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The Real Matrix Steps Forward

artist rendition of an open book on astronomy

Explaining our name 'Matrix of Mnemosyne' and touching on the associated phenomena

by A.O. Kime (re-edited April 2012)

First of all, it should be said beforehand that our use of the term 'matrix' is quite unlike anything one might expect after seeing the 'matrix movies' - the trilogy. The only commonality is that both the scriptwriters of the movie and I recognized the utility of the term ‘matrix’ about the same time... how ingeniously it could be applied. Once an innocuous word - as any in the dictionary are until empowered - the scriptwriters decided to breathe life into it, make it play the role as a powerful (but evil) entity... but I saw its usage differently.

If you don’t already know, one definition of matrix means 'something within which something else originates or develops'. From this, I saw it fitting for my purposes just as the scriptwriters saw it fitting for theirs.

In the summer of 2002 - before the movie premiered and the resulting 'matrix craze' - I started a company called Matrix of Mnemosyne for the purpose of distributing books and articles. At that time, I had no idea movies were about to be released which would be utilizing the same term (matrix). In other words, I didn’t choose that name to capitalize on the craze. In contrast to the movies, I saw it as the perfect term to describe the workings of a divine phenomenon.

However, since the workings of the spirit world can only be expressed allegorically - and since the ancient Greek characterizations can't seem to be improved upon - I chose the goddess Mnemosyne (of Greek mythology) as the 'something' and the 'something else' being divine intelligence.

While likely everyone knows that knowledge is power but likely few know divine intelligence emanates and can be made available. It is clear, this marvelous phenomenon was intended to benefit mankind, certainly not to enslave him. If anything, it could be said we're already enslaved and contact with divine intelligence will set us free. While access to divine intelligence isn't so easy - in fact difficult - enlightenment (knowledge), inspiration and creativity can be taken to new heights.

Mnemosyne was chosen because she is credited as being the mother of the muse and it is they who best represent (allegorically) the mysterious process of emanation. Since Mnemosyne set things in motion so to speak (being their mother), she is ultimately responsible.

Unlike scientific explanations, Greek mythology isn't about the mechanics - typically shallow - and has allegorically characterized this phenomenon better than any attempt since. Of no surprise - but not characterized as proficiently - the Bible utilizes allegories as well (due to the fogginess of the spirit world). It's often the only way to express spiritual realities.

So now you know. But if interested in some related matters... read on.

Touching on supernatural powers... a side benefit?

Curiously, the quest for metaphysical knowledge will eventually lead to the matter of supernaturalness. It's as if they cannot be disentangled.

While the matrix movies revolve around extraordinary powers, or that 'supernatural', so does Greek mythology... except the ancient Greek accounts have nothing to do with 'artificial intelligence' (like in the movie). The Greeks based their tales on what they felt actually existed (more or less) within the spirit world. While the movies were fiction, and the sequences dramatized for effect (to sell tickets), nonetheless the ability to gain supernatural powers appears true. And, as the ticket sales of the movies demonstrated, there's a lot of interest in the supernatural. Perhaps it could be better described as a 'yearning'.

However, physical superhuman abilities would pale in comparison to the miraculous power of the mind... such as our healing powers. After all, if deemed a threat someone with superhuman physical abilities can easily be neutralized... by a gun, for example. Then there is the 'power of the written word' currently available to anyone who wants to write. After all, there's a certain metaphysical aspect to the mastery of languages. Still, to be superhuman is tempting... until, that is, one learns it's problematic (see the 3-part series entitled Man, God and Supernatural Abilities).

Metaphysical powers could be unlimited but to the extent so far demonstrated, none are of a 'spectacular' nature. From all indications, they're subtle and unassuming, so much so that once acquired you can often doubt you even have them. They are difficult to recognize. In other words, it wouldn’t be a case of throwing balls of fire or flipping in the air six times… but a way to 'achieve' without the dramatics. Sorry, but there's nothing exciting about metaphysical powers.

However, these 'non-dramatic' superhuman abilities must first be discovered before they can be cultivated... experimentation being the key to discovery. A lot depends on whether one's state of mind is 'healthy' however.

Although there are probably limitations and some things one can never do, these abilities are often masked in a variety of ways. Some may be hidden within the terms 'will power', 'talent' and 'genius'. The only really obvious power are healing powers. Others may have gone untapped for so long they're no longer recognized... although through emanation they can be re-discovered. There are reasons - better reasons than commonly accepted - as to why some people have propelled themselves upwards and others haven't.

Another quick recap of certain aspects

Divine intelligence is sometimes referred to as 'the Divine Intellect' and the same phenomenon which Plotinus (205-270) revealed 1,800 years ago which he called the 'nous'.

For 2,500 years, the muse have been widely believed to be the source of inspiration for artists, musicians, writers and poets... and it's still the case today. Of course, such distinctions may not exist as we perceive them since there's nothing you can put your finger on in the world of etherealness. For that matter, distinctions may not exist at all. The spirit world is so bizarre, being metaphysics in effect, about all we humans can do is attempt to describe things as we believe them to exist. In a way, we're probably naming actions rather than entities. For example, when something miraculous happens to save us from disaster, we might often attribute it to our 'guardian angels'. Yet, most people probably consider the term 'guardian angel' a noun (in the physical sense), not a verb (action). In other words, terms can often paint the wrong picture.

For a different view on instincts and the frame-of-mind see Instincts and for a philosophical analysis of light see
The Quest for the Nature of Light

Unfortunately, not much about the spirit world can be explained briefly to give it justice... there's just too much it entails. However, I've tried to break it down and addressed many of the aspects within my articles. Almost every one contain the metaphysical aspects… and that includes the sociopolitical, ancient history and agricultural articles. There's a metaphysical aspect to every reality which shouldn't be overlooked.

A.O. Kime

Matrix of Mnemosyne... the place of smoke signals from the spirit world

Last modified: 03/05/16