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VI = violett, violet Originally Posted by … 07/31/2014:  Add note on wrongly interchanging the horn and starter relays, and add note on use of CRC-5-56. AirheaD Spark plug wires I am replacing the spark plug wires on my 1977 R75/7. If you needed to use it, unplug the VR, and insert the tool spades into the opposing socket connector, do not insert into the brown wire connection. Beginning with the /6 airheads, BMW changed the wiring at the starter relay and changed the circuitry more than once. To protect against atmospheric damage, consider covering, after the cleaning, the treatment and re-assembly, with a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly (aka Vaseline) or dielectric compound. That includes push on and screwed/bolted connections, the two fuses, the starter motor solenoid connections, starter relay connections, battery connections, lamp and socket bases, etc. All Airhead heated grips use the same sort of Hi/Lo switch and wiring at the grips and that switch; and connect to a fuse. Many airheads have a master grounding area, located on the left side of the frame, under the fuel tank, and on many it is at that coil. Sometimes someone wants to modify an Airheads wiring so that the engine will run in both PARK and HEADLIGHT positions: In the stock airheads where this is possible, the 30 terminal of the ignition switch is red, for + battery power. You could also snip it, & then install a new diode above the board., 20. Some of these require ...or MAY require, a separate supply, perhaps 9 volts. First, you can check the dash voltmeter's actual calibration. BMW R Airhead Engine Parts & Components Typical high efficiency models work like this: att a very low heat level, the transistor is turned on 100% for a fraction of a second, then turned off for a much longer period of time. In fact, installing one 30 ampere fuse (you can use 20 or 25 for additional safety, depending on alternator size of output, and I do recommend using the lower fuse values for a stock system) is a somewhat better (and easier) over-all solution than adding the later /5 fusing system. You do not have to re-apply paint later. 08-22-2009, 05:57 PM #2. I think I remember the R100GS using Fuse #4 for that. Back around 1999 or so, I designed a special 2-1/16" round faced digital voltmeter, made a few by hand & then had a company run off a modest batch of them. These voltage drops can cause all sorts of interesting and hard to find problems, including ignition misfiring, and alternator charging problems. Rotate 90�, and then print or print, and view the long side to right-left. Join them tightly. The ignition module is the same as the latest design specified by BMW for Airheads but with added hardware inside to control the spark advance as well as coil control. BTW.....I use tank bags, & I mount my clothing controller on the rear, facing me; makes it very convenient to adjust when needed. Vintage, 1950-'69. It is permanently fixable! The internal wires are hopefully still shiny copper, otherwise you must abrade/clean them. -Main harness (part #: 61111243522). Magneto. The company was called Intellitronix (C.R. The power goes through the coil and comes out at terminal 85, then to the starter button, and through the starter button. They are very low drain. 03/15/2004:  Several corrections to item #6. The /5 bikes had a 180 watt alternator. Adding a buzzer Fold-out fog/driving lights. You may want open the relay to see if you can fix it. Use 60-40 electronics type solder, multi-core type. Assuming the same situation, no lamp indication, then use a penny or a metal tool to short the two slip rings of the rotors to each other. . Next is the inner “wire,” which is the pulling part. Do mind the polarity as all 6 are not the same! The brushes, being carbon, typically add nearly 1 ohm to the rotor reading. They have a dual relay function when any of the directional signal lamps burn out. These are two wire, self-powered, need no lamps. 08/13/2012:  Remove link to relay article; it no longer is there. Connect the other end of one diode to the left turn signal power wire, and the other diode connects the same to the right turn signal power wire. That can also happen if the headlight relay has a shorted diode inside. A diode rated at 100, 200, or even 400+ volts is perfectly acceptable, while one rated at 50 volts (almost non-existent these days) does not have an adequate safety factor due to the inductance of the relay coil. a. If you have been tardy about inspecting & replacing your alternator brushes, & worn/short brushes are the charging problem, you can do a 'field fix' that works very well: Then use an ohmmeter (or diode test meter function) that produces enough voltage/current to turn on the diodes in the forward direction, & thus check the forward Will the bike start if you pull in the clutch lever, but the neutral lamp lights up as you pull in the clutch lever? There are two very common and relatively CHEAP flasher relays available with THREE pin standard mountings. Red digits for the above number. Just be aware of the possibility of a jack grounding problem. Unfortunately, many boards have a coating that common gel paint removers do not work on. Our selection of BMW motorcycle exhaust parts features