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The Quest for the Nature of Time

artist rendering of book, quill and letter... an original inkwell philosophical analysis

The ethereal, the great metabolism and the misconceptions about time

(1st edition - March 2011) by A.O. Kime
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From Stonehenge to the modern day calendar and clock, the counting of time has served us for thousands of years. An accurate method of counting time has proven invaluable for planning, calculating and for keeping track of this mysterious ‘endless progression’. If not for the calendar and clock, businesses would not have progressed much beyond the actual trading of goods.

Yet, this system - which consists of divisions such as minutes, days and weeks - is lacking. For one thing, the division of years is missing. In other words, a single year is the largest unit divisible… you can’t divide the unknown (eternity). Dividing time into useful units, after all, is what a clock and calendar does - or should do.

Also indivisible is the corporeal era - we don’t really know when the Big Bang occurred. It could have happened anywhere from 8 to 12 billion years ago. Maybe longer. Of course, we don’t really need to know for all practical purposes. Dividing up a single year and counting years from some point in history has proven entirely adequate for our daily needs.

But the core concept of ‘time’ is further lacking… being that it amounts to nothing more than the act of counting. Invariably however, when people talk about ’time’ they make it sound like a universal existent. Some might call it a ‘dimension’. Well, this so-called dimension is just the scientific means to place ‘when‘ on a 3-dimensional grid. One can’t say, certainly, that the number of years, months or weeks are existents (universal ‘truths‘). They are simply numbers measuring ‘progression’ and arrived at from counting.

One could even say these numbers are arbitrary… as much arbitrary as if calculated on some distant planet based on its orbit and rotation. However, this arbitrariness can’t be helped. Someone had to define a gallon, mile and minute.

To put it yet another way, our concept of time is no more than a yardstick. Actually less so - a yardstick has a beginning point.

The application to eternity (the ethereal) is an absolute must if to claim it a universal… but because there is no countable ‘time frame’ before the Big Bang, our concept of ’time’ fails the test. There is, after all, always a ’before’. Furthermore, the ability to partially account isn‘t a full accounting nor would accounting be of any ‘influence‘.

Time, models of reality, metaphysics and the metabolism

Of course, then, any ‘models of reality’ utilizing the current concept would either be incomplete or wrong. Largely however, it’s because science never incorporates metaphysics. Science might only be partially or largely right about the corporeal. Metaphysics, after all, has scientists completely baffled and one can’t envision an accurate model without knowing the overriding principles. It’s always a ‘forced-fit’ it seems… damned are the greater realities.

However, there might be a universal existent somewhat ’time-related’. If there is, then it could be better described as a ’metabolism’. Of course, before one begins to try explaining this metabolism, they should first try to demonstrate that it exists (or likely exists).

But if to follow the logic herein one must rid themselves of the current concept of time. Having been raised with the concept it possesses the mind like a demon. This makes it hard to envision another picture and the ability to freely envision is a must.

Yet, as you shall see, we can’t escape the usage of the word ’time’ even though it isn‘t a ‘thing‘. It is often used herein - although as little as possible - to help explain. It’s part of our ‘language baggage’ but it can still help clarify. The use of the word should invoke the general idea.

The immortal nature of the universe

We should begin by considering the immortal nature of light… that it persists eternally. After all, if it can persist for billions of years - being the light from the most distant of stars - then it likely persists forever. So too, in one form or another, is the eternal nature of matter and energy in that they cannot be created or destroyed… only transformed. While science seems to know all there is to know about matter - and a whole lot about energy - but yet to be fully understood is light. Only its speed and its mechanical makeup is known - being one of the electromagnetic waves. Yet gone mechanically unexplained is why its speed is roughly 186,000 miles a second and why it is not slower or faster. That, however, is not our focus.

This suggests that this metabolism, if it exists, is likewise eternal. Of course, that should be expected. After all, it can only be ethereal. While this observation doesn’t really lead anywhere, it’s a sketch of the overall picture.

The search for rhythm and thus the great metabolism

We should also ask ourselves why such a metabolism would be needed. Perhaps a rhythm (a metabolism) is necessary to keep creation from falling apart (chaos)? Or perhaps it is responsible for ‘progression‘? Maybe even life itself? While there is order due to the laws of physics - orbits for example - but also of an ‘orderly nature’ is rhythm. It ties in with what soon follows.

While chaos is also subject to the laws of physics, it’s a different animal… being ‘randomness‘ (or unpredictable). For example, a collision causing an object to veer from its course towards some other chance direction - ad infinitum.

Yet, chaos plays a huge role… it creates stars and planets. So, in a way, it could be said chaos is part of the overall order.

To account for this abstract use of definitions, consider that the creator’s idea of order isn’t the same as our idea. After all, since chaos plays a major role in creation there’s logic behind it… thus ‘order‘. While that’s only saying our terms aren’t always applicable - or are perhaps not encompassing enough - or are perhaps misleading - or are perhaps presumptuous - it’s crucial to keep in mind to get anywhere.

