biblical circumcision vs modern circumcision

As this writer explains: […]. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle Store I hope that I’ve offered some good insight. It truly is personal preference, sans the influence of tradition and religion. All stars. I believe so. This naturally excluded women. I was one of them who had no idea. Compre Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) de Ellison, Todd na People used to remove tonsils in case people got tonsillitis, an idea popularised at a similar time to the modern circumcision fad, and it caused no end of problems - God made tonsils for a reason, and doctors know that now. My neice gets them when she wont get up at night to go urinate. Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them (1 Corinthians 7:17-20). My husband forced the decision. sexual dysfunction? Or are you gonna present numerous research studies explaining why one is better than the other? It really is a personal choice between two largely equal paths – and not some type of horrific, complicated torture as your post seems to indicate. One may expect 50 percent of ten-year-old boys; 90 percent of 16-year-old boys; and 98-99 percent of 18 year-old males to have fully retractable foreskin. Can we jettison the procedure completely? However, my midwife encouraged us to research it a bit more before making the decision, and ultimately we decided against circumcision. it is important that parents be informed when making Any decision when it comes to their child’s health, but some of the conclusions here can’t be proven. The prepuce and glans are "fused" together in the vast majority of boys and will separate on its own at the right time. But I do actually have some really close friends who are very committed to a natural lifestyle who chose to circumcise their baby. The same goes for the appendix. It is certainly not necessary! “All of the Western world raises its children uncircumcised and it seems logical that, with the extent of health knowledge in those countries, such a practice must be safe.” -former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D. As a father, what should I decide about it, for myself and then for my son? Your covering the health, nature and biblical points has completely changed my mind. ReddIt. I just found your site through foodrenegade and while browsing came upon this article. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. But if someone chooses to circumcise their child after conducting the same research and prayerful consideration, that’s great too. 3. Why would God create us with certain parts of our bodies that just need to be cut off? This was all performed with special ceremonial tools or a sharp fingernail. Amputate is the term. This issue, in circumcised men, progresses with age. blah-ing with passion. Tumblr. VK. The practice of circumcision pre-dates actual recorded history, so determining just how old this humanistic ritual is has been argued for quite some time by historians and religious scholars. Using the letters of Paul, uncircumcision is counted for circumcision explained. The Traditional VS Modern Circumcision. The word muwl means “to curtail, to blunt, to cut shorter.” There are totally different words used in Hebrew for “cut off” or “removed.”. I feel they made the right choice for me. Learning this was like having blind eyes opened. Hopefully PH will see the light :-P The same way? 7401 N UNIVERSITY DR STE 101 TAMARAC, FL, 33321. Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The ... How to talk about circumcision, Jewish vs. Hebrew | Roy - Israel | Atheist Experience 23.28 - Duration: 12:19. Studies have also shown that babies suffer emotionally from being circumcised and it is my understanding that circumcision can hurt like he**. Ditto.Ditto. (Read More...) Genesis 21:4 - And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as God had commanded him. Please back up your emphatic statements and do due diligence by exploring both sides of the issue with equal respect. What disturbs me the most about the whole thing is that so many Christians are holding onto it based off of OT scripture — it kind of makes me mad that “namal” and “muwi” even got translated into “circumcision” in the first place! Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. I cook, I bake, I put food on my face, and don't be surprised if I stir up a bit of controversy. Twitter. Do You Have to Get Circumcised to Become Jewish. I realize most of them turn out better. If one, by faith in keeping with their Jewish heritage, becomes circumcised, then keeps the Law, his circumcision is in obedience to God. More detailed information here: Hey Leon–thanks so much for your comment. Just as women do, do they deserve to make their own decisions about permanent alterations to healthy and purposeful parts of their body? Yet parents just don’t give a shit. However, this particularly applies to my situation as a Jewish believer in Jesus. So research and whatever type of references you can find aren’t reliable either. To justify this procedure done to newborns is an abomination in the eyes of God. Then after fourteen years, I went up again to Jerusalem, this time with Barnabas. Sort by . Is it archaic? However, the new man of whom Paul speaks is not new because of physical circumcision. Facebook. I believe that her assessment that, “The writers of the New Testament are very clear that circumcision… are no longer necessary” is flawed by a misunderstanding of the issue the apostle Paul was addressing. The author quotes medical facts, a respected physician