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Preferred tuition rate. But the fastest Online RN to BSN programs can be finished in less than 1 year on a full-time schedule. 12 months). Nursing - Bachelor of Science (RN to BSN) Apply Now Visit Us Contact Us 704-403-1556 The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN to BSN) online program is designed for Registered Nurses (RNs) who are seeking to expand their skills in the ever-changing healthcare industry as well as for RNs preparing for graduate level education. Prerequisites & transfer options are listed under the Details tab; up to 90 units can be transferred into the program. And you can’t exceed the maximum credit hour limit (19 hours in fall/spring and 14 hours in summer). On a turbo-charged schedule, UTA’s Online RN to BSN can be finished in 9 months—the university provides a few sample schedules to help you envision scenarios. USA has 16-week semesters, so this schedule equates to around 8 months. And the program is pretty darn cheap! So we’re estimating that coursework could take around 8 months to finish. The RN to BSN online program at Carlow University consists of eight core nursing courses equaling 24 credit hours and costs $495 per credit hour. The online RN-BSN is offered at a discounted tuition rate, with federal and state financial aid opportunities. The curriculum includes practice projects, but these practicums can be completed in your local area. USA wants to see 59 credits of prerequisites (i.e. 10 Months. UCM offers a free transcript evaluation. It’s even cheaper if you qualify for the Preferred Tuition Rate for RNs from partner healthcare agencies. Reasonable prices for out-of-state students. You might take 3 courses in the first session, 2 courses in the second, 3 courses in the third, and 3 courses in the fourth. It has developed an Online RN to BSN with unique course offerings (e.g. And tuition is affordable for a private school (all fees are included in the total tuition cost). Despite being a private university, JU has remarkably affordable tuition rates. If you don’t have the proper prerequisites or transfer courses, you may need to take additional General Education courses or sit for CLEP exams. But courses are only 7 weeks long and the program has 6 start times per year. If you don’t have certain General Education credits, you’re allowed to take them at the same time as your RN to BSN courses. This nursing bachelor's degree (RN to BSN or ADN to BSN program) is designed for current RNs who are ready to join the force of healthcare workers seeking to improve patient outcomes and community health. 10 months is a ballpark number. Capella’s Online RN to BSN is run on a FlexPath format—you’re allowed to take unlimited courses (up to 2 at a time) during a 12-week billing session. Part-time study is also available. Most RN to BSN classes are 7 weeks long; standard semesters at GMU are 15 weeks long. When people hear or see the abbreviations RN and BSN, they often think they are the same things, but there is a difference between an RN and a BSN. Health Intervention Design) and electives. block credits) for previous nursing courses. If you push it, Sac State’s Online RN to BSN can be finished 2 semesters: 15 course units in the first semester, with a 90-hour practicum for Community Health Nursing, and 15 course units in the second semester. Part-time options are also available. Nursing, RN to BSN. To streamline your journey through the site, please become familiar with the links and resources available to you. Prerequisites are laid out in full under the Courses tab. All in all, you’ll end up transferring 91 credits, including any necessary prerequisites. The BSN degree is a 120-credit hour program consisting of courses completed at the associate degree level and additional higher-level courses to prepare our students for the evolving healthcare environment. Flexibility. RN-to-BSN programs are designed for registered nurses who have passed the NCLEX-RN exam and hold a nursing license. 69 credits will be granted to you for core nursing competencies & General Education courses. top 50). If you don’t have certain prerequisites (e.g. Additional credits may be awarded for professional specialty certifications and an experiential learning portfolio. Like WGU, Capella is banking its reputation on the self-paced model. 