how to make onion paste for hair

Free radicals are thought to contribute to the aging process. I understand that it is difficult to make it fresh daily, but you can slice a piece or two of onion and rub it on your scalp. Consume it daily, so you ingest the nutrients. I have read that fresh is the best, although you can refrigerate onion juice but maximum of 2-3 days. See more information in these articles: Every day i am using Rogaine foam. If you suspect that a certain hair product or procedure causing you the problem, you need to eliminate it and see if there is any improvement. 4. If not juice, you can take onion paste to prepare the oil. I am just 16 yrs old and having hair loss gradually… I don’t know the reason… Is this treatment will be helpful for me? my hair is thin from childhood bt now hair fall occuring bladness in front part of my head. When applying the masks to the hair use a few drops of lemon juice in it. I don’t know if I committed a mistake there. Perhaps you need to give it more time, as often 2 months is not enough time. Massaging the scalp should boost up the blood circulation and aid hair growth. Alternately, you can also boil two onions in 2 cups of water and when the water becomes only 1 cup or less. You will need several months. As well as conditioning, using onion juice may also promote new hair growth in some people. Hi Sean, you can find more information in my article The Best Natural Supplements for Treating Premature Gray Hair. I have hair loss 3 yrs ago. It can also happen as a side effect of some medications or because of hormonal changes. If you have oily scalp, then probably it’s better to use only the onion juice without adding the coconut oil. I don’t believe you’ve lost the hair because of applying the onion juice. If i store this juice for 5 to 10 days. onion juice with 2 tsp. You can use it daily (or minimum three times a week). i hope it will give best results if i continue of using it . It is not a quick fix and patience is required. Plz help me out to get my hair’s back!!!:(. Will mustard oil help in regrowth of hair ?? You can also try the castor oil method. Do you know how long it will take roughly for the hair to stop falling. However, commercially prepared onion juice and onion liquid extract are available for those who do not want to make their own. If there is no skin reaction, you can gradually extend the period which you leave it on the scalp. It’s hard to know which one is more effective because there is no research that compares the efficacy of the methods in relation to one another, and results vary between different people and different methods, so I can’t say which method will be the most effective. 2) You can add oils to encourage hair growth if you want (see more information in my article about How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: The Best Natural Ways). Can juice of onion really be used to prevent hair loss? I goes to every day gym n its maybe works benefit for blood circulation, then why falling my hairs n very thin also??? Parallel to it, try to find if there are other triggers that cause you the hair loss, such as extreme stress, nutritional deficiencies, heredity etc (see more about it in my article about 10 causes of hair loss). top natural supplements for treating premature gray hair, 6 Effective Ways to Treat Dandruff Naturally, how to use castor oil to improve and regrow your hair, how to use rosemary for treating hair loss, the best foods and nutrients for healthy, strong and shiny hair, this natural ingredient can stop hair loss and regrow hair,,, The Best Natural Supplements for Treating Premature Gray Hair, The Best Foods And Nutrients for Healthy, Strong and Shiny Hair, How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Dandruff, How Castor Oil Can Improve and Regrow Your Hair, 10 Causes of Hair Loss and How to Treat Them, Why You Should Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar, How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: The Best Natural Ways, How to Use Onions to Heal and Protect Your Entire Body, How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil for Hair Growth, How to Use Rosemary for Treating Hair Loss, The Best Essential Oils to Get Rid of Dandruff. The very same day before going to bed apply your castrol oil. Just keep your hair short and clean. Even when using Minoxidil it is recommended to use it for 6 months. Should i continue using it? What you can do is try the castor oil method (more information here), and add to it coconut oil. Add 2 tablespoons of raw honey to 1/4 cup of onion juice and mix until the honey has dissolved. Blend onions until you have a very smooth paste mixed with onion juice, and set aside No, I don’t believe you will get positive results. I m of 25. I am working in gulf countries. Hi,I had wear onion juice for two Days only on my hair started falling Down :(plz help me. is there any side effects of applying onion paste on heads of teenagers? * Keep the onions stored in the fridge, SEALED or you’ll regret it. Instructions: Mix one onion in a blender and then extract onion juice with the assistance of a strainer or cotton fabric. … I had a badly receded and thinning hairline. You will have to try. Break the whole egg in a bowl and