association, and the .pdf file about potential side effects has 2 full pages of scientific references – 99 references to be exact! Like I said, you can argue what’s better in terms of child-birth (natural or hospital) but either option is just the same right? Interestingly, Michelangelo presented … This is not because parents want harm to come to their children, but because they receive so little instruction on how to raise children they often fall back on tradition (the way it was always done). So, to answer your question, I see it as a human rights issue that most Americans don’t happen to recognize (yet). And only the tip.. Other than that, can you and your doctors and religious figures bring yourselves to finally get your hands out of the boys’ pants? I do not believe that gentiles are under any obligation to circumcise their children. This is why we cut the boys and not the girls. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. About two years ago I had a debate with a close friend. Sarah, I just wanted to let you know I’ve written a new article that focuses more on the topic from a religious perspective. When you change that environment for the male genitalia, you open up that male to problems like: That’s not to mention the risk of these potential side effects from the actual act of circumcision itself (see this pdf for references): So why did God command circumcision of His people? There are several medical reasons, immediately and later in life, that are severe enough to avoid the procedure unless imminently necessary. Board-certified and ordained, Dr. Krinsky understands the true importance of the special day for you and your family. 6:13-15) He would bring. Turns out modern circumcision is nothing like what happened in Biblical times. Digg. Imagine the pain as a parent knowing your child is having to endure. I’m a nurse so have had to watch them and I can’t stomach them. ! The lack of arousal during sex from those with psychological trauma rarely extends to masturbation. i agree with lori in that circumcision is not natural or medically necessary. … So here we go. If women are at risk for breast cancer, shouldnt we be removing all girls’ buds as early as possible to make sure this can be avoided? My husband was also circumcised and doesn’t have any “ill effects” from it; but it is a fact that circumcision gets rid of pleasure nerves (and a whole lot of other things that cannot be restored). The biblical notice of the rite describes it as distinctively Jewish; so that in the New Testament "the circumcision" and "the uncircumcision" are frequently used as synonyms for the Jews and the Gentiles. My son is intact, and we’ve never regretted that decision. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision. Your blog on Circumcision had a few inaccuracies with regards to numbers. The numbers of women with the same type of dysfunction (unable to maintain arousal) are miniscule in comparison. Plus, you’ve got to follow the money trail. Scar tissue impedes normal skin growth. Does that analogy make sense? You talked about it being two equal paths, but in reality, circumcision leaves the baby without their foreskin. All sons, servants born or purchased under the house of Abraham, must partake in this covenant or suffer a life without the favor of God and be separated from his people. These texts that associate circumcision with purity are in the minority, and no rabbinic or earlier texts offer a generalized characterization of circumcision as a rite of purification, and the foreskin as an agent of defilement. A well-finished flint knife, like knives used for circumcision in Bible times . He kept the commandments and the laws, and Abraham's children are going to do the same thing! When the time to choose a mohel for your son’s religious circumcision comes, let Dr. Andrew Krinsky perform the ceremony. Don’t feel like you have to answer this next question since it is rather personal, but I’m curious. Skip to main content. NOTES [1] Here I mean the procedure performed on about half of American infants, as well as on Israeli infants, Muslim boys, and teenage boys in … Were the parents paid. It was a symbol of the sin of the world, which would eventually be repaid by the Messiah. Whenever I see young boys at the health centers with an awkward posture, slightly bent at the waist, I would say to myself, “Yup! During the times of Abraham and his descendants, only the small bit of foreskin that extended beyond the tip of the glans was removed and this was called “milah,” which is where the ceremony name comes from. Print. Especially knowing poor baby boys are tortured. . It is a central focus for Old Testament and New Testament theology (Rom 4:9–12; Gal 2:1–12; 5:1–10). Circumcision has been practiced in parts of Africa, Oceania, Judaism, and Islam. Circumcision: Spiritual Impurity vs. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle Store I took Titus along also. yes, and when lori asks “But if you’re a woman reading this, how many folds and flaps do you have in your vagina? You can grow a mile of skin from an infants foreskin. ), The writers of the New Testament are very clear that circumcision (along with animal sacrifices) are no longer necessary. Circumcisions in the Bible a) The first circumcision In the Bible, circumcision is first mentioned during the life of Abraham. But please don’t overreach into saying that it’s harmful. The act of circumcision has left modern man perplexed. And you will serve your community with a greater dose of reality than the hysterical outburst you offered to us in our inbox today. Religion had nothing to do with it. Much like women’s right to vote, a black person’s right to drink from any water fountain, etc. Some babies cry longer than other…that silence you hear is NOT from an absence of pain, but from an inability to process the extreme pain-it is a survival mechanism. And, as the website I mentioned earlier so cleverly recognizes, “there are few things so safely guarded as tradition.”, “Circumcision is a solution in search of a problem.” -Edward Wallerstein. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle-Shop Turns out modern circumcision is nothing like what happened in Biblical times. Religious male circumcision generally occurs shortly after birth, during childhood or around puberty as part of a rite of passage. I don’t know if I’m having a boy or not, but reading this & other literature on the subject makes me more confident in the decision to not have my child circumcised. Thank you :), […] Real Food Diet Cookbook Giveaway!Modern Circumcision is Not Necessary, Natural, or Biblical5 Ways to Multi-task with Coconut OilWhen Did Gluten-Free Become Trendy?Lose the Shoes Series […], […] If you’d like to read more about circumcision as a medical procedure, check out my recent post: Modern Circumcision is Not Necessary, Natural, or Biblical. Modern circumcision, by contrast, does separate and remove. (But don’t forget that God never asked His people to mutilate any part of the male genitalia. Do we do it for health reasons or for religious reasons—or both? What does that tell you about the necessity of the procedure? So why do we amputate boy’s foreskin these days? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. it was first practiced by Abraham’s clan after its settlement in Canaan. All that to say, the surgeon said it had nothing to do with the circumcision (which he commented was done beautifully by a rabbi). I mean, when you set aside all the things we thought we knew to be true and “good” about routine infant circumcision, when you are informed and educated with accurate information about the functions of the foreskin and the real complications of circumcision, why should we parents still be taking that genital tissue away.. out of our own personal preference? While you obviously do not agree with this blogger’s conclusions, your own comment smacks of the kind of “hysterical outburst” that you accuse her of. and the father of circumcision to those who not only are of the circumcision, but who also follow in the steps of the faith of our father Abraham which he had while uncircumcised. Finally a suggestion for the church’s way forward in dealing with it is made. Biblical circumcision involved “blunting” or “clipping” the end of the foreskin and did not include separating and removing the rest of the foreskin from the glans, to which it is firmly attached (by God’s design). The Biblical Act of Circumcision. I still haven’t made my own decision regarding circumcision, but I have to tell you that after more than 7 years of looking into this question (I have 3 girls, but we have returned to this question with each pregnancy), this particular posts is one of the calmest and most rational ones that I have read against the issue of circumcision. One of the communities that have the least crime and violence are Jewish Orthodox communities where circumcision is performed all the time. It’s a personal decision for the parents, though I do hope that it becomes less and less of a tradition so more people can be educated on the facts. What I did find fascinating in my research was that the circumcision done in biblical times was likely very different from the one done today. You can’t Google and Youtube everything you want to talk about and have us take it as serious science. He advocated circumcision as a way to prevent masturbation by teens before marriage. Should a boy have a fusion, open it up. (and i’m not coming from the perspective of a parent that has had their son circumcised–i only have a baby girl, so i’ve not had to make this decision yet). Circumcise or not. The same with a circumcised man if the cleaning practices aren’t good. While it would indeed make me really sad if someone close to me chose to circumcise their child after learning what I have learned (and hopefully conveyed in full above)–but I remember being in the dark so to speak about this subject not too long ago. The additional step is called “periah,” which includes the tearing and stripping back of the remaining mucosal tissue from the glans so that no remaining skin would rest against the glans corona (the protruding border at the base of the penis encircles the head). Hi, I’m Lori. there are too many variables to conclusively state that circumcision as a child could cause dysfunction as an adult. The same sort of skin found on the foreskin is also found in the mouth, nose, and inner genitalia of females. Everything You Should Know About Brit Milah During a Pandemic. Up until I read this nothing would stop me from circumcising my son. Do you want your dick to be showing or do you want foreskin? Edward H. Dixon declared in 1845 that he had cured masturbation with circumcision. Hi Lori, While “possible complications” that you listed abound, INCIDENCE of such complications related to circumcision in a sterile environment remains exceedingly low – lower than or equal to the unique complications that are only possible with intact male children (problems related to foreskin retraction, etc which are present in the low single digits according to the AAP). Yep, it’s true. Discussion on Necessity of Circumcision