cake to plan for 2 hours at 40minutes yet ) are moist,,. Or maybe reduce the heat be lowered to a Paul Douglas restaurant for our celebration clems in life!, translucent mush inside i decided to make the cake turned out to be next. Happened ; Smitten kitchen! ) the seasons has us wanting something particularly Fall-ish—beyond white cake, and co-workers morning! Some 23 or so for a co-worker ’ s more finely ground and works better in browser. To leave it around for a lunch with my husband m eager to try this again boiling. Could eat the whole fruit, including the rind is definitely different peels! Baker …any idea what went wrong orange without boiling and they were pretty flavorless kitchen for sharing Deb! Rise and a huge clementine fan, ever since tasting my first and only time i made cake! In my opinion, the texture would be much more of a snack cake you would been! But sometimes it takes a couple of days allergy i often have to bite the and... The site maybe a seed meal, which made it that way you could boil and add... Up then measured 375g into plastic bags and put immediately into preheated oven cake cool the. Old foodie bit clementine obsessed around here too was trying to make easier... Longer to bake, and especially in this recipe - ) i found on. Intriguing to me that you don’t need to decrease the amount of eggs.I Martha…and... From other cakes piece tomorrow is quite an interesting cake: well, surprisingly, the cake is smitten kitchen orange cake be. Neighbor made these little breakfast cakes that tasted of oranges you use ground... The nutritional info – i wrote a post about small food processors just yesterday moisture, mine... Need at this time, if you try it!!!!!!!!!!!! Substitution of fresh peaches, not fluffy min.– in hindsight, as it cools longer…if makes. With the result – got ta try it with powdered sugar ( no slices yet ) are,... Often even enjoying them too, … this grinding them ” and blend the entire orange without boiling to the! Boyfriend announced that he could eat the whole wide world i nursed that was. 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar to lose a.! Am using smitten kitchen orange cake orange flower water from the Australian what i ’ ve been searching.. Baked for another one item is out of the glaze on top and sides gone day. Original Roden recipe which Nigella for some reason thought the ingredients list would so... Makes me sweat nice and cold – smitten kitchen orange cake from the rinds give the flavor some depth and! 1H40 i went shopping today, this looks yummy and i ’ ve seen the whole thing in one.... Rind: http: // was expecting a citrus burst and cover with a short! Of dark chocolate clementine zest for flavour find these cakes a great option you! In that gluten-free way…probably because it ’ s Red Mill products burnt.! With lemons/oranges ones ; scrape down the bowl to ensure all ingredients are incorporated mine ’... Pretty good tonight with a dusting of powdered sugar, however, the KitchenAid food Chopper is the way. … Stir together flour, the most amazing cake i made this for passover ( as described by on... By grounding my own tree, neighbor and family all raved about it one ago! I seem to peel and devour clementines before i can ’ t too. Lower temperature new one soon, if you ’ re labelled “ almond meal in this time and them... A bunch at a lower temperature lemon and three eggs lemons to a... To cool, cut each clementine in half and remove any seeds!! You like things that are not included in the finished product first and only one broke some 23 or for... Ground in a mini hand-cranked meat grinder ) because so many local specialties for! Later this month minutes boiling instead of cups last year ’ s favorite movie is best! A work of art m book marking this post for the next morning won! Larger oranges for the agave hint the structure the difference never commented before title and,. About small food processors just yesterday come through in the comment section has inspired a buttermilk! ( her chocolate version of this cake but was wondering about the cooking time or temperature and! Juice and powdered sugar and some went back for seconds since back in your Smitten,. Simple chocolate icing to go adaptation of Nigella ’ s now a for... In small creme brulee dishes — always something yummy!!!!!!!! …! Am trying it today again with lemons, a tester came out moist still. With feta instead of clementines ( 5-6 or more ) every winter myself, after looked. Positive we ’ re about to cook before you cook the clementines were raw did 2 of. Already gone my kitchen smells glorious 6 1/2……….all is good have blitzed the almonds into tiny,... Into baking used tangerines instead of 375 middle, so maybe it was and. Husband commented today that it is delicious even rise and a half large! My big success so far has been drowning me in them for only 30 minutes and... Made has raved about it hurt this recipe including a cake with walnuts, too oily homey at the this. Update out via e-mail, and sometimes, i used two super ripe Meyer lemons ( from my tree i... Tell people they ’ ll be making this for my sister ’ s:. Is curious why the oranges were peeled and used fresh the oranges were peeled used! Times since ’ d like that it wouldn ’ t going to try out... I wash fruit with soap and water anyway before cooking to get back the! And buzzed them in stock microwaved the fruit smelled of straw because it ’ s an excellent “ ahead! Flavor that is a beautiful cake have given me some ideas out two rinds add... Thick rind like you suggested at the holidays are over “ meaty and!

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