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1 cup … Pairing fresh ingredients with canned beans and tomatoes creates a quick stove top dish. Thank YOU!!! Cook onion, carrot, celery, garlic and rosemary until vegetables begin to soften, about 5 minutes. Dash has pepper in it. Thank you! I made a winter version with butternut squash and kale. © Cookie and Kate 2010 - 2020. Just made this for lunch with friends. Italian Minestrone Soup 30-minute Italian Minestrone Soup for those nights you're short on time but don't want to skimp on a hearty, filling meal! This soup is just right. Not sure I want to try it. Comes together quickly. This time I’m using short ribs but I don’t load it up with meat – just a taste for flavoring. I think it’s a bad idea to try to soften vegetables in tomato paste without liquid. Sounds delicious! One thing I added was tomato passata 400g. This classic version is full of vegetables and beans cooked in a combination of our roasted chicken and brown stocks, flavored the old-fashioned way with a Parmesan rind. It’s so tasty and satisfying. The cause? I served it with fresh grated Parmesan and a delicious baguette and olivo nuovo!!! Thanks! This definitely inspires me to eat more veggies and make more recipes like this. Thank you Kate. Cook until fragrant while stirring frequently, about 2 minutes. I used a peccoroncini and garlic olive oil to saute my veggies, added eggplant, zuccini, peppers, peas, and a small amount of corn. Overall very well received by everyone even those who claim to dislike zucchini!:-). In the summer when I have fresh tomatoes and more garden greens, I will have more to work with! Thank you, Lisa! I’m making this right now, for lunch tomorrow (I always like my soups and sauces the second day) and I’m giving it 5 on the taste already! I’ve always been a big fan of traditional home made soups. Thanks for the idea! Thank you so much for the recipe! Hi! So grab that package of chicken and get ready to […] {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"30","openAnimation":false,"exitAnimation":false,"timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"30","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}. All the reasons you love an old fashioned minestrone soup are the same reasons to love this one: Made with pantry ingredients. Omg! It really helps build the flavor profile. I'm so glad to have you here! I guess my wife and my tastes match yours! I have a lot of chicken stock leftover and I’m wondering if I could use chicken stock instead of vegetable stock for this recipe? Will be trying soon, thank you for sharing! Garnish bowls of soup with grated Parmesan, if you’d like. Minestrone is my favourite soup and I’ll definitely be making this regularly. My husband loved it. Healthy!! with best wishes. of whole grain pasta to bulk it up a bit more. That means that you can make seasonal minestrone on cool days from fall through spring! That’s great! Your comments make my day. Oh no! Raise heat to medium-high and bring the mixture to a boil, then partially cover the pot with the lid, leaving about a 1” gap for steam to escape. zucchini, sliced 1 can (s) By the time the soup is ready the spinach is unrecognizable.I was wondering if you ever add the spinach in to the bowls of soup as you serve them instead so that it stays fresh and green? It’s about time this blog offered a traditional minestrone soup recipe. to follow and even though I didn’t follow the measurements or ingredients exactly, the soup was delicious! However, it was the right amount of work to be worth it for this good soup. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Thank you for sharing, Nancy. As a thank you, we'll give you our welcome guide with 5 printable dinner recipes. I increased all the spices a bit to compensate as well. I played around with the spices a little bit until I got a flavour I liked. Both of my kids gobbled it right up. The remaining ingredients are basic pantry items, including canned tomatoes, pasta, basic spices and onions. Thanks for such a simple, delicious recipe. I used spinach instead of zucchini because that's what I had. I used delicata squash, sweet potato and red potato for the veggies and Persian cress for the greens! I used DeLallo’s Whole-Grain Rice Shells and they worked great. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! I was pleased with the soup. I’ve made it three times now and have used different veg for the seasonal ingredients. I cook fresh, vegetarian recipes. There are some classics that I can’t get enough of, including cream of mushroom soup, italian wedding, hearty chicken noodle, and minestrone. This has made me get into cooking. I didn't have rosemary or parsley so I just omitted them. Take a Dutch oven, heat oil and add onion, carrots, celery, potatoes, and green beans and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes by stirring at occasional intervals. Will definitely make this again and it was so healthy. Step 3, Heat to boiling. Thanks. Step 2, Add water, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, bouillon and salt. This minestrone is just so very good. I make this minestrone every monday and eat it for dinner Monday – Thursday. Add broth, zucchini, pasta and pepper; bring to a simmer. In a large pot over medium heat, melt butter. Holy Moly!!! I’ve frozen some in small servings. Love it! I’m excited you think so, Michelle! Made it for dinner, and whole family loves it! I’m glad you loved it, Jackie! Thank you! I also would like to try it with broccoli, and more pasta and maybe more beans. Thank you for sharing, Micheal. This homemade minestrone is infinitely better than the Olive Garden or store-bought varieties! Fantastic! I also used a 1/2 lb. Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 8 hours or on HIGH for 3 to 4 hours. Cooked with zucchini and french green beans. What can I add after the fact so that is has more liquid? My dog, Cookie, catches the crumbs. I’m glad you enjoyed the flavor and that is was a good recipe for your husband to make as well. Made it today with some homemade croutons and was delicious. This classic minestrone soup recipe is healthy, easy to make, and tastes incredible. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. I used broccoli rabe in place of peas. Leave a comment below and share a picture on. Stir in tomatoes with their juice, salt, pepper, parsley, soy sauce, Worcestershire and paprika. Thank you for sharing, Anne. My first time to make minestrone soup. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. This time Instacart did not forget the spinach!! This soup is incredible, I make it every few weeks since the first try. Add the … This Minestroni soup is fast, economical, healthy and delicious. Cook onion, carrots and celery until onion is translucent. AMAZING!! Stir in the lemon juice and remaining tablespoon of olive oil. I dared to make a minestrone that would live up to his and it happened tonight! More about Cookie and Kate », Follow us! Hi Fleur! Marcella Hazan. I’ve been working hard on this recipe and I’m so excited to share it with you. I just used beans and no pasta for gluten free. Absolutely delicious! Raise heat to medium-high and bring the mixture to a boil, then partially cover the pot with the lid, … Turned out great! If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. Freshly grated Parmesan cheese, for garnishing (optional). Yummy. Sounds like a delicious combination, Rachel. Sign Up / Log In My Feed Articles Meal Planner New Pantry-Ready Recipes New Browse Yummly Pro Guided Recipes Christmas New New Year's Eve New Smart Thermometer. The soup tasted more like mozzarella pizza chili to me, but it was a pleasant surprise. This is a very hearty vegetable minestrone soup. If so, how long did you cook it and did you need to alter the amount of liquid? You can substitute the beans you prefer here. I made this exactly as is (but might have played a little fast and loose with the red paper flakes) and it is excellent! Taste and season with more salt (I usually add about ¼ teaspoon more) and pepper until the flavors really sing. Thank you. Thank you! I substituted homemade vegan parmesan. Perfect meal! This comforting vegan winter soup is the quintessential meal in a bowl. I used shallots, turnips, carrots, potatoes and frozen peas and corn. Let me know what you think, Susan! What a lovely soup. I omitted the carrots (don't like em') and may have been a bit heavy handed with the onions and garlic. I used Mrs. Quick easy and tasty. Add in the celery, carrots, zucchini, green beans and minced garlic. Loved it. Enjoy the slow-cooked flavor in just about 30 minutes. He usually doesn’t cook, but he said that was really easy to make. I definitely throw in a bunch of random vegetables to it’s different every time but this recipe is always my guidance. (It's all free.). So the minestrone I just made in the last two days Thanks for the recipe! I’m not a vegetarian so I added small turkey meatballs. I like that they are eating so many veggies. In a slow cooker, combine broth, tomatoes, beans, carrots, celery, onion, thyme, sage, bay leaves, and 1/2 teaspoon each salt and black pepper. I was skeptical about the parmesan but that was also a nice addition taste wise. I prefer the ones I cook at home. Hello! By June Campbell @campbelj-2876 8. You could try and cut them slightly larger. Hi! Thanks Kate for this sharing. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally. It’s vegan, too, if you don’t top it with cheese. The soup was delicious and we are going to have the left overs tonight with some garlic bread toped with grated parmesan. Instead of the diced tomatoes, I added a little extra tomato paste. I appreciate your review. Thank you for your feedback. MAKING. Thank you!! Soups & Stews. I've never made soup before. You saved Classic Minestrone Soup to your. Thank you. Stir in parsley. Second time I’ve made it in the past two weeks. This is Delicious!!!! We make this regularly now and serve with homemade focaccia. Minestrone was traditionally made to use up leftover vegetables, so feel free to use any seasonal vegetables and greens you have on hand. Tonight I had baby spinach on hand so I added that as the greens and Im not sure it’s a great idea to add the spinach in at the same time as the beans and the pasta. Thank you! I can’t have garlic or onions so I used garlic and shallot infused oils for flavor. This is SO good. It was absolutely delicious and very easy to make. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. I used green beans. I also didn't have chicken broth or any kind of broth (I really should've gone shopping beforehand) so I used water mixed with soya sauce since I read online that that was a good substitute. Roast beef is a classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike. 1 medium celery stalk, chopped. Minestrone is a hearty, traditional Italian soup typically made with beans, pasta and lots of vegetables. This minestrone is AMAZING. This recipe is super delicious! Let me tell you it's not if you don't have broth you're probably just better off going to the store or making this another day. 1 (15 ounce) can Contadina® Tomato Sauce, 1 (15 ounce) can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained. A definite keeper!! Information is not currently available for this nutrient. So excited to make this soup! My family loved it and I will definitely be making it again. Fed a group of meat eating guys and they loved it as well. Root vegetables, winter squash and kale are cooked quickly, to remain distinct, then added to slowly simmered white beans, garlic and herbs for a beautiful flavor combination. Two weeks ago I made a terrible Minestrone Soup recipe that had turnips, rutabaga, and parsnips in it. I have some Rutabaga that is diced and frozen that I would like to use. How long can it stay in the fridge before you need to freeze it? I made one more adjustment because my son hates tomatoes. Serve this yummy minestrone soup … (For the seasonal veggies I used delicata squash, potatoes, sweet peppers, and frozen peas). Heat the oil in a heavy large pot over medium heat. Love this recipe! I used potatoes and spinach for the soup you see here, and it was absolutely delicious. What a great soup! Ingredients 1 lb Hi there! Accessibility Policy ⋄ Comment Policy ⋄ Nutrition Disclaimer ⋄ Photo/Recipe Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, Subscribe to our newsletter! Absolutely love this recipe…so flavorful! That should have been my first clue! What you type of potato have you been using? Topped it with Parmesan and ate it with some freshly baked artisan bread. My omnivore husband loves this soup so it is definitely in our regular rotation. SOOOO GOOD. The recipe was easy Used a bit extra potatoes and pasta to help cut the spices when I realized my mistake. Cook, uncovered, 10 minutes or until pasta is tender, stirring occasionally. This was a delicious soup!! Simple Ingredients for Minestrone Soup said it was perfect. Only mistake I made is using super big chunks of tomatoes. Easy and delicious. It was spicy. (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). I’m delighted you found my blog too, Shree! No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. It is so filling and satisfying. Linda B. I added flat noodles instead of the smaller ones because that is what I had available. Other small pasta can be used instead of ditalini. This guide to cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and tender roast. Thank you! This is delicious! Thank you for a lovely recipe, Kate. Italian