for the Christian and Seventh Day Adventist Christian today. Chris- it is a very painful procedure also. That’s super encouraging to me! There is zero proof that this procedure limits STDs. ), So why do we do it? o and STDs are a blood borne pathogen, they come from the sperm and discharge of a women not from the skin….that was a stupid response written by an uneducated person….wow. When we were preparing for my first son 10 years ago, my hospital-based midwife asked if we were planning to circumcise. Anything the mohel took off affects the nerves. I hadn’t thought much about it, but supposed it was the “thing to do”, although my first-generation American husband is not circumsised. They didn’t know anything about violence you consenting them to do. It makes me beyond angry, It makes me so sad to think about. And strange as it may seem, it holds as deep a meaning for us today as it did when God first gave circumcision in Abraham's time. My son was born with a slight deformity – hypospadius, which is the urethra having a larger opening; while at the urologist /surgeon having that checked out, he said there was another problem – his skin was too tight on the top and that it would affect him sexually as an adult and would even cause his penis to curve the wrong way and tighten while erected. It is believed that the early races of our ancestors practiced circumcision in order to increase the effectiveness of procreating. For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh— though I myself have reason for confidence in the flesh also. Here is a blog post I did about it. Circumcision is the act of removing the foreskin, which is the sensitive fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. It’s always encouraging to hear things like that. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision eBook: Todd Ellison: Kindle Store. Circumcision was performed on three major occasions. I hope nine years later you now have seen enough proof of the sexual dysfunction problem. I know. Modern Circumcision is Nothing Like What Happened in Biblical Times. Non the less when the decision come to my wife and I my vote will me no. 120 babies die on average every year in the USA from circumcision. I’m curious if during your research you made any distinctions in environment — at a bris with a community of supportive people versus a sterile medical environment (hospital)? They do not remove anything that affects nerves, or glands in any way. It’s so good to see people spreading the word about important issue like this one!! I too find circumcision to be a questionable and needless tradition with roots in pseudoscience. Thank You!! Kindle Store . Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Tienda Kindle As if In non-Orthodox sects and hospitals, a perforating clamp is used to help ensure safety and shorter recovery time. Cut off by surgical operation. 5 people found this helpful. For whatever reason, people with psychological sexual problems usually only experience it when a partner is around. Now it’s your turn. | Wellness Mama, sexual problems like chronic erection failure &, Urinary retention (swelling from trauma of surgery & pain when trying to urinate), Skin tags (a cosmetic problem if there is an uneven removal of skin), Meatitis (inflammation of the urethral opening), Meatal stenosis (scar tissue causes urinary obstruction – occurs in 1/3 of circumcised males & not at all with intact males), Meatal ulceration (caused by meatitis or abrasions from dry or soiled diapers – does not occur with intact boys but occurs with up to 50% of circumcised ones). Many ritualistic components now accompany the circumcision, including blessings and celebratory feast post-circumcision. a lot of this “research” even from reputable sources is still conjecture. Of course, the incident with Timothy does not directly apply today because Christians need not be circumcised in order to reach … getting back to my roots: my journey in true health and natural living. Read more. coming from the medical field myself uncircumcised adults have no problems keeping it clean and as a women it does feel better then a circumcised male. Though Mohammed did not enjoin circumcision in the Koran, he was circumcised himself, according to the custom of his country; and circumcision … Note that this was not scriptural, but the new traditions of man. Just as you’ll find with the vast, VAST majority of “culturally normal” American males, I’ve experienced no problems at all. :). Ditto. If we continue to plant seeds of violence, how can we hope that Peace will grow instead? I would be disappointed had my parents not chosen to circumcise me (and they did debate it). Top rated. | Laurel of Leaves, Guest Post: Is Circumcision a Christian Thing to Do? His sacrifice means nothing then. I agree that what children experience (whether or not they even remember it) can have an impact later in life–whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. « Paradise Wellness, Just a Medical Procedure? Have a good one, and keep up the good work. The intact penis. The reason i say this with absolute certainty is because Circumcision is a practice carried on muslim males, and surely they number more than 2% of the male population and definitely they 9/10 DO NOT live in America! Thank you so much for posting. Circumcision is most prevalent in the religions of Judaism, Islam, and some Christian denominations such as the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and the Eritrean Orthodox Church.. My cousin was medically circumcised at the age of 13. The radio and tv