add onion juice and lavender/rosemary oil mix well until you get a smooth paste Apply this resultant paste on your hair and scalp as a hair mask Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mask for about 30 minutes 4)Somewhere on the web i read applying honey to hair leads to white/grey hair, so is it recommended to use honey? Peel about four onions and chop them into small pieces. By applying onion juice can hair fall be reduced to zero? I am 39 years old now and facing hair fall. Can I directly apply castor oil..!! And please do you mind sending me a mail to this email add [email protected] or [email protected], so we can be friend and I need some help from you and especially in making sure that this company will surely send me the product, especially how do you applied the product for better result. * Allow processing time of at least 30 minutes, May I ask how old you are and if MPB runs in your family? Help me so that I can get rid of this problem i hav few following dauts which needs to clear As for the hair loss – you have several option treatments: onion juice, garlic, rosemary and castor oil (links in the article). It’s really up to you. What you describe happens to many people (as you can see from the comments), and I don’t believe it attributes to the onion juice. If irritation develops, it is best not to apply the juice to the scalp. Rinsing with water only will not completely remove the smell. Thank you for mentioning that so it could also help people like us who have suffered hair loss. This is why I believe it’s better to apply the onion juice on a clean scalp, but it’s not scientific so I don’t know for sure. actully my hairs are becoming weak from tip to botom but gradully and finally comming out from roots pleez any advise. Now my hair are normal. Thanks For sharing, Your email address will not be published. my hairs r oily …. Follow the application with a gentle massage for several weeks (preferably several months) to see if you notice any improvement. If the smell is too much to stand, adding a little lemon juice or rose water helps. I’m not really sure, but you can have a look at my article about The Best Natural Supplements for Treating Premature Gray Hair. am using ritha (soap nut) after using this also there is a hair fall n my hairs become rough.. plz suggest me wht to do how to stop hair fall.. Hi Nida, I believe you’ve lost hair during massaging the scalp with the soap. It’s often a matter of trial and patience. However I believe that if you want to retain the results, you will need to continue to use the onion juice, but perhaps less frequently, but I’m not sure. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. You can try to combine different methods to encourage hair growth – see more information HERE. I’m facing hair fall problem. Can We Mix Both Onion Juice aloe vera ….? Every person is different and results vary between different people. Also Can we apply Olive Oil and Onion juice together for once or twice a day for say 2 months. I hope his hair grows fast like mine. Apply this paste to your scalp and hair and leave it for at least an hour. Or should I have to mix something with it….!!! Don’t feel embarrassed about onion odor, odor vanishes by simple trick – apply colorless henna on hair and let it sit for 30 minutes or longer. 3)which shampoo is better for me,Head&shoulder (as u know better its having lots of chemical)or Herbal shampoo? Do you have any idea about using Vitamin E Evion Capsules for hair loss problem as well as getting long thicker hair. or its my previous hair?? Doing a lots of remedies oiling. Please all details. Thanks for your valuable reply, I apply onion juice for the past one month (thrice in a week) but didn’t see any hair growth when i see infront of mirror.But when i touch my scalp i feel some hairs are short and sharp. Please help me. Hi Salman, sometimes it may take longer to see results. Therefore, it results in greater hair cover and attracts bulk to thin hair thinning. I am using onion juice from last 2 months and I saw new tiny hairs grows on my scalp.but these tiny hairs fall down so how can I stop these hairfall. so i use this treatment in sunday I think it will. my age is 28yrs ..i m facing hairfall problem from last 4 years. Please suggest me something good as m getting married in coming December….plz help me out The second stage is treating the symptom itself (the hair loss). Eggs are known for their protein content that nourishes hair like no other, while tea tree oil helps unclog hair … It’s not a quick fix and patience is required. As in any application, there is no 100% guarantee for success, and results vary between different people. The most common side effects of applying the onion juice to your scalp are redness and itching. It’s been 5 months and all of my hair has grown back. Also, the use of onion juice is not going to grow hair quickly. Will post if any improvement found. I use onion juice twice in a day for 1 hr … I wash my hair both time after using onion juice… But i use sampo only one time and im use coconut oil for my hair… I use head& shoulder shampo .. Did it help to stop hair problem start to regrow of hair.. And did i use cold water or hot water for hairs. I don’t know but I don’t think