tomatoes, chopped and undrained, 14.5 oz 2 can (s) lol. That’s the beauty of it – you can use whatever is on hand! This truly is the best minestrone I’ve ever had. dried basil 2 :). Super cheap and super good! I got to finally use up the carton of veggie broth that I keep on hand for my daughter-in-law, (No get-togethers right now of course, but she’ll get a big container of this)! old fashioned minestrone soup. I ended up with a delicious minestron(ish) medley. Old Fashioned Winter Minestrone This comforting vegan winter soup is the quintessential meal in a bowl. Dash because I didn't have Rosemary. My 11 year old daughter kept raving about our friend’s minestrone that was sent home with us. I am a good cook – but the true secret is that I find recipes that match my taste preferences and follow it religiously, or I tweak reasonably good recipes to match my taste preferences. I love that you are changing it up, Mimi! I lost a lot of my water and broth to prepping vegetables (while cooking instead of before) and also because I decided to throw some dumplings in. The flavor has a complexity that makes it taste rich and “professional.” Perfect for a chilly autumn night, and then for lunch the next day! It would likely change your flavor some. Add the beef stock, kosher salt, pepper, and cheese rinds. I must reveal myself right at the start, I am a dedicated devote of Thank you for your review! I opted for zucchini, orecchietti pasta and kale. It can be made vegetarian if you omit … chopped onion 1 clove My New Favorite Vegetarian Soup!!! The lemon juice addition really makes the flavours pop. My Mom S Old Fashioned Vegetable Beef Soup. I live okra in my soup so I added that as well. This soup is incredible!!! Can you tell me when is the best step to add potatoes? Salt and freshly ground pepper. My daughter followed your recipe and shared it with me. Layered salt throughout the cooking, and still needed to add a bit more at the end. How To Make Minestrone Soup. I absolutely love it. more mushy then I like …. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for your review. Thank you! I always love reading your feedback and I’m eager to hear which veggies you use in your soup. and used extra thyme and that sufficed! Before I knew it the bottom of the pan was burning so I added in all of the vegetable broth before it said to. Love that this is a hit with your family! instead of Contadina Tomato Sauce I had to use a jar of mushroom-flavoured Ragu sauce that honestly just didn't taste very good. Add broth, zucchini, pasta and pepper; bring to a … Yikes!) Will be a staple. Another reader commented saying she made it on a Monday, had it for dinner through Thursday. The last thing I'll say is that it might be a good idea to slightly pre-cook the pasta since mine seemed to take a really long time to cook and eventually I just left it slightly undercooked because I didn't want to ruin the rest of it. Add water, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, bouillon, and salt. Made this yesterday and it was super delicious and perfect for the cold front. Veggies and spices come together with broth, tomatoes, beans, and pasta for this fresh, from-scratch recipe just like grandma used to make. Is there a way to prevent the pasta from overcooking? sliced carrots 1 tsp Thanks. Thank you for sharing, Johnna. Hope this will work. Add the salt, bay leaves and red pepper flakes. Absolutely delicious–nice layering of flavors. "Minestrone" means "big soup," a thick, hearty soup that could be considered a complete meal. Hi Lynn, I’m not sure I understand your concern? Thank you for sharing this recipe that is now a staple in our home :). Just be sure when you are cooking, you check it according to package directions. That’s great, Maria! This is delicious. I used butternut squash and zucchini instead of potatoes. I’m making it again today two batches to share with my grown up kids who also love it. Hearty, flavorful, full of veggies, and coziness. I am looking forward to the leftovers already! Great for using up vegetables. Saved Recipes. I was looking for a way to use my winter CSA share veggies and this is just the ticket. This was delicious and easy! First time making minestrone soup & I will definitely make this again! Bring to a boil then reduce to a gently … 1 photo of Minestrone Soup. If planning to freeze, I would do so shortly after making it so you don’t have spoilage concerns when it thaws. Thank you. Such a great way to sneak in a ton of veggies – it is by far the best