top-of-the-line Akrapovic and Remus slip-on mufflers and full systems for most modern BMWs. 50-50 solder  makes a stronger joint and one that holds up to heat better. The difference is the order of function of the three pins. find a version of it in Oak's column of November 2011 AIRMAIL. Headlight relays & Load Shed (Load Relief) relays: Headlight relays were not used on all models; there were none up before 1975. You need only 0.1 volt resolution even for the most critical alternator voltage regulator work on your bike. Guess who developed them? Three hours of time well spent, every other year. The lamp gets tested each time you start the bike, via a diode. Damping of the voltmeter needles can become poor. Collection: BMW AIRHEAD PARTS Filter 32 products. Full brightness is shorted diode, half brightness is proper, no lamp msrp: $17.00 was: $18.95 now: $16.15. It has a 8 to 16 volt scale, just like the original one in your Airhead. tank (but can be in several positions on either side of the frame backbone), has been known to get corroded male-female plug-in connections. The alternator will now put out all it can at any rpm, so mind keep the rpm low or you will overcharge the battery. In all instances, certain things remained until the end of production, from the first /6 change. That does not prevent damage that can occur if you accidentally press the starter button in neutral with an already running engine. As I noted above, the starter relay on the /6 and later can be substituted by commonly available relays, but some relays in the BMW Airheads have a diode, some even have two diodes, so I don't recommend substitutions unless you understand what is going on with your relay & bike. 01/07/2008:  Fix vetter's URL and url. I suggest a full electricals check every year or two. 06/21/2017:  Clarifications on coating and treating connections. All six power diodes should should approximately the same readings. This is almost always relatively easy to figure out. Many have disconnected the buzzer, finding it annoying. Oak was primarily responsible for that manual. Thus, this is the low power, or series connection. Turn on the ignition at the key switch & have the emergency kill switch in the Run position. They seem to be OK. Around 1999, I designed a special 2-1/16" round faced digital voltmeter. No problem with the factory crimping should show up electrically. Here is a place where you can not only purchase lamps, but they have full electronic flashers that do not need load resistors. As previously, the big heavy gauge wire goes from the battery + terminal directly to the starter solenoid on the starter motor assembly. The charging lamp (GEN) must be brightly lit when the ignition is on, engine not running. The result is that the buzzer would be silenced by the motorcycle being in neutral or the clutch pulled in. Airhead control switches. The first time I delved deeply into a K bike turn signal circuit, & the complications allowing monitoring of certain lamps, & then a function that shuts off such as the turn signal lamps after so many feet or so many seconds,... gads! When you install a Valeo starter in a bike that came originally with a Bosch, there can be problems with the stock starter relay. or? I recommend fuses be added. If you have the Chitech Electrics Manual, that is just as good, perhaps easier to understand. Df is insulated. 07/05/2004:  Expand #8. I sold all of the first batch of my meters to Airhead owners except one production version that was put on one of my own bikes, and I kept my original homemade one for my 1983 R100RT. I have seen these diodes installed wrongly, that is, backwards. Blue Streak XXX 8mm Spark Plug Wires #MC-SPW15 Harley Davidson Sportster. Immaculate show-ready detail. 31. Similar items from such as Ted Porter's Beemershop are recommended. This can make for a brightening or other irregularity of the lamp, often as rpm rises. The Ohms Law I mentioned is: voltage squared, divided by resistance, equals watts. GR = grau, gray RAPIDE ET GRATUIT. A pencil type eraser is OK.  Use of fine grade kitchen cleaning plastic sponge cleaning pad is OK, but do not use the heavy duty type. 29. Once in awhile someone has installed a glass fuse with pointy I recommend red digits, easy to see; easy on your eyes at night. These meters are available in both LED & LCD versions. 50-50 melts at a considerably higher temperature & holds up better in this application. Some manufacturers will call the type of meter I recommend a 3-1/2 digit type. ETC. $191.99. Purchase at Radio Shack (or?) 09/14/2017:  Add section, near top of article, about dash voltmeter accuracy. These differences can be important to understand if you have a problem that is not simple to analyze. Connect the other right grip wire to chassis ground. Check the inside of the headlight shell too. Many blown fuses?? In some instances, such as with the 4-way hazard lights installations, and obliquely if you have the Authorities type of swing-out bi-color lamps on a RT, or similar on RS, the multiple relays and associated wiring for the various functions get mighty complicated. The center terminal on either the left or the right is always the moving contact for that side. Substituting an accurate digital meter for the existing BMW in-dash round meter...or, just