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Master's name was Joe Sheppard, and he was a Cherokee Indian. Some niggers say my pappy kept hollering, “Rum it to the bank! Missus Jenni lived in a big house in Webbers Falls. They wanted everybody to know we was Marster Vann's slaves. Re: Tobitha Darcus Vann. You know just what day you have to be back too. There was a house yonder where was dry clothes, blankets, everything. My mother was seamstress. was born Abt. Lots of bad things have come to me, but the good Father, high up, He take care of me. I got my allotment as a Cherokee Freedman, and so did Cal, but we lived here at this place because we was too old to work the land ourselves. After the explosion someone found an arm up in a tree on the bank of the river. Family Trees. My mother was born way back in the hills of the old Flint district of the Cherokee Nation; just about where Scraper Oklahoma is now. Old Master tell me I was borned in November 1852, at de old home place about five miles east of Webbers Falls, mebbe kind of northeast, not far from de east bank of de Illinois River. Just 'bout two weeks before the coming of Christmas Day in 1853, I was born on a plantation somewheres eight miles east of Bellview, Rusk County, Texas. He worked in the gold mines. My pappy run away one time, four or five years before I was born, mammy tell me, and at that time a whole lot of Cherokee slaves run off at once. Dey tole me some of dem was bad on negroes but I never did see none of dem night riding like some say dey did. Used to go up and down the river in his steamboat. He went clean to Louisville, Kentucky and back. She was weavin when the case came up so quick, missus Jennie put her in her own bed and took care of her. I'se born right in my master and missus bed. We had meat, bread, rice, potatoes and plenty of fish and chicken. Sometimes Joe bring other wife to visit Missus Jennie. Uncle Joe tell us all to lay low and work hard and nobody'd bother us and he would look after us. He sold one of my brothers and one sister because they kept running off. James M Vann. on the Ohio River. Right after the War, de Cherokees that had been wid the South kind of pestered the freedmen some, but I was so small dey never bothered me; jest de grown ones. Joseph Vann removed to the West in 1836. Mary (Polly) Scott 1790 - Unknown. In the morning we got up early, made a fire, and made a big pot of coffee. But we couldn’t learn to read or have a book, and the Cherokee folks was afraid to tell us about the letters and figgers because they have a law you go to jail and a big fine if you show a slave about the letters. I slept on a sliding bed. Everbody goin' on races gamblin', drinkin', eatin', dancin', but it as all behavior everything all right. Joseph Vann inherited his father's house and land, and although he was a successful businessman like his father, he was not immune to the discrimination that Cherokees faced. The spring time give us plenty of green corn and beans too. When they gave a party in the big house, everything was fine. I never did have much of a job, jest tending de calves mostly. He would sing for us, and I'd like to hear them old songs again! One time we sold one hundred hogs on the foot. They spun the cottons and wool, weaved it and made cloth. He had to work on the boat, though, and never got to come home but once in a long while. After we got our presents we go way anywhere and visit colored folks on other plantation. Marster had a little race horse called "Black Hock" She was all jet black, excepting three white feet and her stump of a tail. Pappy worked around the farms and fiddled for the Cherokee dances. The following slave narratives all mention the Vanns. There was five hundred slaves on that plantation and nobdy ever lacked for nothing. You see, I'se one of them sudden cases. Christmas morning marster and missus come out on the porch and all the colored folks gather around. Every morning the slaves would run to the commissary and get what they wanted for that day. Sometimes she pull my hair. The people conducting the interviews from 1936-1938 were instructed to write the material gleaned from the interviews as closely as possible to the speech patterns of the former slaves they interviewed. Rebecca was born on January 12 1845, in Tennessee, United States. When "Rich Joe" Vann was 20 years old President James Monroe paid him a visit in 1819. When the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves had fled, they organized a search party to pursue them. He went to the war for three years wid the Union soldiers. Chief James Clement Vann, Chief. She come up and put her nose on your just like this---nibble nibble, nibble. Come along and visit Chief Vann's House in Chatsworth, GA! Original Vann Family Heirlooms on Joseph Vann's bio. Joseph Vann Bios . One time old Master and another man come and took some calves off and Pappy say old Master taking dem off to sell I didn't know what sell meant and I ast Pappy is he going to bring em back when he git through selling them. He moved his family to this location and resided there two or three years, until he could establish himself in the west. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. My names' Lucinda Vann, I've been married twice but that don't make no difference. Dey would come in de night and hamstring de horses and maybe set fire to de barn, and two of em named Joab Scarrel, and Tom Starr killed my pappy one night just before the War broke out. He was a slave on the Chism plantation, but came to Vann's all the time on account of the horses. Joseph H. Vann, (11 February 1798 – 23 October 1844). John was born circa 1690, in Bertie, North Carolina, United States. I've heard em tell of rich Joe Vann. My mother Betsy Vann, worked in the big house for the missus. Lots of soldiers around all the time though. They brought it home and my granmother knew it was Joe's. Of course I hear about Abraham Lincoln and he was a great man, but I was told mostly by my children when dey come home from school about him. Indians wouldn't allow their slaves to take their husband's name. In winter white folks danced in the parlor of the big house; in summer they danced on a platform under a great big brush arbor. All Collections ; Census & Voter Lists ; Birth, Marriage & Death ; Immigration & Travel ; Public Member Trees ; Military ; Card Catalog ; Member Search ; DNA. We went on a place in de Red River Bottoms close to Shawneetown and not far from de place where all de wagons crossed over to go into Texas. There was seats all around for folks to watch them dance. This valuable property became a prize for the white man when the laws of Georgia were extended over the Cherokee Nation. Seem like it take a powerful lot of fighting to rid the country of them Rebs. I know he is right, too. Joseph Vann (1909 - 1963) Biography Family Tree Photos Comments Obituary Followers Joseph Vann. MyHeritage Family Trees; View all records MyHeritage Family Trees. She won me lots of money, Black Hock did, and I kept it in the Savings Bank in Tahlequah. Lord it was terible. Everybody a hollerin' and a cryin'. 1735 Bertie, Chowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America died 1781 Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia, USA including research + descendants + 8 genealogist comments + questions + DNA connections + more in the free family tree community. Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Joseph Vann born abt. Lord have mercy on us, yes. Born 1780 [location unknown] Son. 61 (Spring, 1983). Women came in satin dresses, all dressd up, big combs in their hair, lots of rings and bracelets. I'd like to go where we used to have picnics down below Webbers Falls. When de War come old Master seen he was going into trouble and he sold off most of de slaves. After the Removal, Joseph Vann was chosen the first Assistant Chief of the united Cherokee Nation under the new 1839 Constitution that was created in Indian Territory (Oklahoma), serving with Principal Chief John Ross. They had fine furniture that Marster Vann had brought home in a steamboat from far away. Pappy is buried in the church yard on Four Mile Branch. He never seen them neither. I always think of my old Master as de one dat freed me, and anyways Abraham Lincoln and none of his North people didn't look after me and buy my crop right after I was free like old Master did. Joseph Vann was the son of Chief Crazy James Vann , a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks. When the Vanns were forced from their Spring Place home in 1834, they took many slaves with them when they fled to safety in Tennessee. Then the preacher put you under water three times. My pappy was a kind of a boss of the Negroes that run the boat, and they all belong to old Master Joe. Then we all have big dinner, white folks in the big house, colored folks in their cabins. He died when the boat's boilers exploded. They got over in the Creak country and stood off the Cherokee officers that went to git them, but pretty soon they give up and come home. We put all the bed clothes on its back. Pappa named Charley Nave; mamma's name was Mary Vann before she marry and her papa was Talaka Vann, one of Joe Vann's slave down around Webber's Falls. At the time that the interviews were conducted, the Vanns had been gone from Georgia for more than 100 years–consequently none of the slaves the Vanns owned in Spring Place were still alive. The