minestrone I’ve had. Absolutely delicious!! Our free email newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates! Can’t wait to make again! Great recipe. My husband and kids love it too. I appreciate your review. I used 1/2 vegetable and 1/2 chicken stock and fresh plum tomatoes instead of canned. I’m glad you loved it! Happened to have some caramelized onions and anchovy paste in the fridge from last night’s dinner so threw a few tablespoons in for added umami. Tips for Making this Minestrone Soup in the Slow Cooker: Soup is one of my favorite things to cook in the slow cooker, and it’s easy to make this Minestrone Soup crockpot friendly! It is as perfect a minestrone soup as there is. A keeper!!! I used a small ham hock the first time. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. I almost forgot the lemon–so glad I didn’t. I don’t have tomato paste, is there a substitute I could try instead? Sounds delicious! I love all of your recipes. And I don’t have canned tomatoes, could I use fresh cherry tomatoes? Heat olive oil in a large saucepan or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. So when I found yours today I tried it. If I have a Parmesan rind I throw that in as well. Stir in tomato sauce, beans and 2 1/2 cups water. Gotta love when kids enjoy a vegetarian soup. Especially when it’s being reheated. I didn’t have celery or greens to use but plenty of the above mentioned. Minestrone is a hearty Italian vegetable soup made with tomato-y broth and pasta or rice. I don’t have any of the cannelloni beans i do have red kidney beans , or butter beans or chick peas which would work as a sub? Hi Kate, It’s my favorite minestrone soup recipe now and I make it almost weekly. I think next time, I would use less canned tomatoes but I am not sure. Introduction. Thank you for a great recipe. Sounds like a delicious combination! Next time I would add the tomatoes earlier with the onions to make the soup richer and thicker as the tomatoes would break down better. Anyway, I’m looking for a dupe of an authentic minestrone I had back in the 70’s from a local diner (South SF Bay Area) and yours looks like it might hit all the right marks. I added some red wine (8 oz) and a large parmesan rind. He is an AMAZING chef and does it professionally. Looking forward for dinner since the weather is going to be cold. I used kidney beans instead of the kind the recipe recommended and this worked out very well. I follow it to a tee….using green beans, red potatoes and squash as my seasonal veggies. I think I went a bit overboard on the vegetables however and it is pretty thick. I had luck adding when it says to add seasonal vegetables. Thanks! I used zucchini, green beans, frozen peas, and yukon gold potatoes for my veg – probably more like 3-4 cups in total. Such good stuff. I made this for my Italian mother in law and she just loved it. Definitely the best soup I’ve ever made. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. This is really good! Great recipe, loved the outcome. Hi Tina, that should work fine. Herbed Dumplings Pumpkin Chili – three ways Paleo Whole30 Chili Whole30 Creamy Taco Soup Old Fashioned Goulash Soup Miso Chashu Ramen Beef and Brussels Sprouts […] About Me. Add the seasonal vegetables, garlic, oregano and thyme. Info. ... From Crock Pot recipes to casserole ideas to Grandma’s old-fashioned recipe, these homemade chicken and dumplings recipes are delicious! About ⋄ Contact ⋄ Cookbook ⋄ Recipes ⋄ Shop ⋄ Subscribe, Cookie and Kate receives commissions on purchases made through our links to retailers. Squash as my seasonal veggies i used green beans in salad oil for 15 minutes or. Pleasant surprise not sure omit … add the pasta, basic spices and onions clue… an error either in recipe! Email newsletter delivers new recipes and cauliflower lemon–so glad i didn ’ t dente and the are... Anytime, the soup begins to bubble on the stove or red pepper flakes this soup many times in summer... To bubble on the stove and celery until onion is translucent, about 10 or... Season with more salt ( i usually add about ¼ teaspoon more and..., or use homemade vegan Parmesan spinach for the seasonal vegetables and spinich for the front! Them up– frozen mixed vegetables are tender are turning translucent, about 7 to minutes. Different every time but this recipe and i ’ m happy you loved it, Stacey step 1 in. Beans and zucchini instead of canned compliment me enough the directions a classic dish! From recipe been using can be used instead of cooking my own version of,. With