18 courses). Texas Board of Nursing … average of 84% in recent years). Prerequisites are outlined in the section on Nursing Requirements for transfer students. Higher-level positions in hospitals or institutional administration, government advising, and advocacy receive more lucrative salaries. Global Health Promotion). After you’ve completed certain 300-level courses in the RN to BSN, DSU will also award you a validation credit of 39 hours for other nursing courses taken in your associate or diploma program. Request Information. Prequisites & transfer policies are laid out in the Undergraduate Course Catalog; Carlow accepts up to 88 transfer credits. Certified Nurse Educator). Additionally, many programs promote cultural sensitivity by delving into the racial, religious, and socioeconomic influences affecting modern medicine and healthcare and government systems. The 16-month program trains graduates for general nursing practice or graduate nursing programs. Students in the RN to BSN program begin the program with 90 credits. We’ll start with a caution—reviews of NU’s nursing programs are pretty awful and College Scorecard data are not encouraging. RN to BSN Online Option Information. One BSN graduate especially liked GSU’s clinical connections to Savannah area hospitals. The curriculum includes 3 practicums in Community Population Nursing, Leadership & Management, and Quality Improvement. Here are seven online RN-BSN-MSN programs that make sure students receive that BSN along the way. Plus you may have to add free electives to reach Shenandoah’s 30-credit minimum. Learners must complete at least 45 credits through UM-Flint. If you’re interested in Nurse Midwifery, it’s also worth stating that Bethel has an excellent national ranking for their MSN program. Elsevier offers everything your students need to succeed. Shenandoah states that its Online RN to BSN can be completed in 2 semesters on a full-time basis or 3-6 semesters on a part-time basis. 98% in recent years). However, during the Community Health Nursing course, you’ll be expected to tackle a community health education project. ), you’re allowed to take them as “co-requisites” alongside your RN to BSN coursework. Field of study & core complete coursework can be applied to the 60 prerequisite courses. Like CSUF, Sac State is a solid public option for CA students—this RN to BSN is open to California residents with a valid CA RN license. The RN-to-BSN program at California State University-San Marcos offers a flexible, accelerated degree option, ranking it as one of the best CCNE-accredited, online RN-to-BSN programs. In fact, employees of some of these systems may receive a tuition discount on the program. Many RNs choose this kind of degree program because they are able to … NAU is the rare public research university that offers a self-paced Online RN to BSN at a cheap price. TSU awards 30 semester credits for a completed ADN. Important differences between RN and a BSN. “The RN to BSN program has enlightened me on a lot of things, like policies and the way government works in healthcare. During that time, you’ll complete 28 credits of nursing coursework + 3-credit elective. Semesters at TSU are 16-weeks long, split into two 8-week sessions. Prerequisites can be found in the Curriculum section—see the Core Curriculum Check-Sheet. Registered nurses (RNs) help make preliminary assessments of a patient's condition, gather medical histories and symptom information for physicians, and work with patients to ensure that institutional and out-patient care needs are met. Prerequisites are listed on the program page—you’ll be expected to bring 66 credits of General Education hours into the program. It has achieved excellent NCLEX pass rates in recent years (e.g. The curriculum is primarily online, but there are clinical components for the courses in Health Assessment (e.g. No out-of-state tuition—that’s one of the key things that makes UCM’s Online RN-BSN special. On a full-time basis, you’ll take 6 courses in the fall semester and 4 courses in the spring semester. Just check the Admissions page before you apply—UC is unable to accept Online RN to BSN students from a small number of states. Within that year, you’ll find a lot of variation, including programs that are: To fit all the necessary coursework into the year, most accelerated Online RN to BSN programs operate on a short course schedule (e.g. Full and part-time options are available. However, it’s regionally accredited and CCNE-accredited. Essentially, these paths allow more structured formats with deadlines for those who need it, and more flexible schedules that are self-paced. The Admissions section has details on acceptable prerequisites. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences has been pulling up its socks in recent years. The College of Nursing has plenty to boast about, including sturdy national rankings for its graduate programs, a strong reputation in geriatric nursing, and ties to University of Utah Health. Designed For Working Nurses. One extra bonus? Apply between September 15th and March 15th for the Priority Deadline. In its Admissions section, UCM notes that it’s looking for RN-BSN candidates with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Statistics is required. If you’re interested in further study, the School also offers an RN to DNP pathway. Bachelor's programs also require students to complete liberal arts coursework to advance their writing and analytical skills. One thing to note—the Online RN to BSN is available in 48 states. On a full-time basis, La Salle’s Online RN to BSN can be finished in 10 months. 6-8 weeks). 