Abandoned Plots, Pests and Fires

Abandoned sites become foci of dirt and rodents. For this reason, the cleaning of the plots in the cities should be the objective of the different city councils and owners of private plots, if one wants to avoid possible fires, common in summer, and to stop the proliferation of rat pests.

Fire and pests are one of the main fears of the residents who live near these abandoned spaces, hence one of the fundamental aspects is to promote the cleaning of rubble, scrub, weeds, accumulated garbage of these areas.

Many times, the panorama that the neighbors find is so unpleasant that they do not even want to open the window due to the smell.

We must all collaborate in keeping our city clean. Together we put a stop to the plagues of rats and the fires caused by our own incivism.

Good urban maintenance and cleaning will prevent the lots from filling up with alcohol bottles, broken appliances, and other debris.

Because rats like to hide under piles of abandoned garbage, they will be attracted to all kinds of food and even dog droppings.

Therefore, let’s slow down the reproduction of rats with good management in pest control in Madrid.

And if you own a lot, remember that lack of maintenance and clearing can pose a risk of fire at high temperatures.

Rats interfere with our physical and economic well-being

Rats represent a major problem for society, both in terms of spreading disease and causing property damage, and worst of all, they grow exponentially under the conditions described above.

If rats roam around the lot near your home, they could soon access your home. They are largely nocturnal, so watching them scamper during the day means there is more than one and it could soon become a pest, requiring eradication with professional pest control methods.

Remember, rats can access through any opening more than 1 centimeter in diameter, which means they can enter through:

  • Pipelines
  • Below the door (especially garage doors that are left open or do not close properly)
  • Through a hole in the floor
  • Through a window
  • If there is a lot near your house, it requires cleaning, either private or public. If it lacks maintenance, it will soon be a potential ally for fire and rat pests.

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