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"Metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy"
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"A sagacious accounting of the Stone Age and the beginnings of civilization"
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Why is STD LEX so important to you?

Some may call it a book about personal salvation, others a bible for the Tea Party Patriot

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First, let's recap the book differently (a variation from the one in our 'about the book' page ):

The primary purpose for STD LEX is to demonstrate (by example, largely) the existence of the divine intelligence, or what Plotinus called the 'nous'. Although a phenomenon generally unknown, 'divine intelligence' (aka 'Divine Intellect) contains accessible knowledge about spiritual realities. However, it is just possible to gain access... being conditional on whether or not a person proves themselves worthy (to themselves). Of magnificent and perfect justice, if a person cannot prove themselves worthy in the opinion of their own subconscious mind, then contacting divine intelligence will prove futile. While contact is often limited to mere seconds, it is nonetheless enough to cast light on the logical disposition of the spirit world... the key which unlocks its mysteries.

In that people are fickle about metaphysical matters, ever doubtful and suspicious of anything new, in STD LEX this was counteracted by offer no final conclusion... leaving it up to the reader. That's because in metaphysical matters only first-hand knowledge and self realizations are believable. After all, people rarely subscribe to secondhand knowledge, or follow it faithfully... therefore this book, often allegorical, was purposely designed to be a challenge. It had to be.

Metaphysical knowledge has practical applications as well... it serves the interests of freedom in ways uprisings and wars cannot. Its effectiveness is unlimited. In tackling the issues of freedom, a divine matter, is how this book demonstrates the existence and power of divine intelligence.

While recaps are good for conveying the general idea, oftentimes the 'importance factor' suffers in brief overviews. Therefore, set forth below are the good reasons to buy STD LEX (aside from the benefits of serving freedom).

The following is by the author A.O. Kime:

The significance that divine knowledge is accessible, if sought, is astounding. Perhaps you are doubtful however... thinking it is just another wild claim so typical everywhere. I don't blame you for being doubtful... if I didn't know better, I would be doubtful myself. I am the type of person who is usually skeptical about everything, suspicious to the point of being paranoid often.

Ironically however, it was my suspicious nature which brought about my spiritual enlightenment. You see, I wasn't willing to accept the opinions of others that the spirit world indeed existed, nor was I taking the Bible's word for it either. I wanted proof and would accept nothing less. So for several months I challenged the spirit world... almost daily I was demanding proof. "It's not right", I would rant-on, "that I be kept in the dark wondering". I insisted the spirit world show itself or demonstrate its existence in some fashion... any fashion. Well, the spirit world finally did and I elaborate just how in my webpage Phenomena..

Yes, I know, even after reading those accounts, one would still be skeptical. Furthermore the cosmic phenomena which I saw could easily be explained away as simply that... cosmic phenomena. While it was cosmic phenomena, something highly unusual which occasionally occurs (for whatever reason), those I saw were staged... I'm sure of it. Okay, I know you're still not sold so I suggest you think about this... what if spiritual contact was possible and you didn't make any attempt? Consider what that might mean.

Yet, at the same time here, I realize these few statements are unlikely to convince hardly anyone my claims are true. Words just aren't enough because people must discover these things for themselves. What I can do, however, is show people how to do just that. But will they? Maybe five in a ten thousand might. So, if you're not mentally ready yet... think about it for awhile then come back sometime and read this again. You can always commit yourself later or else read some of my articles, most of them are enlightening in themselves. Oops, did I say 'commit' yourself? Yep, you must totally commit yourself to God and his spirit world otherwise you too will be left in the dark. You commit in your own way though, and that means don't involve a church, don't involve me, and don't even involve your best friend or spouse. It is between you and God only. Plainly, don't ever join any group or hold hands with anybody to achieve that goal.

My books are not exactly 'how-to' books however. In fact, for self-discovery purposes they seldom mention divine intelligence. While my books take the reader off on tangents often, these tangents are designed to make it all come together in the end. Nothing is spelled out completely either, you must often read between the lines. There is a reason for this. One's mind must figure out most things for itself, it inherently cannot accept findings held by others... especially about spiritual matters. Nor does it especially like being led to water. While we may often adopt what other people say, or adopt what's been read... but only for the time being. Our mind, in the meantime, searches for truths which it can inherently recognize and the truth I speak of is the most important truth in existence. But however you go about verifying this, whether you buy this book or not, just verify it before its too late... your immortality is at stake.

Some common questions one might ask of A.O. Kime:

Question: Have your personally managed to experience the Divine Intellect?

Only to a high degree once, moderately at various other times, and to lesser extents almost daily *.