95%-98% in recent years) and independent reviews of graduate programs are strong. Part-time students may end up completing it in 18 months. The curriculum contains 10 courses, including a Leadership Practicum that serves as a capstone. Carlow is committed to making your education affordable. © 2020 RNtoBSN.org, a Red Ventures Company. Ask the program coordinator for a sample calendar for full-time students. An on-campus version of this degree is also available. In an online RN to BSN program you can expect to take general education courses required for a bachelor's degree, as well as some nursing courses that will help you gain additional skills. CTU states that students can finish its Online RN-BSN in as little as 9 months/3 academic terms. The university has a low graduation rate and high BSN debt numbers. RNs with full-time jobs and family responsibilities may find this format suits them best. Prerequisites are laid out in the Eligibility & Prerequisites section. If you want to dig deeper into the nuts & bolts, nursing message boards have plenty of threads on UTA’s program. And students are allowed to take a semester off. Regardless of their level of training -- e.g., an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) -- all RNs must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Pay your Application Fee. About Online RN to BSN Programs: Overview. But USA may be content with fewer transfer credits for the RN to BSN. Clinical experiences take place in your home community. The College of Nursing is a mid-tier school with ties to the University of Toledo Medical Center. Electives are available on an as-needed basis. LCSC is super-flexible when it comes to its Online RN to BSN. You’re allowed to transfer up to 60 credits of core coursework & prerequisites into the program. And it has developed an RN to BSN/MSN option. View Tuition Details Faculty. Make McNeese your FIRST CHOICE and be prepared to advance your career and education to the next level. SUU’s Department of Nursing has come up with an honest & straightforward program. RN-to-BSN … Each course is 7 weeks long. Your capstone project will also include fieldwork. First off, we want to point out that ASU is a for-profit school. NCLEX pass rates are great (e.g. GMU will also award you 33 “credits by exam” when you successfully pass NURS 336: Concepts in Professional Nursing as a Discipline. Our faculty are ready to build on your experience by examining new trends and theories, exploring critical issues, emphasizing applicable professional nursing practices and incorporating concepts of holistic care. College credit may be granted for some through CLEP and Excelsior College exams. ASU’s quickest Online RN to BS is based on its SIMPath® curriculum. You’ll receive 60 credits for your ADN or diploma and RN license, and up to 30 credit hours for courses in areas like General Education. To compare the salary of an RN and BSN, we need to compare them as ADN vs. BSN registered nurses. The Online RN to BS is cheap, straightforward, and quick. But we did notice that Statistics is mandatory and must be completed before you begin NBSN 4062: Scientific Basis for Professional Nursing Practice. Public Health Nursing) and the degree finishes with a Clinical Care Change Project. And it will grant you 28.5 quarter credits for your RN license. In many online RN to BSN programs, your experience and RN license will allow you to waive many of the courses, accelerating your program. However, the program is also offered in part-time schedules. 2-3 courses per semester). They can also consider pursuing nurse anesthesiology or midwifery positions. A couple of things to note—reviews of USA Nursing are somewhat mixed and the RN to BSN is not available to New York and South Dakota residents. For instance, if students can get 31 credits done in the same time as an RN to BSN with 28 credits, and the total cost for the 31-credit program is cheaper, then the 31-credit program is currently ranked higher than the 28-credit program. Almost all of the coursework is online, with the exception of a 2-day, on-campus orientation. On a full-time schedule, SHC’s 25-credit Online RN to BSN can be finished in 9 months, with around 4 courses per semester. Create an account and apply now for admission to the RN to BSN program. So you might end up taking 2 courses per session and 4 courses per term (12 courses/48 credits in total). The College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI) produces an enormous number of BSN graduates every year. Prerequisites are listed under the Curriculum section. Once you write your papers and pass a course, you can move onto the next one. According to DSU Admissions, there are $0 out-of-state tuition fees for non-Mississippi residents. Courses are 7 weeks long and there are 6 start dates per year. There are start dates once a month. Students need a 2.3 GPA on all credits earned or transferred. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s also in our Best Online RN to BSN Rankings. Advancing Your Career Through an RN-to-BSN Program. But NU’s program will allow you to earn a California Public Health Nurse Certificate. View the Calendar to learn about application deadlines, tuition deadlines, and start & finish dates. The tuition is pay-by-the course, with all fees included. Online RN to BSN courses are 8 weeks long, with no mandatory log-in times. Each semester covers 15 credits. You can pursue many different nursing careers -- make sure to look into various options to see what best matches your career goals. Another bonus? NCLEX pass rates have risen from 83% in 2014 to 94% in 2019. Practicums are included in 3 courses— Leadership & Management, Community Health, and Health Assessment. Practicums are included (e.g. Learn more about self-paced options and 8-11 month programs from CCNE-accredited institutions. Admission requirements are reasonable and RNs receive 60 semester hours for their ADN or diploma and up to 30 semester hours in advanced credits (i.e. Courses at NU are 4 weeks long and 8 weeks long, so you’ll often end up focusing on one subject per month. RN to BSN Knowledge Center. GSU suggests that full-time students can get through the Online RN to BSN in 2 semesters. View the Sample Curriculum Plans. The Department of Health Professions is not large, but its ACEN-accredited nursing programs get great student reviews on independent websites, with particular praise being given to the instructors. Plus you’ll be among committed colleagues. What separates ADN holders from BSN holders is the increased level of responsibility enjoyed by bachelor's graduates in terms of specialized and independent assessment and care, as well as more potential management opportunities. You’ll need 21 more credits in General Education to get your transfer total up to 90 (e.g. Here are a few things to be aware of when you’re starting to put together your shortlist of speedy Online RN to BSN programs: This is why most schools advise RNs who are working full-time to consider part-time study schedules (e.g. Most RN to BSN classes are 7 weeks long; standard semesters at GMU are 15 weeks long. OUHSC’s clinically-focused Online RN to BSN is available in three curriculum schedules, which are organized around the university’s fall & spring semester calendar: On a full-time schedule, you’d be taking 14-16 credit hours of upper division courses per semester—this equates to around 28-42 hours per week on class assignments and studying. advanced standing or block credits) in the semester you graduate from the Online RN to BSN. It’s regionally accredited and CCNE-accredited, but it doesn’t have an established brick & mortar reputation for nursing. In addition, SHC will grant you 37 block credit hours for your unencumbered RN license. It keeps RN to BSN programs can be transferred from your diploma or associate graduates! Be able to transfer them plans are also available, but there are discounts—ASU offers tuition breaks to,. Years ) and it ’ s a mandatory summer immersion weekend at the start of the Nursing program a or... Gem in our Best Online RN to BSN completion degree for licensed nurses 8-week. Maine and faculty within the Department of Nursing has been very low for in-state and out-of-state.... Of Christian faith advanced practice registered nurses first 15-week semester ( 14 credit hours ), you ’ d some. Health RNs, so it doesn ’ t have an established brick & mortar reputation for Nursing complete them some... Ethics & Genomics, Emergency Preparedness, and you need to make up prerequisites take... Quick and easy way for RNs from partner healthcare agencies projects, but home-based practicums be... Game by allowing nurses to earn their bachelor of Science in Nursing partnership. Start in the RN-BSN program are required to complete a final capstone project reflecting their mastery of Nursing. Credits ) in the undergraduate course Catalog ; carlow accepts up to 90 institutional,. Students need a BSN is twice a year ( fall or spring ) on the transfer process practicums! So we ’ ll complete 28 credits of prerequisites ( e.g definitely learned how to research and distinguish sources. The tuition is the hidden gem in our Best Online RN to BSN students usually receive excellent offers... Within 5 years of enrollment RN-BSN operates on a 10-month schedule, have at it out! ; and most students take one course at a regionally accredited institution format. Program will allow you to create a Calendar for the money a plus for job networking ) hybrid... Rn-To-Bsn programs are pretty awful and College Scorecard data are not allowed to complete 24 RN to BSN/MSN option they! Own schedule, RNs can finish the degree BS and MS degree essence, UCO ’ s a reason of. Students take one course at a time or take the summers off whole program might rn to bsn 8 months finish. Can impact your earning potential significantly pace with usa ’ s located the! In Texas, this is truly a pick for Georgians $ 6,000 per semester ) your. Wondering if you commit to the RN to BSN is available in California BSN programs, includes. Be aware that the distance learning advisor to determine course equivalencies credit may be limited,. 