Ancient Bed Bug Remedies

Your bed bug-free home want to learn about old remedies? A study shows that microscopic hairs on bean leaves could be used as a non-toxic treatment to trap bedbugs.

These new findings will base their development on synthetic materials that will mimic the effects of bean leaves and help prevent bed bug infestations, according to a report published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

The researchers explained that this ancient remedy was already used in the Balkans as a method of keeping insects at bay. And it consisted of scattering bean leaves on the ground next to the beds, which catch the bloodthirsty bedbugs. Within a second of stepping on a leaf, the microscopic hook-shaped hairs caught the bedbugs immobilizing them.

Today we have other treatments that combat and maintain bed bug pests more effectively.

How to eliminate bedbugs with home remedies?

As we have previously mentioned, bed bug pests are not just a current problem, these insects have plagued humans for thousands of years.

Although their origins are difficult to say, experts believe that these blood-sucking parasites first parasitized bats and then moved on to people who shared the same caves as themselves.

As time went on, the bedbugs spread. The boats, the trains …, so popular, served the bedbugs to move around the world more easily.

In times when it was difficult to keep the pest under control, only a few wealthy households could afford to maintain strict housekeeping and used the spray of boiling water or soaking furniture in oil as a method.

The essential oils of some plants were also used to get rid of bedbugs. But, in the face of a severe infestation, there is little we can do except trust an expert.

  • Fortunately, the new pest control methods are highly effective and completely safe in combating house bugs. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to call professionals in pest control to thoroughly deal with this problem.

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