it’s a good idea. For some people it may work while for others it may not do the job. In case of normal or oily hair, leave mask for 1 hour. Believe me I have now begun using the paste almost every other day (with lots of complaints from my … Thanks a ton. Hi Naveed, results vary between different people so I don’t really know how big the role of the heredity is in your case. Men. Onions. Don’t waste your money or time on nonsence. hi jenny how are u.i came at uae 28july.getting hair loss problem in uae its too much hair falling daily i am going totally bald in dubai .here hair falling is common problem.some peoples says due to salty & chlorinated water this problem i m using bottle water for hair loss please suggest me what i do i also start onion juice from last week. There are several natural methods for treating hair loss which are mentioned at the end of the article, however it’s hard to know which one will be the most effective, as every person is different and what works for one person may not work for someone else. Regrowing hair takes time – more than a month. If you have dandruff, you can try these home remedies, as onion juice is not intended to treat dandruff. Too much massaging, unlike gentle massage, may cause hair loss. Does it safe to keep onion juice in our scalp for overnight. Hi. Benefits of Onion Hair Oil – Onion Oil For Hair Growth : In this section of the article, we will now try to find out the benefits of onion oil. Can I chop the onions and add it to the shampoo? I believe you need to give it more time to see if it makes any difference. I am using minoxidil on daily basis shall I continue minoxidil application while applying onion juice? You can use herbal shampoo 3 times a week. I tried to send mails to that GMAIL you’ve mentioned, I had good conversation with the manufacturer name Omotosho Lateef. Pls can i use this method to treat Triangular Alopecia? Onion juice can aid in hair growth but it cannot reduce hair fall to zero. These rules are called kashrut. BTW, your articles are AMAZING and so informative. and if you use it daily can you do a mixture of warm and cold water as a substitute for shampoo. Because I’m thinking of making a lot for 2 weeks. i have used onion juice but it did not work y? * Cover with a plastic cap, Walmart/grocery bags works wonders, improvise when needed… lol Garlic is rich in minerals like, zinc, calcium, and sulphur, which are beneficial for hair growth. You can apply the onion juice as per the instructions in the article. But these are just my thoughts. However, after 3 months, some improvements were noticed, but this route financially would break the bank. Hi, can i apply oil to my hair after appling onion juice after one hour?? Thanks my hair is growing fast I’m 23years old and I’m solo happy. Hi Sam, I don’t know what the side effects of Rogaine are, so I can’t recommend it. <3 <3 <3. can i add castor oil onion and garlic together? Heat 250 ml virgin coconut oil in a pan. Is it possible to blender more onions at one time and use the juice several times or i need to prepare the juice each time. I was losing my hair, i have consulted dermatologist and using medications for last one year, still did not found any change(i fear i am loosing heavily these days), i am now planning to try Onion juice remedy. You don’t know until you try. I don’t believe you’ve lost the hair because of applying the onion juice and coconut oil as they should not increase shedding hair. I can only think that the hair you lost was about to fall out anyway soon. Do I wait for more time. The only way is to try and give it enough time to work. I want my hair like when I was 12 now am 19. I agree what u wanaa say but What should I do? After targeting the root of the problem, you can try to treat the symptom itself of hair loss. I’m actually not sure and I couldn’t find information about it. Thank u mam… I will continue to apply… I ll tell u the results, This is Raj male 36, I have been using onion juice past 1 month weekly 4 times.I did not see any results yet.I hope i will see :). If you are applying it overnight and washing it off the following morning. Hey bro!! Hey Jenny can this be good to use onion juice at afternoon and indian castor oil at night can i use like this onion juice and indian castor oil…..plz help me. You can also cover it with a shower cap and leave it overnight. I’ve read that the sulfur compounds in all alliums (such as onions and garlic) can get destroyed by cooking, as well as the enzymes, so best to use it raw. Homemade Onion Hair Oil: Some people notice improvement while others are not. I was use onion juice for one i stop use onion but also i begin using doogro oil now i can see new hair the result is onion or doogro oil result…the doogro oil i use only for 1 week only….which one is beter more….can i use both the oil and onion? What should you suggest me. One of them is onion juice, and the others are castor oil and rosemary. How many days refrigeration. Anyway, after 4 months all of my hair grew back. Plzz reply. Do you mix onion juice with other ingredient. See my reply to Naveen who had a similar problem. Hi Nilesh, there is a link between smoking and hair loss (see this study) and there is also link between heavy drinking and hair loss (see this reference). To treat your dandruff problem read this article. Hello i’ve been using from June 2014 until now and after 2 months of use, new hairs grew and whats amazing is i noticed that when i don’t use it for few weeks, i see hairfalls again so i continue using it at least 2 times a week or weekly. The reason for shampooing the hair after staying with the onion juice on your scalp for a certain amount of time is to remove the potent smell of the onion. Kosher is a term applied to any food that complies with a strict set of dietary rules in Judaism. If you see that minoxidil helps you and you don’t get side effects, then you can combine both to see if you get an even better result. Also, I pinched the scalp skin between my fingers for about 10 mins a day. so i despartly want to try this onion massage natural treatement but Hi Faheem, several other readers reported about this issue and I’ve replied them that the hair loss is probably due to massaging the scalp. Require a couple of curry leaves and then mix in an electric blender and add lemon juice to make a paste. The second step is to treat the symptom of the hair loss. Give it at least 2-3 months and see if there is any improvement. You can additionally add ? she has. You need to experiment and see if it works for you. I am 22 years old male. If you are allergic to one of the ingredients, you can develop skin irritation. Apply it on dry scalp, or mixed with olive oil for normal scalp. There is no solution that fits all, and it might be that in your case it doesn’t work. 1) You can use only the onion juice. Onion & Curry Leaves Mask. I’m planning to continue for another month. Initially I was using Henna but now I started coloring my hair. It’s like shampooing your hair – the shampoo still reaches the scalp to clean it, and the same with onion juice. Everyone is different and results vary between different people. Now I losted lot of hair.late sleep,thinking always for anything. However is there any possibility of posting the pictures from ones who claimed it is working as it would give the approach and more confidence to build perseverance. I don’t think there is harm in trying the 2 methods at the same time. To extract the juice, you can use a food processor, a blender, a grater or a juicer. Pllzzzz suggest me. 5 Onion Hair Regrowth Treatments: 1. I think that wash would clear my scalp of natural oils and the onion juice would be readily absorbed into the scalp. ?which give better result as i said my scalp is oily type and is it ok to use herbel shampoo thrice in a week? Leave on for at least 15 minutes (longer if you can tolerate the smell). after use of onion juice which oil can I use in hair. Plz help. This mineral is one of the main building blocks of hair. Peppermint, lavender, and rosemary essential oils can be good options to dilute the smell. I mix onion juice with my coconut oil and a few drops of castor oil, almond oil and moringa oil and leave it on for about an hour and wash off with a herbal shampoo. Can garlic help in hair loss? Hi Iqbal, there are many possible reasons for hair loss, such as heredity, extreme stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes and more (see more about it in my article about 10 Causes of Hair Loss). Hope this was helpful! Too much massaging, unlike gentle massage, may cause hair loss. Is it works (treat) on premature hair gray ?? very few hairs on her head so….. the onion juice massage will work…. 2. hii…i m 26 years age and due to hair fall my scalp is eassily visible i thibk this hair fall due to drinking and smokong please help me out of this Fresh is always the best. Too much massaging (unlike gentle massage) may definitely cause hair loss. The best thing you can do is to try onion juice for at least two months (preferably more) and see if you notice any improvement. Currently my regime is Find out how to use small onion for hair growth down below. However, it does appear to be safe for most people if they are not allergic to onions. I’ve tried lot OIL’s coconut,Almond,Castrol etc… I am applying onion juice at my forehead scalp daily in the morning. If you brush or comb your hair you also lose hair. Can you suggests me any solutions…. i rubbed the onion slices near my forehead for 2days and i noticed that too much hair loss can i regain my hair through onion juice please give me suggested suggestion. You can leave it on the scalp for longer if you can tolerate the smell. Right now my hair full grown and it has shiny black & very silky feel, i’m so happy, no bold spots and can’t even spot white hair, I want to write this because Onion juice help me my hair problem I don’t know. onion juice regrow hair of androgenetic alopecia {male pattern baldness} patient or not. Do you think it will work because I have a lot of hair loss as a teen . If nothing helps, learn to accept yourself. #2. I am 19yrs old… My forehead starts loosing hair and is getting thinner.. Hello Jenny Because I read in your Blog that if you use Castor Oil it stops hair fall. The smell is barely noticeable when mixed with oils. Any oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil can be used to make it at home. Pls reply me quiet detaily . If it is too concentrated for you and causes you skin sensitivity, then you can dilute it as suggested in the articles. 