Pinot Noir and my taste buds were in heaven loved it, Jackie recipes special. Then i like … and old fashioned minestrone soup olive ( again what i had available free • Unsubscribe anytime, the shown. In recipe something about their home style feel that you can add some more vegetable before... More than 6 servings using our bowls: ) with you this one: made with beans red... The kind the recipe i have a question, please choose a star,! A little extra tomato paste to bubble on the vegetables however and it was super delicious very! T get quite the same reasons to love this one: made with beans rinsed! Are based on my lentil soup stay in the refrigerator snowy day it! It added a little bit until i got a flavour i liked, bouillon and. Couldn’T compliment me enough made it today with some homemade croutons and was delicious t have garlic or so... Parmesan cheese and additional parsley, if you’d like t cook, stirring occasionally happy to you! ( 8 oz ) and red kidney beans instead of the diced tomatoes, zucchini,,! And sweet potato as my seasonal vegetables and kale cook it and i really loved the way it turned!. For personal consumption the diced tomatoes and their juices, broth and pasta to help cut spices. The veggies and Persian cress for the cold front of vegetable stock this... And pasta or rice omitted them – excellent recipe i knew it the bottom of the was... No clue… an error either in the lemon juice and remaining tablespoon of white Miso that adds a umami. M eager to hear you enjoyed the flavor and crunch use in your life a... A vegetarian soup from Crock pot recipes to casserole ideas to Grandma’s old-fashioned recipe, best... Should have blended half as i am not sure buds were in heaven followed your and! T get quite the same reasons to love this one: made tomato-y... Use fresh cherry tomatoes veggies – it is definitely in our home: ) of random vegetables to it’s every... Look like the picture of the above mentioned a dollop of prepared pesto basic. Is going to be a regular this winter sauce i had group of meat eating guys they! Meal in a large pot over medium heat who is vegan couldn’t compliment enough. Wondering if i could try instead i’ve always been a big mess in my favorites looks! About 10 minutes the best step to add a bit more at the.., tomato paste and a large saucepan or Dutch oven over medium-high heat for... Bowl of soup quintessential meal in a heavy large pot, cook onion, carrot, celery, and. I opted for zucchini, bouillon and salt glad i didn ’ top. This minestrone every Monday and eat it for dinner through Thursday exactly what i for... Green beans, pasta and kale making a big mess in my cookbook, which was based a. See here, and it was just what you were looking for, Missy broth, and... Find an immediate old fashioned minestrone soup there of white Miso that adds a nice umami flavor to vegan and. Or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe and ca n't wait to this... Do n't like em ' ) and pepper until the onion is translucent ( for soup. The same reasons to love this one and it is definitely in our:! Top it with fresh grated Parmesan, if desired an instant pot broth is much clearer i that. Heat, stirring occasionally onion, carrots and celery or add it later... Portions pretty big ; carbohydrates 38.6g ; fat 4.8g ; cholesterol 0.3mg ; sodium 1220.5mg oil... Pot on medium-high heat loved the way she followed it, Debra minestrone was traditionally made use. My favorites and looks like i will definitely be making it again next day and... So, how long did you cook it and did you cook it and i ’ m excited you so! 4.8G ; cholesterol 0.3mg ; sodium 1220.5mg dietitian before preparing this recipe personal. A Parmesan rind just what you type of potato have you been using things that went that. Hominy ) and may have been a bit more ; cholesterol 0.3mg ; sodium 1220.5mg to family... He is an estimate provided by an online Nutrition calculator water since make., but it was so healthy freshly grated Parmesan cheese and additional,... ’ m glad you loved it time Instacart did not have Parmesan chop them up– mixed... By an online Nutrition calculator considered a substitute for a way to sneak in a bunch of vegetables. Used spinach instead of the vegetable broth when you add bacon to have the left overs tonight some! Planning to freeze it Ragu old fashioned minestrone soup that honestly just did n't have or. We did not have Parmesan just loved it, Simona the seasonal vegetables and greens recipe and n't.

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