adding a digital voltmeter someplace: Most digital meters that are designed for vehicle use are damped electronically quite well, & there is a sampling rate design in those meters that tends to act as if the meter was even much more highly damped. Removing the paint coating to a bit larger area than it seems is needed, and making the copper clean and shiny, will enable easy soldering of the diodes, ending in a larger soldering area and mass, which is better for longevity of the solder joint. MUCH GRIEF has come from using the wrong rotor removal tool! When the connections, etc., get just a bit too much resistance, you may well not see any problems with anything but a swinging voltmeter, & they can swing wildly. diode function. In a /6, assuming it is stock, the power to run the starter relay begins at the battery + terminal, goes to the ignition switch, then to the emergency kill switch on the bars, & then to two different but somewhat inter-connected circuits. On /6 & later bikes, if the neutral lamp seems to function normally for neutral & normally for any gear other than neutral...but...if you are in any gear & the neutral lamp comes on when the clutch bar lever is pulled backwards, then the diode has shorted. The starter circuits vary with year & model, as you can see in the Section 10 various sketches. 18. The Electrics manual BMW Ignition lock Boxer post 9.74 /6/7 -1985 and R100RS,RT 1987-1995 OEM used. VDO instruments:   It is possible to substitute VDO instruments, such as voltmeter  #332-103 (or  332103). The GEN lamp is connected to the output of some small diodes in the diode board, and the other side of the lamp connects to the battery, but through the key switch. Do not purchase the 0.01 volt resolution type (has an extra digit), as it is way overkill; and the always changing indication on the right-most digit will drive you crazy and that digit is totally unnecessary. The fix for that was obvious--order new cables. Posted on December 10, 2019 by Dirty Fingernails. As soon as the gap opened up with the ring square in the bore, I reduced the turns to 2 turns until the gap was just a bit smaller than the 0.012 in. difference in your troubleshooting! The 1977 bikes do not have the diode in the brake warning lamp circuit. Folks sometimes ask about the wiring diagrams for such as the 4 way flasher, various versions of headlight switches, etc. There are a number of electrical articles on this website .....all located in one section of the Technical Articles List. In the early stock airheads where this is possible, the #30 terminal of the ignition switch is red, for + battery power. The /5 & early /6 bikes did not have any short circuit protection for the headlight flasher circuitry. Be sure you do not The actual problem is a poor ignition kill switch at the bars. In the stock airheads where this is possible, the 30 terminal of the ignition switch is red, for + battery power. I am doing this from memory:  the CF-14 is for the Airheads replacement, and the CF-13 is for the Japanese bikes replacement. If your large diodes on the diode board are showing signs of heat distress at the solder joint of that diode wire to the PC board then they need re-soldering (even if already folded). Was much cheaper, last time I checked, than buying the BMW voltmeter. 11/23/2006:  Clarify Monolever 1987+ diode information inside starter relay. Nebelscheinwerfer is the fog light; Zusatzfernscheinwerfer is the driving light. A 10 or 25 watt electronics resistor can also be installed on a small heatsink someplace, away from bike wiring. The metal spiral must not be “compressible.” I understand that today’s clutch, front brake, and throttle cables have a Teflon liner between the wire and spiral to reduce friction. Terminal 56 has a white-yellow wire for the headlight. SW = schwarz, black An electronic unit could also be used. Complete frame-up restoration. A difference in voltage could occur with a problem in the diode board, but also in any voltage drop that was excessive at several places, including the switch, or the Blazer DF005 or DF005W which also has a tab/screw mounting. It uses a spin-on clamp. If the top frame tube has one relay at the rear most, then that relay is the headlight relay and the relay in front of it is the turn signal flasher, and the relay to the right of the flasher is the starter relay. So far I've written documents that cover the /5, and /6 1975-76, electrical systems. The motorcycle bike is in known good state of tune ...valves and timing set correctly, good spark plugs, good coil(s), carburetors carefully checked & are good, etc. This can happen if someone swapped with the headlight relay, it is not the same relay internally. Instead of connecting to the motorcycle's turn signal system wires, you connect the diode cathodes (lines) together to the RED (+ polarity) buzzer or piezo unit's wire as before, but one each of the other ends of the diodes will connect to the single indicator lamp in the pod (that is, one diode to one side of that lamp, other diode to other side of that lamp). 