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As its name suggests, it is associated with elves and faeries and is a natural love charm, potent in love sachets, amulets and rituals for attraction. A gentle, safe but powerful sedative, hops are also used in treating insomnia and nervous tension, and internal spasms triggered by stress. It offers psychic protection and will heal sorrow. Ruled by Jupiter. 1. This was a place of instinct, of psychological and spiritual insight, and the home of our higher Self. Winston Salem Acupuncture | Winston Salem Chinese Herbs | Winston Salem Chinese Medicine It is good for wish magick. While more research is needed, one intriguing recent finding is that treatment with lemon balm extract may help improve cognitive function and reduce agitation in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Traditionally, it was worn in battle for courage, and it can also bring decisiveness. OUR SERVICES | It relieves fluid retention and premenstrual tension, detoxifies the system and encourages circulation. Guarana. Anise (aniseed) CONTACT Ruled by Saturn, in his most positive aspects. Knotweed Ruled by Jupiter. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; It is one of the natural herbs known as adaptogens. I’m here to fill you in! The most gentle and soothing of herbs, Chamomile was beloved of Peter Rabbit in Beatrix Potter’s tales. Maca is a natural tonic and energizer that grows in the high areas of the Andes. A herb of love, yarrow is said to keep a couple together for at least seven years, and so should be given to newly-weds and used in love charms. In medieval times it was said: ‘Why should a man who has sage in his garden ever die?’. Around or near a home, catnip attracts good fortune and benign forces. the mental action or process involved in thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering). A herb of reconciliation, it can be placed in poppets, which are then tied together to bring harmony to a relationship or reunite those parted by anger or circumstance. Ruled by the Moon. As a protective plant, it is popular in the house, since traditionally it brings luck and prosperity. Holy Thistle Ginger is also often carried powdered in a tiny sachet in a pocket or purse to attract money, success and also love. ABOUT US | As a protective herb, it can be used in anti-theft and burglary sachets hidden in houses or cars. Elder offers protection from hostility to the user, and to the home from storm damage and other extremes of weather. While there are many ways to find harmony, essential oils and mudras (hand positions) have been used for hundreds of years in Ayurveda health regimens to help balance your emotions. Ruled by Mercury. Chamomile A hand placed over the heart was a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, and truthfulness, as It enhances all forms of new growth and so will restore fertility to gardens and areas of land that have been made barren or urbanized. Ruled by the Sun. St. John’s Wort. Ruled by Venus. St John’s wort is the golden herb of midsummer and symbol of the longest day, the summer solstice and the full power of the Sun. ADRENALS: Essential Oils, Herbs, Diet, Emotions, etc. It will repel those who come to a home with malice or ill intent. These herbs also secure a good connection between the brain cells. Coltsfoot It protects against all negative influences, especially in the home, including external hostility, bad dreams. It can be used for menstruation problems and stomach disorders including ulcers. Hops It is traditionally used in love rituals and sachets, and to induce peace of mind. It’s a good one to have handy if you’re worried about something. Basil also repels harmful insects and encourages peaceful sleep. Ruled by the Sun. In terms of dosage, you can find the prescribed or safe amount of the most common herbs for anxiety and depression below. 4 Branches Chinese Medicine Center Ruled by the Sun. From Roman times, this herb has been renowned for its effects on courage, stamina and renewed strength and energy. Ruled by Jupiter. Sage eases mental exhaustion and increases the ability to concentrate, so is ideal in sachets for people under pressure from examinations or at work, especially with rosemary. Peppermint can be used for healing and purifying, at home or in sickrooms, to drive away all negativity and illness. Comfrey relieves burns, cuts, coughs and asthma and speeds healing. It is good for improving a sluggish metabolic rate, for reducing all swelling, especially fluid retention, for premenstrual tension, for aiding breastfeeding and for easing an infant’s colic and restlessness. It also helps digestion. Elecampane (elfwort) A sachet on the bedpost keeps the sleeper young. It was used to cure rickets, hernias or wounds that would not heal and toothache (a folklore remedy for a toothache was to rub your gum with a new nail until it bled, then to hammer the nail into an ash or oak tree which would take away the pain). Married couples keep  the herb in a special sachet and replace it just before seven years is over, continuing to do so throughout married life. Ruled by Mars. It is protective, especially for children, when worn as an amulet, and can be grown in the garden to protect both garden and home. It is also an aphrodisiac that can kindle or rekindle passion. Once associated with dragons and serpent goddesses and the ability to cure snake-bites, tarragon has now become associated with rituals and decisions involving shedding what is redundant, as a snake sheds its skin. It acts as a sedative and a cure for insomnia, guarding against nightmares. se habla español | DISCLAIMER | PRIVACY POLICY Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure The herb hawthorn is often used by traditional herbal practitioners for high blood pressure. Burdock relieves chronic skin conditions and rheumatism and restores balance to bodily energies and organs; it supports the liver and kidneys, especially when mixed with dandelion. Elder Cloves Ruled by Saturn. There is no need to look further to find healing herbs as countless of them are included in the list of one’s kitchen herbs. Bistort is potent in relieving wounds of all kinds, emotional as well as physical, also throat, mouth and tongue problems, especially when mixed with echinacea, myrrh, and goldenseal. We all know the importance of keeping our Vibe fresh, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to do. Vervain is a natural strengthener of the nervous system, reducing tension and the effects of stress. Ruled by Mercury. Ruled by the Moon. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; It was used by the Ancient Greeks to keep away all harm and is still primarily regarded as a herb of protection and peace. Anise calms the nervous system and relieves coughs and lung problems. Often when we consider herbs that work on the heart, we think of high blood pressure, predispositions for heart disease, and things like that. Ruled by the Sun. So, what herbs are used for Yoni steaming? Parsley Ruled by the Sun. It increases inner beauty and helps self-esteem, especially if a person is worried or being teased about their appearance. It offers fertility and powers to attract love, especially if picked on the Eve of St John, 23 June, at midnight. Are you interested in taking part in Yoni steaming, but are unsure of what it entails? It is a herb of courage and protection that can be used in sachets, especially out of doors, or in potentially hazardous places. Borage View the content of this inline frame with your browser. Ruled by the Sun. APPOINTMENTS | Angelica It offers protection while traveling and if placed in a suitcase will guard your belongings from loss or theft. Aromatherapy. We have treated over 45,000 patients & are 4th generation in natural medicine. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Afterall, the options are endless! It is also protective – a poppet or sachet filled with parsley is a gentle but powerful defense against psychological or psychic attack. It will repel intruders and malice from the home so is a sachet to keep near entrances. But there’s another level of working with the heart for herbalists who want to use plants not just for helping the body but helping the whole person, helping our psychology, helping our emotions, and even helping ourselves and other people spiritually. Valerian parsley can be used for enriching the blood and helping all skin conditions such as eczema and acne. First off, I think its important to treat the emotional heart and the lungs at the same time, as without the form of expression through the lungs, damage to the emotional heart is more difficult to express and thus become resolved. It is also effective for psychic protection, to return negative energies to the sender and for peaceful sleep. The leaves and powdered bark are very effective for all healing and for endowing lasting good health. It is a herb of love and passion and can also be used in love and protection sachets, especially for homes. Ruled by the Sun. Juniper naturally purifies the home from past negative influences and future misfortune – use it especially at New Year. As a protective herb, hops will drive away dark thoughts, doubts and fears. Thyme Ruled by Mars. It is also excellent for all digestive disorders, especially ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. One of the best remedies for travel sickness and all forms of nausea, peppermint is, therefore, a good herb for anyone who travels regularly. We’ll discuss all of the herbs that are involved, the healing properties they deliver, and the overall benefits Yoni steaming offers when this treatment is utilized. Comfrey It is also considered in treating migraines, shingles, and fatigue and skin inflammation. Ruled by Venus. An essential ingredient in healing sachets rose is potent in fighting infections and viruses of all kinds, relieving physical and emotional exhaustion, skin problems, menstrual disorders, and hyperactivity. Herbal remedies are dietary supplements prepared from plants for their therapeutic or medicinal value. Guarana has been proven by a study to maximize your alertness and focus while performing a mental task. It is an anti-inflammatory, and so speeds the healing of burns and wounds. Add it to nursery sachets. It also enhances inner beauty and domestic joy. Ruled by Venus. It is said to aid recall of the past and allow glimpses into the future and to give courage and strength. It will also heal relationships, restore youthful optimism and the increase of hope. It also heals wounds, mouth sores and gum disorders. Most powerful herbs for motivation magic Maca . Marigold People who detox physically also detox emotionally. Marigold increases positivity in the home, makes a lover more affectionate, promotes fidelity and helps in all legal problems. It is also believed to give long life and protection against illness. Mix with Chamomile for insomnia; in larger quantities, it acts as an energizer. It is good for relief from pain, helping with fibrositis, sciatica and rheumatism. Fennel 2594B Reynolda Rd. Brahmi. Ruled by Jupiter. Dandelion Ruled by Mars. Ruled by Venus. It also increases male potency. Oatstraw is beneficial nervine, sedative and nutritive. Sage is a popular culinary herb with many medical applications and healing powers; according to tradition, it prolongs life and health. BLOG | Ruled by Mars. ... which unsurprisingly also improves a person’s mood and stabilizes the emotions. It has many uses, including soothing anxiety, relieving insomnia, and calming hyperactivity in children. By providing extra mental energy, this herb has helped some overcome sad feelings and other symptoms of … Here are seven aromatherapy oils paired with a mudra to create a full week worth of centering practices. Agrimony A herb to increase emotional commitment and encourage fidelity, it can be used for ensuring promises are kept and for all rituals involving knots. It counters appetite loss and relieves menopausal symptoms. For those who have suffered loss, cloves offer comfort. When in a pattern of consistently spinning the wheels of negative emotions, it is sometimes necessary for an effective intervention that can shift the pattern of thoughts so as to create more ease and wellness in life. It also helps sore eyes and coughs and improves mental alertness. Kidneys are part of the endocrine system located at the back of your abdominal wall near your twelfth rib about an inch from your spine on both sides. The approach of an herbal remedy is to address the underlying, core cause of the illness. Winston Salem, NC 27106 | 336-739-0317 Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Mica, Pearl and Holy basil in this potent new formula promote coordination of mind and emotions. It is frequently burned as incense to promote good luck and to attract money. In a room, it will encourage gentle, positive interactions and reduce hyperactivity in children. Valerian is a relaxant; it reduces tension, anxiety, all stress-related conditions and insomnia, and offers effective pain relief for tension-related conditions including migraines. Similar to rose, damiana is a heart-opening herb, inspiring love and compassion as well as relaxation. Tarragon Linden: an herb that helps to calm the nerves and move stagnant energy.

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