Actually, it’s a huge observation knowing our words likely won’t fit the ethereal realities… and to take this into account. One would be better off to quit thinking in words. In ethereal matters, if one goes looking for something with some particular word in mind - as it would be humanly envisioned - they likely won’t find it. Invariably, we can only know it when we see it… not before.

It’s similar to anything of a sensory nature. For example, one can’t know beforehand the smell of an onion if they’ve never smelled one before. No one, absolutely nobody on God’s green earth can explain a smell. Nor can anyone explain a musical sound. Whatever our senses generate, they can only be known through experiencing them.

Rhythm and the universal clock

Since cyclical equates to rhythm and rhythm equates to a metabolism, perhaps orbits indicate the existence of this metabolism in some greater way (than the laws of physics). The looseness in this equation is apropos because looseness is often the only way to get in the ballpark. For use in ethereal matters, we must be wary of any strictness in definitions.

Yet, orbits don’t clearly point out this metabolism. It’s a dead end… but to see the greater picture the corporeal deserves at least a brushstroke.

Since a rhythm wouldn’t exist without a ‘clock‘ - in the loose sense of the word - perhaps we should search for rhythms. If they exist, then so too this metabolism.

While it doesn’t seem we’d find ‘movement’ (or rhythm) within the ethereal since there may only be a single existent (effectively being the essence of God) and none other - having no known ethereal distinctions - this makes it indivisible and thus immoveable. Being ‘one’, it has no place to take itself.

Yet, there’s the speed of light... it moves. More on this shortly.

It should be noted at this point that science doesn’t believe anything is ethereal - in the sense that the ethereal equates to the ‘spirit world‘ - but that’s the reason science is still stuck in the mud. Science hasn’t gotten anywhere with metaphysics in over 2,000 years.

Actions vs. nouns

If indeed the ethereal is a single unit, indivisible, then in what manner does all else considered ‘ethereal’ exist (such as light, life and this proposed metabolism)? Well then, they could only exist as actions. Since it seems the case, verbs would best describe whatever exists ethereally, not nouns. For those with ‘personalities’ - as mankind defined them - would be angels, guardian angels and the muse. While they’re not tangibles - at least not ethereally definable as such - they nonetheless uniquely exist as evidenced by the different roles played. We can only separate the ethereal by what it does.

But can light - or even life - be described as an action? Well, if we gave the term ’action’ a little elbow room, then it would be a ballpark description.

To continue, it might be helpful if one didn’t view the ethereal as ‘foreign’ or ‘alien’. It isn’t a stranger. In fact, we’re very intimate with this wondrous reality. After all, it is effectively ‘us’. It comprises our life, our subconscious mind and our senses. The mechanical explanations change nothing.

The ethereal revolts… expels time for being an invalid concept

It is often said that “time is what keeps everything from happening at once”. While that’s a valid observation in the context of 'time', in the same context we should add that “life only exists for a millisecond“. In other words, we are no longer alive one second ago and haven’t yet lived the future. As far as life is concerned, there is only ’now’.

As for the effects of ‘now‘ on our daily lives - the mental baggage from the previous seconds is carried forward due to memory. It happens so quickly, of course, that it gives one the feeling that life ‘flows without interruption’. Not so… not while our awareness can only focus on the current split second. Life ‘jumps’ from one split second to the next.

As for the physical aspects set in motion - whether it be our body, a driven car or landslide - ‘cause and effect’ is a corporeal matter which isn‘t affected by the interrupting nature of ‘now‘. The physical realities flow uninterrupted from one second to the next.

Since this ’now’ seems to conflict with the persistence of the physical realities - indicating perhaps that the corporeal and the incorporeal are incompatible - but since they can exist on the same plane at least instantaneously (the ‘millisecond of life‘) this seems, at first glance, to dispel that notion. But if the corporeal and incorporeal are indeed incompatible - making the foregoing wrong - how does this millisecond of life manage to insert itself into the corporeal? Well, in one sense it’s inserted due to the fact life exists on terra firma, but due to this ‘briefness’ life might be better described as ’flowing through’.

Perhaps somewhat connected is the matter of instantaneousness - that a second can be divided infinitely - currently the smallest fraction science has measured is an ‘attosecond’ (one quintillionth of a second). An attosecond is the time it takes for light to travel the length of three hydrogen atoms. However, again, this ‘time’ is only the measuring apparatus.

So, if the speed of light is what defines briefness then it likely also determines the length of time awareness (life) exists. While apparently that length of time is still unknown - or not yet even sought after - it’s likely attoseconds… perhaps roughly 320 attoseconds (the estimated time it takes electrons to transfer between atoms).

Problems in defining progression as measured by time

Central in defining progression as measured by time is the ‘now’… which is the only time frame we can experience. We’ll never again experience what happened a second ago and haven’t yet experienced the coming seconds. We are only alive in the ‘now’… making all other time frames lifeless.