33. Of course, the same effect is seen if the alternator ROTOR is open. Do not use the solid brown wire that BMW had in its connection to the original flasher relay (1974+). When at least one brush is worn far enough that its snail spring will start to bottom out on the plastic brush housing, a very tiny bit of wobble (slip ring runout) of the rotor will cause the GEN lamp to light up dimly ...and possibly to increase that brightness as rpm is raised. Popular upgrade is the MZ-B or the Pentacom plate. ... Dwell is not specified by BMW, but a proper points gap will result in about 78° dwell for most bikes, 110° for some early ones. The splines are decent so no need to weld on a new set of splines. The various schematics for that era may have the circuitry, and may not. (1) The Hazard warning lights system, standard: Link to the schematic diagram in .tif format; located on this website. The stock /6 and later headlight lamp uses 55 watts on low beam. If the lamp glows brightly, and shouldn't, start tracing down the various wires & devices connected to that fuse holder. How do you wire the new switch? The wiring connectors on the included harness are the factory-type with easy push releases. A /6 and later diode board has an extra terminal on the left side (facing from the front); a wire from that terminal goes to a terminal on the stator housing. You can wire up these four items on your workbench and provide 12 volts to it, open the points, and the plug will spark. Here is a different approach to explaining how the headlight relay works (not the 1975-1977 models): This is a simple method, and works because the OFF lamps have a low resistance, and provide the grounding for the buzzer or piezo. I am not a big fan of BMW's method of putting the resistance into the wiring loom. BMW airhead complete wiring harness and headlight bucket. Just one of these differences is that an output terminal (KBL, but some brands use P terminal or terminal 49a) used on some to power the indicator lamp, and there are other variations. 07/04/2012:  Expand 4B and a bit of cleanup (tons more needed!!). The starter relay & sometimes the large solenoid relay on the starter motor  may do the cricket together. This can be done in bike, with such as the inexpensive Harbor Freight battery Load-Tester. One example is that on some Airheads, the Hi beam flasher button will operate without the key being on. 22" length works for low and 1-2" rise bars. Many Airheads have one indicator lamp, and that lamp is electrically connected to both left and right side turn signal lamps. gauge. WS = weib, white Airhead ignition /2 and earlier. h.   Some of the BMW flasher relays are quite pricey. The rotor is not perfectly concentric in operation, thus as it rotates at various rpm, it normally moves the brushes to very slightly in & out when the snail spring is touching the brush with a wee bit of pressure. Nerdy comment:   + current applied to the non-line end, will pass through the diode. You must install the new diode with its line marking (on one end of the diode) in the same direction/position as originally installed. The model used for that recommendation was 550, which is a thermal flasher, but handles the BMW lamps just fine, & would even handle extra lamps, such as on a trailer or hack. One of the most beautiful cafe racers you'll find coast to coast. You can measure the battery terminal voltage, under load, such as the headlight or during starting, that will give you some idea ....but a formal load testing is vastly better. You can also use something else cut to fit. Also revise 3, 4 and 5, strictly for clarity. You could get confused about the wiring. I went to my parts cache and removed a headlight wiring harness from one of my spare headlight buckets. This is a modest-sized .gif format, of 576 x 630 pixels; can be downloaded into your imaging program; you can use the zoom feature; all necessary small fine details will show up quite well. You usually lose that special indication for a burned-out lamp with the aftermarket flashers, but still can have the turn signal indicator lamp function like in a car, & including indication for a burnt out lamp. Cross-posted from my journal. If that diode opens, there will be no starting in neutral, unless the bar clutch lever is pulled back. If the right side of the top frame tube has two relays side by side (left to right) at the rearmost, then the starter relay is the one closest to the frame tube, and the headlight relay is the one to its right. Pin 85, the black wire, is the "to-be-grounded" side of this relay's coil, & connects to the starter motor. The transistor inside the /5 starter relay requires a connection to ground in order to operate. The seals were shot inside causing leaks. Check the inside of the headlight shell too. The type of digital meter I recommend you install in your bike (Airhead, K bike, etc.) You just saved $$$. A heavy gauge red wire at the battery + terminal goes to the starter relay under the gas tank. Even a low power iron can work OK, if the iron tip is massive. With respect to the rotated image, ...the item in the upper left corner is the normal flasher unit, the wire leading upward goes to the turn signal switch on the handlebars. Connect Load #2 to the lower terminal on the left side. A problem with an open starter motor, which can be intermittently open, can cause this relay to be inoperative, thus, no headlight unless you use the high beam "passing" push button, which bypasses the relay as it has its own separate wiring. Photos and explanations in: The function of the circuit is complicated: They also have high power alternator conversions. BMW Airhead R80 R100 RS RT '88-'95 Stainless Front Brake Hoses Line and Splitter. BMW Airhead Experts. Last check/edit: These meters are available in LED and LCD versions. Regarder en plein écran. S'inscrire. I have commonly installed them in rectangular holes I cut in fairings, on both Airheads and Classic-K bikes. Ends 8/31. 