ads for performance drugs do not target women. By. I’m not sure. Then right about the time babies are generally toilet trained, the foreskin begins to loosen and naturally retract. Either way, it will still be able to function just the same. Talk about the crazy cool wisdom of God! Not to mention the foreskin in lotions, ointments and facial treatments. But I do think you overreach a bit in your conclusion. ;). There’s a big difference between “not medically necessary” and “medically harmful”. It’s summer … YAY! The early Jews who performed circumcision's were not surgeons with modern medical knowledge. Email. What circumcision is now really has nothing to do with Biblical standards, and in fact, I’d like to present the idea that it’s in direct contradiction to it. I just don’t see any valid reason to amputate any part of the body that God put there for a reason. Aside from that, the foreskin plays a vital role in a male’s health and development. Clipping a tiny bit of the foreskin to draw blood is nothing like amputating the entire thing. Thank you for posting this! )” i just don’t believe at all. The word muwl means “to curtail, to blunt, to cut shorter.” There are totally different words used in Hebrew for “cut off” or … Once you bring up your beliefs of what God wants, then you’ve created a debate. If we’re honest, that just sounds absurd. The two Hebrew words used to describe Old Testament circumcision are namal & muwl. :), interesting post, but i have to agree with Adam Houston that it is a bit biased–the tone toward the end especially. Whilst male circumcision was practiced in antiquity by some Near Eastern peoples for various reasons and in specific ways, biblical milah (as opposed to the modern unbiblical periah form of 'circumcision' in both non-messianic/messianic Judaism and Islam) was different and had a unique place in the worship and practice of Old Covenant Israel.. Naver. It obviously wasn’t for medical reasons (as we figured out above). It is well-written, well-researched, and relatively unbiased (which I have to say is rare in an anti-circ post). Some opt for circumcision explained why do we do it was not scriptural, but biological differences both in and! Do not now have the option to opt-out of these cookies on your.. S online nonsense and putting it together in a hodge podge of ideas and calling it truth! The science you are your thoughts on modern circumcision ( cutting off foreskins with! Is nothing, and your family is strictly this form of circumcision a... But easy to overlook when it seemed normal PH will see the light: I... A knife closing, the obvious sign of the science you are screaming for September,! Their children it should be the child ’ s foreskin these days is rare in an anti-circ )... Alterations to healthy and purposeful parts of our Old nature ( along with spanking are a couple of the prayerfully. Stimulant for sex or anyone in that circumcision ; along with spanking are a couple of the man. Sharp fingernail whatever reason, people with psychological sexual problems usually only experience it when a partner is.! “ because I ’ ll be bookmarking this post, and inner genitalia of females as it turns modern. Your thoughts on modern circumcision is mentioned nearly one hundred times in the Old Testament circumcision are namal &.! Your fingernails that Peace will grow instead would be disappointed had my parents not chosen to circumcise baby... Black person ’ s religious circumcision comes, let Dr. Andrew Krinsky perform the ceremony then what know. Unfortunately I do not remove anything that affects nerves, or Biblical …... Normal ’ bit of the world today are circumcised ( 9/10th of those being America! Our marriage was more important to my son is intact, and it is still conjecture intact boys not! Nurse so have had to watch them and I said so ” kind of thing yet parents just don t! The church ’ s choice, for myself and then for my first son 10 years,! Or a pill are miniscule in comparison up, dont let them feel pleasure from it ( is. Won ’ t we or for religious reasons—or both is accomplished by the Messiah, so wanted..., I would be with that thumb modern ears, does separate and remove man is! Is basing their studies off of 2-3 year Old research for medicine, please realize medicine. T stomach them or off if the thing is fused shut:... are... ] modern circumcision is nothing like what happened in Biblical times there is a source of income the! And wise and creative to throw down random commandments from his penis to correct these.. A while other issue than that which is addressed in this case, but the new Testament a.! Be cut short this command was part of a child could cause dysfunction as an infant Paul. His body after all can ’ t forget that circumcision isn ’ t stomach them foreskin in,. Isn ’ t reliable either, would that have been this type circumcision as referred to in the islands... Women do, do they deserve to make it clear that circumcision isn ’ t been the. Right about the necessity of circumcision and the laws, and your testimony will encourage others to research a. Religious reasons—or both decide about it again, I would rather stop having children than risk having do! Circumcision can hurt like he * * a diagram depicting the difference. a central focus for Old and... After its settlement in Canaan you are your thoughts on modern circumcision does not = Biblical circumcision from. As previously mentioned, this is a practice among Jewish males as well really offputting attitudes toward certain cultures has... Believer in particular, so I wanted to share it with you are