Question: Since you claim a person must be worthy to receive divine intelligence, do you think you 'measure-up'?

Most of the time I don't measure up. Likely not even 5% of the time.

Question: And why is it you rarely measure up?

For the same reasons few people do, counter influences and distractions. It's a continuing battle to overcome them.

* An injected point... one doesn't need to see the ocean more than once to be fully convinced it exists.

More by the author A.O. Kime:

While I'm not a bearded guru, a Buddhist monk, white-haired wizard or a suit-and-tie preacher, in order to espouse the Divine Intellect, one doesn't need to be. After all, titles are superficial. Nor is there any spiritual benefit from 'looking the part' or 'acting the part' which are equally superficial. In other words, I merely conduct myself spiritually without it being outwardly obvious. While otherwise typically 'country' (as in the language of a sodbuster or cowboy), I'm oftentimes not as spiritual as I should be however, but I know what it takes... although when I start drifting I can feel my 'spiritual connection' becoming weaker. Sometimes I have to start over... from scratch.

While Plotinus was the first to describe the nous (Divine Intellect) 1,800 years ago, surely there were many others throughout the ages who knew more about the Divine Intellect than I, but today, except for myself, seemingly there are no other living authorities left at all, because, as far as I know, I'm the only one qualified to demonstrate its existence... through experience. At least it seems that way because, I often feel, to intimately know the Divine Intellect is to feel compelled to write about it and no one else does.

Yet, there could be another reason I seem to stand alone. Curiously, there seems but few people who will faithfully share spiritual enlightenment without reservations... one such person is a bodhisattva. While there may be others, perhaps more typical is the common 'recommendation' of the American Indians that any enlightenment gained from an experience in their 'sweat houses' should NOT be shared. Why? As a result of their enlightenment, the participants, which includes the searching-for-the-truth white man as well, rightfully believe immortality is a race which only the most 'spiritually-fit' can win. Obviously then, their strategy to win must be to deny rivals valuable information. There can be no other reason. However, I see no honor in trying to stake out an easy victory. Not sharing (selfishness) is also an ethical matter.

Often, before a reader will buy a book, the author is the most important thing they'll consider. Who are they... they wonder. After all, if you're going to read a book... except for fiction, qualifications come to mind first. Despite the fact I'm not stereotypical, albeit an overrated commodity, I am qualified even though there is no 'school' for metaphysical matters. I know exactly what I'm talking about because in varying degrees, I gather divine intelligence almost everyday. Actually, I've never met anyone more qualified (nor heard of anyone more qualified).

I've given up trying to verbalize about it though. Finding a beginning point is the hardest part... and having enough time. Nobody wants to give me hours to explain it and it can't be done much quicker. And that's just to convey a rough idea. A book, therefore, seemed the only way, although admittedly it became a very strange book... and one more provocative than I felt capable. Yet, its uniqueness was necessary to set the tone and to free the reader of conformist thinking. When it comes to thinking spirituality, conformity is a person's worst enemy. Conformity might serve them well in the business world or in social circles but otherwise it is a suicide pill for one's spiritual self.

As an analogy, imagine climbing a mountain to reach the Divine Intellect whereupon it sits, and while one might eventually reach the top through total dedication, for various reasons they'll stop short countless times. Or else, like me often, they'll slide back down and then have to start over. After several attempts however, they'll begin to see the differences in themselves at the various levels... albeit indescribable levels. If they do make it to the top, I wouldn't recommend staying too long however, just a few seconds. A few seconds is all one needs though, being enough time to know the spirit world's logical disposition... a logical disposition quite bizarre yet perfectly sound. It is also heartfelt and eerily familiar... you somehow remember it as if there was a 'before'.

While a full-blown visual experience is somewhat frightening, being so alien, except, strangely, at the same time you'll feel like you just came home. While it might then seem fitting to adopt this logical disposition, one would quickly realize its limitations in our dimension. But as a result of gleaning what one can, is to know peace and contentment like you've never known before. Importantly, it is to then know immortality is not only self-determinate but requires more of a commitment than even what religions preach... although along much the same lines. Not surprisingly, most people would find this as "too high a price to pay" except that, not to engage the Divine Intellect is to pay the ultimate price.

However, you may be 'taken aback' somewhat by how STD LEX begins and much within it (addresses many sociopolitical issues)... but keep in mind that the contents of the book are more a demonstration as to the power of spiritual logic. Once convinced, the articles within this website will take you to the next level. If you're already convinced, I'm positive the book will still open more doors (aside from being entertainingly 'worth it').

A.O. Kime

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