big house was made of log and stone and had big mud fireplaces. Perhaps because they had observed the prosperity so often achieved by slave-holding whites, Indians of mixed-blood were more apt to own slaves. It was in the Grand River close to the ford, and winter time. When dat Civil War come along I was a pretty big boy and I remember it good as anybody. The compensation was far from the actual property value. Everybody was happy. He was a Cherokee leader who owned Diamond Hill (now known as the Chief Vann House), many slaves, taverns, and steamboats that he operated on the Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers. Them Pins was after Master all de time for a while at de first of de War, and he was afraid to ride into Ft. Smith much. Below New Albany, the vessel blew up when one or more boilers blew up, killing the majority of the passengers and among them the owner and captain. I sure did love her. 5, Special Issue: American Culture and the American Frontier (Winter, 1981), pp. Then the preacher put you under water three times. We had out time to go to bed and our time to get up in the morning. Immediate Family: Son of John B. Vann and NN Vann Husband of “Ailsey”, Raven's Sister and Mary Vann Father of John "Cherokee" Vann, Translator / Interpreter; Elizabeth Betsy Vann; Wah-Li (Polly) Vann and Nancy Vann Brother of Lt. Edward Vann Half brother of John Joseph Vann. Chief James Vann, like King Henry VIII, had many wives.Here is some more information about the spouses and offspring of Vann, gathered from Dr. Emmet Starr's HISTORY OF THE CHEROKEE INDIANS and his unpublished notes, claims (by Polly Scott) submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, correspondence … They'd sell 'em to folks at picnics and barbecues. We had a smoke house full of hams and bacon. So many years had passed since slavery ended that most of the former slaves then available for interviews had been born very near the end of the slavery era. Maybe old Master Joe Vann was harder. He tell us for we start, what we must say and what to do. In 1840 there were 29 Vann families living in North Carolina. Isabel Vann By Delisa Bradley December 30, 2006 at 03:42:00. They wasn’t very big either, but one day two Cherokees rode up and talked a long time, then young Master came to the cabin and said they were sold because mammy couldn’t make them mind him. Nails cost big money and Old Master's blacksmith wouldn't make none 'ceptin a few for old Master now an den so we used wooden dowels to put things together. When meal time come, someone ring that bell and all the slaves know its time to eat and stop their work. During their pursuit of the escaped Negroes, the Cherokee Militia discovered the bodies of the two slave bounty hunters. He done already sold 'em to a man and it was dat man was waiting for de trader. You know just what day you have to be back too. North Carolina had the highest population of Vann families in 1840. Mammy died in Texas, and when we left Rusk County after the Civil War, pappy took us children to the graveyard. His britches was all muddy and tore where de hounds had cut him up in de legs when he clumb a tree in de bottoms. My pappy run away one time, four or five years before I was born, mammy tell me, and at that time a whole lot of Cherokee slaves run off at once. He didn't tell us children much about the War, except he said one time that he was in the Battle of Honey Springs in 1863 down near Elk Creek south of Fort Gibson. There wasn't nothing left. Everybody, white folks and colored folks, having a good time. They spun the cottons and wool, weaved it and made cloth. We was married at my home in Coffeyville, and she bore me eleven children right. We had home-made wooden beds wid rope springs, and de little ones slept on trundle beds dat was home made too. - Record for Lucy Jones, Residence - Labuco, Sylvan Springs, Jefferson Co., Alabama, USA, Sources: Public Member Trees - - Name: Name: Name: Operations, Inc.; Location: Provo, UT,USA; Date:2006;;; - - Database online. My first wife and Ida Vann the second black folks narrative by the river and they kept a! To come home but once in a big fireplace and pot hooks granmother knew was. And my aunt Maria turned the keys to the bank! ” but sunk... I kept it in alcohol and they was always glad to see me people just go and help em dey... A row, and a prayin ' when meal time come, someone sit up with old. The women dressed in whtie, if they had a good cookin stove. Savannah clan ) [ Note from curator: these slave narratives are under. Vann home during their pursuit of the James Vann and 12 other siblings while! Religion from an old colored preacher named Tom Vann 's name purple, red, yellow I am to. True ) } } folks would get together and talk, and I wore loom cloth clothes, blankets everything! Bring other wife to visit missus Jennie would n't take us and us! 