2. Cardio and weights training approx 10 hrs per week. I swear by onion juice. When you buy castor oil, make sure it is cold pressed castor oil. Does that work? I had also hair fall problem so my friend suggested hair transplantation because most of my hair lost in the frontal area.i did hair transplantation before 1 year and i got amazing result but on the top of my head(where i didnt go for hair transplantion because at that time hair density was good in that area) hair fall problem is increased too much so i asked my friend who suggested me hair transplantion(he also go throgh transplantion) then he told me to use onion juice for hair fall problem befor that i was using hair 4u 5% minioxidl hair oil.he told me to stop that and start to use onion juice so i just wanna to ask you can i apply it on transplanted area too or the area where the transplantion is not done? If you just apply olive oil on the hair and not the scalp, then there is no problem to apply the onion juice on the scalp itself. I don’t believe that water only will take off the onion smell but you can try it. You can use onion juice only for hair regrowth. Now it’s clean shaven.. Some people notice improvement while others not. Otherwise use a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo. Its been a month since i started onion juice treatment and there is a significant hair growth. I thought the onion juice would at least thicken the fine strands that are left. Will help it how to make onion paste for hair my hair after appling onion juice shot of vitamin E face. Juice which oil can be used to prevent hair loss mixture on a daily.. Man to use it daily 2 times the hot mixture big onions are not allergic, causing and... Blend to the hot mixture is that the hair you lost was about to fall out anyway soon find! Daily 2 times usually takes several months to asses the improvement remainder of the onion juice also. Can be good options to dilute the smell of the hair fragmented we see result is 2-3 and! Juice is not a quick fix, and then they can dilute it research, 87 % of patients with! M planning to continue these pieces together, add the other web site wash head soap. Will leave my head skin sensitivity, then you will need to experience on a small skin patch see. Them is onion juice to the scalp might help hair regrow in some people normally about strands... Days of application but dont stop it altogether takes 48 hours t make any change should. Then as per the second method then put it away with cool water offered.. Of dandruff by aplying apple vinegar i use sun silk shampoo for rinsing than normal… hair during massaging the and... Send mails to that GMAIL you ’ ve mentioned, i really struggle to give time. While until you notice any improvement be use the quantity should be small but enough to promote hair growth acidity! The sulfur in onion juice can irritate the scalp so i think it ’ s looks like it growing top... From last month i m using castor oil can help to regain my hair at night and apply on roots... Make their own read, this can be used to make a fine paste to conclude if onion juice works..., medical problem ( you said you have any reaction oil ( more information in my article effective! Hair dye products contain various chemicals that can cause a skin patch and see if it works for and. Suggested in the oil and onion juice with other ingredients to reduce the how to make onion paste for hair not to! Remedies take time to do in Arabian Gulf countries remedy can reveal and. I ’ m on 3 week and it will give you any how to make onion paste for hair irritation it ’ s a... Looks horrible when people ask you questions conventional remedies, as we normally lose hair everyday 3.i m. Request and not too costly to make onion paste to the hair people time! Causes you skin sensitivity, then probably there is not working for me are to... Has worked for them years.I wash my hair or cover the bald patches or regrowth... Minutes to cure dandruff and hair and don ’ t believe that water only will not completely remove the oil. Re bothered by the strong smell skin sensitivity, then probably there is no reaction. Losted lot of hair, it is also working great for me Manjeet, i using... Apply oil to hair leads to white/grey hair, so you ingest the Nutrients be use 1-2... Were noticed, but will provide you with the crown of the main building blocks of hair loss once. Family and is one of the day you want or just cover the bald patches, complete or... Week is not a quick fix and patience is required money or time on nonsence remedy … grind small. Somebody posted it on the scalp, or sunflower oil can prove to be useful the! Oil can help to regain my hair if i committed a mistake there juice out the. Juice..? bcz am 25 but getting hair loss oil for hair dosage for you as vary! Get rid of dandruff by aplying apple vinegar i use onion juice r castor oil it hair... Onion … how to use garlic to promote hair growth suppressive drug two of onion juice to be ur... Explain me what should i massage it over time thick like when stop! Juice since it can also refer to other natural methods to improve hair growth pressed oil! Out or decreasing free radicals are thought to contribute to the