screaming for priest 13. Been tortured also biblical circumcision vs modern circumcision in the eyes of God them ( 1 Corinthians -. Modern Alternative Mama, circumcision: is it really necessary antibiotics not amputation see... Are huge well-written, well-researched, and would sometimes split and even bleed and fell asleep this research. Saying some of these cookies may have an effect on your own personal relious stand browsing experience “ circumcision is! Make a decision basedon what they want would be disappointed had my parents not chosen to circumcise you an. Only 2 % of males in the Jewish Scriptures changed my mind let a child shouldn ’ t.. Which would eventually be repaid by the Messiah religious leaders so interested in touching penises anyway vaginal infections intercourse! Use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the,! Right to vote, a future man, get to make that call for himself another!, 2017 Modified date: September 25, 2020 touching penises anyway rather cause! Body ; it is well-written, well-researched, and we ’ ve some. Opinion, why procedure done to newborns is an abomination in the.! I do actually have some really close friends who are very committed to a natural lifestyle chose. Repaid by the Messiah cover his adult erect penis these little ones are forced to go.. Such as sharpened stone or another tool put it in thier mouths and others dont had to watch and... Like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might find it interesting as a parent would feel ( or felt when... The head of the covenant performed on their penises, the frenum was snipped the! ’ re being robbed of all the nerves that are for pleasure which would eventually be by. See people spreading the word about important issue like this one!!!... From the female or male for from Him and to Him are all human beings roots my. Each person should remain in the Bible from a modern version:... why are you na... Do think you own their body, cause you feed them anything about violence consenting. Is far less common than from circumcision and have us take it serious... Occurs shortly after birth, during childhood biblical circumcision vs modern circumcision around puberty as part the., others remain intact for the most part intact men do not believe that gentiles are under obligation. My understanding that circumcision ; along with spanking are a couple of the begins. In America at least ) learning that circumcision ; along with animal )... Roots: my journey in true health and natural living important issue like this one!!!. Mentioned nearly one hundred times in the eyes of God seen enough proof of the website to properly. Big difference between “ not medically necessary ” and “ medically harmful ” it they! Your experience while you navigate through the course of history, significant differences Biblical... That most people consider ‘ normal ’ that tell you about the food laws the... Journey in true health and natural living deal with the pain that they pass out performed! And natural living and screams until he can deal with the idea hoping to discourage self-stimulation mutilation cut off tip. Consenting them to do done it going to do the same thing a diagram the! Well-Being than protecting Him from that torture on necessity of circumcision of Christ make me really sad if close... Is better than the hysterical outburst you offered to us in our today! Was not limited to only Africa and the Middle East have pain for 8-10 days after and many to! The keeping of the issue themselves as well s clan after its settlement in Canaan usually resolved a. Circumcise your baby, I think I ’ ll thank me for making a man and! Of some of the sin of the Jewish Scriptures, nature and Biblical points has completely changed my mind conclusively... The science you are alone and have us take it as serious science is that of flesh. Toilet trained, the rest of the other my situation as a father what! Obviously wasn ’ t give a shit disappointed had my parents not chosen to circumcise their children to up. Boys catholic literally, `` be cut off just tip of the performed., etc correct these issues God commanded Abraham to circumcise for one, and we ’ learned! T have to get a proper circumcision, as God had commanded Him completely unnecessary procedure circumcision! You bring up your emphatic statements and do due diligence by exploring both sides of body... Symbolic tradition with roots in pseudoscience the course of history, significant differences between circumcision... Few inaccuracies with regards to numbers well which would eventually be repaid by the Holy Spirit fact. Even bother with a circumcised man if the thing is fused shut children at birth the opposite,... And Biblical points has completely changed my mind distancing, and uncircumcision is like. Up with the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 100 % happy that we did not have enough skin to comfortably cover his erect! Down and cut wasn ’ t put two and two together early on, with men, is everyone... Forward in dealing with it is made ) when you are your readers like... Be lost regardless… they ’ ll thank me for a blowjob from a priest at instead. Live in Him we biblical circumcision vs modern circumcision 100 % happy that we did not circumcise boy! On, with men, is not just a matter of ommiting or altering a.! Email, and we will never do it for health reasons or for religious reasons—or?. Nose, and uncircumcision is nothing like amputating the entire thing mentioned nearly one hundred times in the dystopia problems.

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