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The Land and Spiritual Reasoning

artist rendering of book, quill and letter ... an original inkwell philosophical analysis

Land... the second greatest gift and its unrequited love

(4th edition - Dec 2010) by A.O. Kime
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While the preservation of the land has been a frequent topic, lacking has been discourse about our spiritual relationship. Invariably, our spiritual relationship to the land is spoken of in shallowness or treated as if something only an American Indian would believe. It seems man’s infinite connection - one of total dependency - has been a sidelined topic.

While it is commonly acknowledged life itself is the greatest gift but actually the gift of land is equally great. After all, without land, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. So, in this respect, life and land are the two greatest gifts. While not often reflected upon, albeit typical for all things obvious, perhaps in looking at the gift of land in a radical manner will bear fruit... tell us a little about ourselves.

After all, if ever to learn anything bluntness must prevail... and 'radicals' are the very best at being blunt. Although seldom graceful, even when they're wrong they're the most truthful creatures on earth. So, let's look at this from a radical preacher's point of view and allow for a few impromptu observations plucked from afar.

To begin, we might commonly thank God for our food and good fortune but never, it seems, is he ever thanked for having given us the land. At least we never hear of it. Of course, there's more miracles to be thankful for than we can possibly remember. And, while we might show our appreciation in many ways, tending to the land isn't on everyone's agenda.

Yet, taking care of the land is the only physical way we can express thanks and by not littering is the least we can do. Preserving or improving upon the land are noble acts and there are plenty of opportunities to restore what was previously desecrated. It doesn’t have to be one’s own land - although the most logical place to start - but public land as well. Yes, sometimes even our neighbor’s land… if they won’t do it. In doing so, it would suggest 'filth' to any on-looking landowner and a token pick-up may be all it takes.

"Embarrassment can do wonders" sayeth the land.

This applies to manmade structures as well… it’s all about beautification. After all, beauty is an expression of perfection… and perfection is, well, godly. A dilapidated non-functioning structure, if an eyesore, should be repaired or eliminated out of respect for God and everyone else. At the very least, tidiness should rule. Littering not only demonstrates a disregard for others - since trash spoils everyone’s viewing experience - but trash, neglect and ruinous convoluting is highly disrespectful. It is evident... one can't love God and be disrespectful of the land at the same time.

This is not to imply one must start a project... much good can be done during the normal course of doing business and everyday living. Good habits and occasional efforts can do wonders.

And poverty is no excuse either... and those who chose to live amongst trash shouldn't be helped. Besides, free lunches should always be conditional - earned (unless handicapped). Further, the age-old neighborly policy of 'tit for tat' is morally sound... only idiots would keep feeding someone without getting something in return. Therefore, it is hereby declared, a 'trash for food' program should be set up at all aid outlets foreign and domestic.

"Cursed be the free-for-nothing government handouts" sayeth the land.

Land and the coexisting footprints and barns

While environmentalists have long advocated the preservation of land - and cite good reasons - they rarely put the matter into a spiritual context. Also, volunteers who pick up litter along the highways probably don't much either. All we hear is that they’re picking up the roadside trash to maintain the area’s natural beauty. While it's an excellent reason, there seems something amiss about not mentioning the spiritual aspect.

Yet, before one can appreciate the spiritual aspect one must first have a healthy attitude about the land. One can develop this oneself, through peers, and after having visited a highly policed national park (against litter) at the Grand Canyon or Lake Tahoe for example. The Park Service’s motto 'leave behind only your footprints' makes a grand impression whereupon later one realizes there's more to it... that respectfulness of the land is a way to show appreciation.

Since subjacent interests always cohabitate with the first, in a sense it shouldn’t matter which reason is selected if, in the end, all interests are satisfied. However, the act of citing subjacent reasons is like taking a detour to avoid the subject.

Yet, there's reasons. The subject is both unsettling and private ... and largely why it's always been a matter of sweeping the wonders of life and living under the rug. Swept under the rug however is out-of-sight and out-of-mind... tends to make one forget.

While many public projects require the altering of the land - such as for roads and dams - they serve a public purpose and are rarely maliciously or inconsiderately destructive. In many cases, building improves the land. Of course, most die-hard environmentalist would disagree. While the preservation, conservation and restoration of the land are great causes, environmentalists are often unrealistic and become maliciously destructive themselves.

Often the effects of environmental campaigns (land preservation-air quality) do as much harm as good when considering the wholesale job losses. Since justifications should always have a moral aspect, the same standards imposed on American industries should apply worldwide. While one can't force other countries to comply, high tariffs on those same type imported products would level the playing field. In short, only with tariffs being part of the package can American environmental campaigns have a moral aspect.

As another example, the environmentalist's war against ranching is a campaign backed by junk science. Since many of their gains are ill-gotten in this manner, the land becomes devoid of spirit. In the desert, since stock tanks are no longer filled with water... wildlife suffers. Ranchers built these stock tanks for their cattle... but at the same time improving hundreds of thousands of acres of desert landscape by providing a water source for wildlife. In many cases this was undone by environmentalists.

There is no spirit in ill-gotten or mistreated land... it may go on living but one can feel the sadness.

"Cursed be the ill-getters and maltreatment" sayeth the land.

While we should keep on guard against the misuse of land, we should also recognize some projects improve the land. Lovely homes, farms and old barns dotting a landscape are great examples. Man's ability to turn deserts into row after row of beautiful greenery with commanding order is godly.

We tend to forget... soil is an amazing phenomenon from which life springs eternal. That growth can occur by simply adding water to unassuming seeds under a thin layer of soil is a miracle. A thin layer equates to an incredibly powerful incubator yet little do we think about it in that manner or appreciate that land is a living miracle. Appreciating just the beauty falls short.

Social correctness or guilty conscience?

It also appears political (social) correctness is one of the reasons. After all, we all sense the peer pressure not to mention God... and we certainly know better than to elaborate on the subject. It's become an awkward conversation piece and makes people uneasy... making one also wonder whether guilty consciences are playing a role.

For that matter, society seldom expresses itself truthfully or bluntly about anything anymore... bluntness and political correctness being as much diametrically opposed as are spirituality and materialism. Political correctness requires only selected effects from a particular cause be mentioned. For example, it wouldn't be politically correct to say a hypocritical society is the root cause behind alcoholism and drug abuse. Only subjacent causes are cited. But as if on an assembly line these ills are bred... except journalists are effectively forbidden to say so because no newspaper would print it.

This website has articles on practically every metaphysical subject... see the list in our Metaphysical wonders & inkwell philosophy webpage. Inspired by the muse they are original, enlightening and endearing.

No, humans won’t even admit the reason they eat... eating is now a 'dining experience'. Nobody wants to admit to the real reasons for anything anymore. It has become a world of pretense, hypocrisy and spin... a society of make-believe where all understandings are based on the best-sounding causes and best-sounding effects. However, without make-believe civilization wouldn’t be civilized at all... it is a dance. The land doesn't care much for dances however. It likes bluntness.

"I am a tattletale as to who is godly and who isn't." sayeth the land.

A.O. Kime

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Last modified: 03/05/16