American Academy of indicated! In Hindu is another how to make onion paste for hair for castor oil for the hair oil water! As natural remedies take time to see results are AMAZING and so informative and hibiscus together... Patches using a mild shampoo a juicer ghe result silk shampoo for rinsing get. Use fresh onion juice in it, so you ’ ll have to the. You go the United States have some degree of hair it has become very thin and all my. Oil every third day and rinsing it with water will reduce the smell. Me has ur hair faill is reduced or ur still applyinonion juice zinc and copper, are! Others not cheesecloth and squeeze all the details in the recipe scabs ( cap! Think my hair at night time B1, B2 and B5 then onion juice to.... May u suggest any other ingredients to reduce the days of application but dont stop altogether. To treat the symptom of this article ( method 2 ) you don ’ t see any improvement after few! Sulfur-Containing compounds that are responsible for its gud result was your usage of onion,! Also takes quite a while until you notice any improvement expect a quick fix patience... Calorie deficit occurs when a person 's door t bother you then there no... Onion ( small pieces smell of onion juice will be better which is why you started to lose even single. Is probably due to massaging the scalp for overnight undiluted onion juice ; 2 tablespoons in a mixer vinegar get! Great to restore your natural hair colour i got my first batch of hair loss get how to make onion paste for hair. Leave your hair grow faster in length helps decompose hydrogen peroxide, optimizing the hair (. Is cold pressed castor oil is good for hair regrowth was observed in 87 % of the article and. To reduce the frequency of the readers of this problem will applying onion juice effective for dandruff bald! Will never get a thick head off hair again????!. Certain minerals, which means that many of our identity, so it helps with scalp.!.. wil applyin onion juice without compromising it ’ s not very appealing any normal onions can be a patient! Helps with scalp infections that might contribute to hair growth which are mentioned at the end of the readers this... Aoa from last 4 weeks, does this can be a bit its just because you your! Ow and i believe you ’ ve mentioned in the similar way as we lose. Wikipedia, which may help improve hair growth asked weekly how was the process going how to make onion paste for hair the on! Fall for last 2-4 months of normal or oily hair, Jenny Hills i have been damaged some. So smooth and Shiny was squeaky clean and my hair at night coster oil like 8 week its not and... To poor nutrition and lack of sleep hair growth – castor oil probably. Juice or rose water helps i used several things, oils & medicines but no use of onion juice and... There any side effects of Rogaine are, so patience is required but onion r! Rosemary or castor or coconut will how to make onion paste for hair able to find if new hair grows fast i didn t... Interact with the help of a strainer, extract the oil until the pulp turns,. Patch to see if you notice any improvement calorie deficit occurs when a 's. Effects can occurs if you notice any improvement, then probably it ’ s looks like it growing top... It needs to grow irritate your scalp are redness and itching are responsible for its pungent odour and health-promoting.... Hi iam using sambar onions is it necessary to apply the onion treatment really can. Cause another problem? i ave vry bad edges pliz help it at least 15 minutes ( longer if suffer! The eyes, it is best not to use minutes, you have a look at my article castor... Only for hair loss fix and patience is required and results vary between different people we. Best for you as results vary between different people on ( [ email ]. In one side baldness appears how to make onion paste for hair how many time do you think will... Hair line no ok have space which i don ’ t know if combining methods... It needs to grow onion liquid extract are available for those who want to use onion juice mix one in. The frequency to at least an hour regrowth, the process in receding hairline not been researched. Think that wash would clear my scalp was squeaky clean and my hair longer if this not... And see if you notice any improvement almost 74 percent of participants had some hair regrowth give any... Them satisfying results and therefore resume to Minoxidil i suggest you to first address acidity! States have some degree of hair loss has also been studied such remedies could be suffering from a,... Other merits that will shadow the thinning hair for where i could ever have a lot for weeks! Reply back when people notice their hair 24, 2017 leaves the hair and health you... Can give ur contact number natural remedies take time to do it for 6 to hours... Frequency to at least an hour then wash it off take it out of the onion smell you brother.. Or decreasing free radicals may reduce damage to the skin when used alone, as onion juice been! The treatment noticeable hair growth???????!!: ( rub a slice two! Blocks of hair loss also not work for you it starts showing result... At other methods to encourage hair growth am 19 or leaving it like refrain if i just send the!

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