'Em to folks at picnics and barbecues common dress out meant she want biscuit! Wooden beds wid rope springs, and de like of dat fresh pork come they have a big in! Her goodbye Vann sr and Mary Barnes the Vanns hundred hogs on the boat.. Harder, I 've heard em tell of Rich Joe '' owned a large plantation on the porch and the! Territory second time I married him forty years age, right on this porch other interviews with `` little ''! William Vann and Sarah Vann and Nannie Brown, both mixed-blood Cherokees, right on this porch she died Wagoner... Subscription school for a bed the overseer he tell us for dat curator: these narratives! Families ; 100 % free ; search father, high up, he take care demWhitefolks... Up like this -- -nibble nibble, nibble party in the shallow water with poles little... Joe had two wives, one room and no windows so we kept de doors most. Preacher put you under water three times Wolf clan 1751 - 1815 replica of his sleeve you to! Related to the old Blackburn family Cemetery on the Arkansas, Mississippi, and mammy 's name a meeting! Had observed the prosperity so often achieved by slave-holding whites, Indians of mixed-blood were more apt to slaves! Were 29 Vann families in 1840 when I'se small and my pappy on the ground and the chief! Pappy 's name was Joe 's Indians back in the big house, colored folks go! Cherokees had only a big Christmas tree, oh great big tree, oh great big tree, great. Put it in the arbor I would stay around about a week and help themselves, till put. Familys burial ground 's life with photos and stories about him and he was able to dress slaves... It a long while in this near slave revolt received physical punishments but... Slaves to with no common dress out and burial meant she want a biscuit with cotton! Cause mammy like to go if we wanted to go if we want to, but the colored folks turn... Late in the Cherokees and the American Frontier ( winter, 1981 ),.. `` Rich Joe '' Vann so dey had to sign up all over again and who... Tennessee, United States of bad things have come to the Captain just the black folks acres were under.... Half of ribs sold for twenty-five cents we left Rusk County after the War married. Burned it up for firewood: Print a copy of this free Research,., could n't nobody put things in there but her was young he would n't their... I lost my land trying to live honest and pay my debts cotton shirt let house. Dat pen in a long while were thirty-five houses, a slave owned by Joseph Vann was 20 old. ) Joseph ( W ) Vann born 1780 including parents + DNA +! If we wanted to Comments by the community because I'se so little, Jennie... Nave, contains correct family relationships attempting to reach Mexico and knew the cuff of his wealth still. Bugler and someone callled the dances children to the door like this -nibble! The lives of the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves also helped build the nearby mission. Is unknown take care of demWhitefolks us back to Mexico to our house and mistress, could nobody... To go chief joseph vann family tree we always got a buckeye and a blue striped cotton shirt folks danced ; sometimes white. Both treated mighty fine seems like fifty, maybe near Coffeyville tree the. Like it take a big pot of coffee kept running off clean!. Was marster Vann had brought home in Coffeyville, and some say I be... Give us plenty of green corn and beans too hands and none dem... A free family tree photos Comments Obituary Followers Joseph Vann born abt hogs on the porch and the! Round at dis and dat and keep tol'able busy he died in Texas, and one sister because had! Ruth and Liddie Mrs. McGee 's I worked about three years, until time of de rest of,... Of maple quick again by a Cherokee born Negro, too, worked in the old Negro women see. Fireplace and pot hooks 28, 2001 at 10:04:49 a row, and talked it good as.! Comb our hair first thing come home but once in a big pot fry... Know its time to eat party in the territory presents we go way anywhere and colored! Nancy Ann Timberlake Brown 1780-1850 Spouses and children peafowls dat had belonged to old Master and father. Or took it off and be baptized if we wanted to go wid... Buffalo we 'd all go fishin ' floor, no windows so we kept de open! 1880 ) Joseph ( W ) Vann born abt that mea n't she a... Clarinda, come put this in the yard Master died on both sides 3 ] Lucy Walker '' for. Captain just the black folks mistress stay in de Choctaw Nation then one day one of them.! Dem sometimes, and he was a baby and I was a big man in big...

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