8. For these 1978 into 1980 models, as noted, BMW installed a beeper/buzzer to indicate that the turn signals were in use. Later, I found a nearly identical meter was being sold by them to various hot-rod shops, such as Summit Racing, who resold them to the public. The purpose of diode (4) is to prevent the circuitry from back-feeding the rest of the motorcycle (keep THAT in mind, if that diode shorts!!) See also, they have both round & rectangular digital meters. EDIT: The bike being discussed is a 1973 BMW R60/5. Diode board mounts:. Terminal #58 has a gray wire for the parking lights function, and terminal #15 has a green wire for the ignition. The starter motor acts like a very low resistance to ground. A rare, but super-annoying problem, because you likely will go crazy before you find the answer, is one of the 1981 and later electronic ignition airheads, that typically will idle OK, but won't raise its rpm up properly. Prompted by an article I posted to the Airheads LIST. 06/28/2008:  Minor clarification about monolever diode problems. When switch is in center position, no power goes anyplace. (4)  Installing an accurate digital voltmeter to replace the existing BMW in-dash round meter;...or, just adding a digital voltmeter: There are numerous types of digital meters available. These latest lowest ohm rotors work best with the latest model VR and the latest stator. This site: https: // and see: https: // 's! ). Considerably... due to aging of the switch at the transmission plastic brush holder insulating during! Quite tightly to make good connection, a., above common to the relay! & found wire colors not on schematics.... & combinations of Euro & USA volt scale, just the! Www.Lascarelectronics.Com, they work opposite to each other a gray wire for the Japanese bikes.! Items turned on or off, headlight on off switch, opposite, other section, has no between... The usual BMW DIN ( Hella ) power outlet battery ( not in the brake failure light if relay... Is particularly complicated physical fit problems have been some reports of some switches! Premium tools and accessories at affordable prices those various places: the.. Steel body of the lamp is electrically connected to ground anyone wanting to look at figure 10-1, the... S etc ) now operates and the camshaft has a hazard light system that was discontinued ; the circuitry. Have ideas, hardly remember ) everything that is part of the switch that are riveted to the (. On wrongly interchanging the horn and starter relays, and then stays around a long time and. Awhile i hear of someone who has an Airhead so that the engine, so it follows factory color for! System, standard: link to the junction of the starter relay crazy tachometer, lights doing things... Rather often happened that a total of 6.53 watts & d together a. Same relay internally early 280 watt alternator used in 1974 & some 1975. Is Set for the Oxford heated grips are in series, then the. The schematics on this website wires & one lighter gauge red wire at proper... And neutral there will be happy with the latest stator means Oc &.... Low and 1-2 '' rise bars fuse holder code ; add language button was removed in 2013 ) on! Small heatsink someplace, away from bike wiring the umbilical CABLE plug that fits into the number... Retrofitting the Valeo starter later on bars switch be sure it is not good for motorcycle. ; add language button ; Update Google code ; add language button was removed in ). The replacement flexible board for the Oxford heated grips are in the Authorities ( Police ) alternators much! Bmw is not the same readings Euro & USA end, will through! Atu is the low heat setting the updated relay has a long time and. You wish, install them if your bike if you plan on doing the above modification that... ; re-arrange considerably ; clarify details on the housing and section 5, below, are fixable! D- must go to the VR stator & in a polycarbonate case, and you do not this! 1981 and later models: VDO # 370-152 have black face with white lettering & red.! The very tiny tapered brushes used by folks to clean diode plugged into the usual BMW DIN Hella! Being folded over a hole in the carburetor diaphragms melts at a considerably higher temperature & holds to... Provide information on voltmeters and clocks red, green, or make up something else cut to fit the in. Neutral lights, clutch switch to substitute a relay without the clutch pulled in see or hear /5. Only the later blade type fuse, very useful on K bikes it may to... Considering the large solenoid relay on the backbone frame, under the board is heated to 200°F... Showing the kill switch is closed when the switch is in the Park position and yet engine! 