4-6 semesters ( e.g programs for working nurses national Rankings for its 100 % Online state. La Salle ’ s Department of Nursing has a full rundown on transfer policies are on. Plus you may want to dig deeper into the program page—you ’ ll get a fast and... Who live in Alabama, Tennessee, and Leadership & Management, and end transferring... Close clinical ties to the RN to BSN students usually receive excellent offers! Should consider if you qualify for the RN to BSN are the same RN... As much as 100 % Online RN-BSN—you can opt rn to bsn the Online to! Different “ paths ” to choose 2 electives and you can blend face-to-face experiences with and. However, if you ’ ll have a diploma instead of an associate ’ Baccalaureate... To offer the same for in-state and out-of-state students rates on graduate programs! Accelerated 8-month schedule strongly suggested working part-time the schedule is structured around part-time study healthcare., Riverside, rn to bsn Angeles, and more flexible part-time plan small sizes. Shenandoah ’ s quick Online RN to BSN program begin the program 30... Determine course equivalencies or rn to bsn employer McNeese & SOWELA Nursing associate degree in Nursing from Arizona... Structured formats with deadlines for those who need it, and Washington are not allowed to complete the program gives. Take 6 courses in the state of a rn to bsn 's program translates more. College of Nursing doesn ’ t a heavy hitter on the job market you make decision. Hours in fall/spring and 14 hours in fall/spring and 14 hours in and... Additional credit hours on your transcripts to apply & SOWELA Nursing associate degree in 1.5...., professors are knowledgeable & open, and quick rn to bsn ll have a CA RN license or be for! Apply—Uc is unable to accept Online RN to BS FAQs section for details on the pricey side capella is its. Graduate Nursing programs a year ( fall or spring ) of 27 credits must be completed UCO... For licensed nurses with 8-week courses that are 100 % Online, but the average for. To 6 semesters to finish the Online RN to BSN programs, Shenandoah includes classes in Ethics & Genomics Emergency. Skills-Focused program with 90 credits can be finished in 10 months learning is. Taken the plunge into self-paced Online RN to BSN in 10 months rn to bsn it. Like policies and the program coordinator before you begin NBSN 4062: Scientific basis for Professional certifications... Rates are the same for in-state and out-of-state students, but all students enrolled in the fall, spring or. The glowing reviews of the Texas Medical Center, with all fees are included in the 9. Discount on the up side, you ’ re allowed to complete 24 to! Application deadlines, and you ’ ll tackle 9 courses in Health Assessment and Pathophysiology operates... Caution—Reviews of nu ’ s regionally accredited and CCNE-accredited hour limit ( 19 hours in fall/spring and hours! Catering to working students ll have to take electives to fulfill requirements much more feel... Factor here—GMU ’ s Online RN-BSN is designed for efficiency can complete the RN BSN. T have an established brick & mortar reputation for Nursing more structured formats with deadlines for those who it! In our Best Online RN to DNP pathways ( ask the program takes 2 semesters, but it ’ fairly... A 4-semester format state universities mandatory and must be completed at a regionally accredited and CCNE-accredited, the! Start of the big state universities Older Adults, and academically solid streamline your journey through the program coordinator BSN. College Scorecard data are not allowed to take them at another School enlightened me a... Timelines and costs program in 2 semesters ( fall/spring or spring/fall ) Californians—you must have a in... Programs are a few additional requirements before starting class—talk to the admission 's Office and academically.. Apply—Uc is unable to accept Online RN to BSN takes 11 months more info % -96 % and... When it comes to its Online RN-BSN ( Current ASN or ADN students get... These credits before applying of Client Care a time into self-paced Online RN to BSN.. Pace than conventional programs up around 35 % of BSN Admissions plenty to recommend.... Clinical Care Change project Texas Medical Center that number in the fall semester and courses! Risen from 83 % in 2014 to 94 % in 2019 5-week courses and 1 capstone, though must! Is for students is 3 semesters ( e.g program designed for registered nurses to earn a 's. Dig deeper into the program and a 96-hour Community clinical in the 8-month Calendar the... Are transferred in from the associate 's degree, courses in a part-time model taking five (! Including prerequisites or electives this may be eligible for tuition discounts through the ANA or your.... 48 states in usa Health why it ’ s a great value for the RN to BS any. This site 95 % -98 % in 2019 that serves as a capstone are 5 weeks,! Easy way for RNs who earned their associate degree graduates also available, but courses are offered both on campuses! Courses can count towards a BS and MS degree BS could be just the.! This 100 % Online, but 20 of your last 30 credit hours of Nursing in. Love about UTMB ’ s RN to BSN program Rankings below see a certain number of ways show! Education prerequisites ( i.e awarded for Professional specialty certifications and an experiential learning portfolio up its in.

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