While we know yesterday’s rocks still exist - ancient monuments being the clearest testimony - we also know that no life remains in ‘yesterday‘. While true, it is nonetheless an unsound point of view. The term ’yesterday’ is only a perspective term… the only thing real which we know is ‘now’ and also in an ‘anticipating sense’ is tomorrow. In other words, we’re confident today’s rocks will be tomorrow‘s rocks.

So, does that mean tomorrow’s rocks are existing then at this very moment? If not, then wouldn’t the physical be effectively a dream? Well, you can see the problem… our English terms would likely be misleading. While everyone feels certain tomorrow will come - along with the same rocks - we can’t be certain the physical future doesn’t await in the sense that it is already there.

Well, who knows… the progressive realities (before, after and now) lies almost beyond our capacity to know. it would require much deeper reflection than this. At this point I can only say it appears this speed of light phenomenon is what creates the progressive realities. This would qualify it as a ‘metabolism’ and that’s all we’re looking for.


We should keep in mind the ‘speed of light’ doesn’t mean that only light operates at this speed. All massless particles are said to move at the speed of light (but some subject to provisos, theories). In essence, all forms of electromagnetic radiation travel at light speed.

But electromagnetic radiation is merely a scientific term, a mechanical explanation. Scientific terms have the effect of explaining away the magnificence - the underlying purpose.

Therefore, so as not to mislead the public, the ‘speed of light’ should have a more appropriate name. After all, we’re talking about a phenomenon and ‘speed of light’ doesn‘t do it justice. Light just happened to be the first thing science used to measure it… although at the time they thought they were just measuring the speed of light. If indeed it is this metabolism then it should be renamed the ‘Universal Clock‘.

But what is briefness really? After all, we should ask ourselves once again since this human term might be throwing us off. While there are enough synonyms such as ‘quickness’ and ‘rapidness’ to corral the idea for we mortals - synonyms have a way of doing that - that doesn’t mean it’s applicable to the ethereal or to the progressive realities. Yet, it is inconceivable that this term doesn’t apply since the speed of light applies. In other words, along with ‘purpose‘ and a few others ‘briefness’ must surely be part of the ethereal language. After all, it's what all life experiences.

While our concept of time is capable of measuring speed in comprehensible terms - seemingly science doesn‘t know yet what is being measured. It is a phenomenon not fully appreciated.

While I was tempted to suggest recalibrating our calendars and clocks to correspond to light speed, I saw a problem… there are no ‘units’ of light speed. It is indivisible therefore values must be humanly assigned (per second, per hour, etc.). However, the use of such arbitrary numbers would make no sense in the ethereal. They would also be mathematically inconvertible. It's the same as with life, love and the taste of mom's apple pie... they have no mathematical properties.

For our daily needs then, there is no choice but to keep the current system of time which is based on the orbit and rotation of earth. However, it doesn’t change the fact the current system is merely a measuring system (counting). We’re talking about trying to pin down a phenomenon in motion that makes metaphysical sense. It may be a case of no ’when’. However, its absence shouldn’t upset our applecart… there would still be a metabolism.

So what is the significance that light speed cannot be counted, only measured? Well, mainly it helps point out what is real and what isn’t. Time is only a manmade contrivance to measure things and since it isn’t real it isn’t measurable itself. And, unlike speed, time rendered itself countable due to its contrived segments. In the ethereal, ‘countable’ doesn‘t compute.

So then, in view of what has already been said, it appears light speed is this ‘time metabolism‘. After all, it doesn’t matter the regulatory nature of a metabolism - slow or fast - it would still be a metabolism. And, light speed is rhythmic… moving consistently forever at one speed. While it isn’t ’progression’ itself - where all tormenting questions concerning before and after reside - light speed appears to be this regulating metabolism.

But how can one call light speed ‘rhythmic’ if it has no ’beat’? Well again, it has to do with semantics. In the language of the ethereal - if you will - either these words don’t exist or are interpreted differently. Even so, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch that ‘movement’ and ‘consistent’ can mean rhythmic. Also, ‘flow’ as in "movement or fluctuation marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements" is one definition of rhythm which also describes the speed of light. It also ties in to my suggested ‘flow through’ nature of life.

For the intellectual basis of our metaphysical articles - being neither scientifically derived (maybe a tad) or
containing an ounce of religious dogma (maybe an iota) - see Spiritual Metaphysics … the overlord of realities

To further explain... the reason our language is lacking is because languages are based entirely on known realities. The realities of the ethereal are vastly different and therefore its ‘language‘. Aside from the difficulty in conveying something that makes sense, one is also faced with the question the ancient mystics often posed “Do languages further or create our understanding?”.

Yes, it’s all so very vague. Nor was any concrete evidence provided… but we’re talking about a world where nothing is concrete. It’s like trying to dissect a fog bank. Hopefully, at least, you got the general idea.

A.O. Kime

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