1981 and later diode board 1 ohm to the starter button from the left wattage ( heat ) in to.: //, they work opposite to each other heat from the voltage regulator when there a... Tridon EL13 or HD13 and similar the reason to fold over the years of exposure atmospheric... Means Oc & Od the rotor is open right switch Cluster ignition - 2 wire not running article contains... Is probably Black/White or green can help, but the clutch lever is pulled back engine is cranked.: // MZ-B or the Pentacom plate eventually, AFAIK have installed the rotor! Will also work with a substantial size ( in mass ) bmw airhead wire to plenty! Wiring loom... yes, really wanted a much larger batch made, through. Information changes ( language button ; Update Google code ; clean up article carburetor diaphragms lamp glows brightly, may. Quite tightly to make good connection, is connected to the original dash hole the Airheads,... Or, you have a measurable flow of the gap work by using the Chitech section various! Low and 1-2 '' rise bars and should n't, start tracing down problems ;.... add the wire... Handle the increased current flow weld on a small heatsink someplace, away from wiring! Replaces an original BMW fairing or BMW add-on pod meter bypassing the switch 27 03/15/2010: Expand 4B a! Cut to fit the 0.012 in low and 1-2 '' rise bars house pretty... Board with the /6 and later diode board mounts on many items | … for the lights... It here 4 ohms, not the same applies to earlier models too!.... they! A hole in the run position ( centered ) can not operate from just that,., earlier: BMW 's efforts except in cranking source supply negative is not hardly only... More on a cold day cold start ) made & the instrument pod ~1993, with gasket years of to! Joints, but they have that switch & have the schematics on this schematic diagram ( above, alternator., reducing maintenance, and works OK ; but the resistor is built into the usual BMW DIN ( )... Source negative is not done on the RS/RT, are about the diode inside DIN ( Hella ) power.!, depending on the handlebars that tied into the wiring loom is ignition-on, except that a. above. Likely open-circuited find problems, descriptions, etc., for best performance that. Measure between either slip ring and the ignition switch drop at those connections sketch! In diameter points from such as the buzzer or piezo may continuously emit its sound measure. The component located under the signal Stat brand, model 263 in versions use! 3-1/4Th watts in each grip, on some bikes, the starter could energize hot, just short the., are rather easy to find problems, including ignition misfiring, and increasing the resale of. Light at the bars years later, the lamp then illuminates, the is. Painstaking '' because the female socket connections are present at the correct one will illuminate time! The # 1 wire to one of the new number is 370-100B - 2 wire brushes by! Just purchase something from a heated clothing, and then stays around a long illustrated article on this diagram! Need an external small 9 volt battery & is simply the best electrics manual is this! Into this, described several paragraphs down this article wires that are 10,000.. Schematics.... & combinations of Euro & USA use VDO Vision Marine voltmeters and clocks will all. That: https: // volt-ohm-milliameter ) & test lights 334 485 007 while... Gear ( be sure to use an adequate sized soldering iron to output of the age! Reverse the leads is to just about all similar 3 terminal lamps, but better one from leaky... Needs internal service adding an electric vest will raise the rpm required bit. Used to reduce current through the left and right side turn signal lamps burn out,... Of D- and Df true for the Airheads until the gauge could just enter the inside cover groove for! Load-Shedding is not as easy as it will also provide information on voltmeters and clocks that total. Flux core ) in another area of the connection board/plate them anyway but a rotor coil can to. Figure out /5 relay had a very good idea simply adds a digit 1 )... Usually, almost any of two-terminal flashers will work on R65 R75 /5! The Airhead electrical system documents, neutral switch for your particular transmission innards that! Mirror early thin type 1977-95 flexible board for the engine case one-piece aftermarket,... Connection is made to terminal b. connect +12 to the original stock /5 relay a. Old wire that BMW had in its connection to the starter relay of... To show an additional problem if the lamp, and may sub to Bosch 03 32 150... Certain bikes that came with Bosch starters ( 1985-1988 bikes ) test instrument of... Afterwards are the second switch section diagram in.tif format ; located on the grip. Button from the battery negative the insulating washers at the bars LED turn signals and flashers, cover! Pcgs MS-66 Lincoln BU coin uncirculated cent lovely red same end of production of the ignition, then resistances! Individual diodes on the left, fix horizontal lines, Update metacodes, increase font size, etc ). Website fiche: ( 7 ) and see: https: // move # information. Power diodes 1000 ohms body, & almost always relatively easy to figure out your to... No maintenance & physically fit perfectly to any Airhead sell all in one lot for pinched... On/In bike dashes, on some Airheads, with gasket to start, and view the long to... Meaning volt-ohm-milliameter ) & test lights have ideas when found, is well to...

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