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Man, God and Supernatural Abilities - part III

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... the last steps towards achieving immortality

(1st edition - March 2007) by A.O. Kime
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(A spirit world epiphany - part 3 of 3)

Even after these men made a connection to the spirit world, and were thusly enlightened, for them, still, the extent of enlightenment possible would remain unknown. Because of this, one would naturally have a problem with confidence… especially in trying to acquire and then exercise extraordinary powers (perform incredible feats). It is not only because they might be afraid of the social consequences, but also because they’re unsure they’re capable. If they tried to exercise these extraordinary powers, but had no success, it would be personally devastating. Since failure would suggest they’re wrong about the possibility, that suggestion in turn would suggest they’re wrong about everything.

On the other hand, they would also fear they might succeed… and perhaps their greatest fear. Succeeding would be tantamount to suicide in the sense that one would be tossing away their humanness. Such success would be at odds with their animal side which has no interest whatsoever in spiritual matters… quite the contrary.

They would also worry about how it might affect their sanity… although at the same time recognizing that their newly acquired spiritual frame of mind, if allowed to fully flourish, wouldn’t actually be insanity… instead being differences in the importance placed on various matters, the emphasis. The frame of mind they fear losing is the one which automatically reflects normal human behavior which, in turn, allows humans to comfortably interact and helps avoid conflicts with society as a whole. Playing the same ballgame is also more conducive for practical pursuits in business and employment. While a balancing act can be maintained, it would be at the expense of one’s spiritual side.

Putting one’s queasiness about obtaining extraordinary powers aside, would ‘translay’ also pose a problem for them?

Well, as long as the process remains unfathomable, this signals they have not been sufficiently enlightened. Further, since they would strongly sense that a human existence is the greatest possible gift the creator can bestow, makes it hard to relinquish despite their visions of a heaven beyond known delights. Call it a comfort level with those wonderful possessions one already has… unless, of course, one doesn’t consider their earthly existence as being worthwhile.

It then became time for deep reflection… because of their uncertainties, have they fallen short in measuring-up? Was there a lack of focus or too many distractions which inhibited them from acquiring adequate knowledge? Unless one lived the life of a monk or hermit, distractions are everywhere. Even chit-chatting with neighbors is a distraction... primarily because of the usual worldly level of conversation. One cannot think on that level very long without injuring their spiritual forces.

But before proceeding further into this translay business, let’s look at what extraordinary powers might be possible. The first thing which comes to mind is healing powers, but a power we have to some degree anyway. There is ample proof that a positive frame of mind helps heal… any doctor would agree. As for developing other extraordinary powers, perhaps the possibilities are unlimited… although not necessarily of a nature outwardly obvious.

However the range and extent of these extraordinary powers would, to the utmost degree, depend on the person.

Yet there is more to be said about healing powers… our current healing powers. First of all, it has already been established that healing oneself is largely about having a positive attitude (frame of mind). Since this is strong evidence this frame of mind has ‘power’, it would logically follow that all types would (or could) have certain powers associated. If they do, then any superficiality their scientific labels might suggest is misleading.

While the ability to direct the healing of oneself may be common, the ability to manipulate one's frame of mind to accomplish other types of extraordinary things is less common... usually reserved to fill some material need but that doesn't harvest greater things. In part, the ideal frame of mind appreciates the fact that all human activities are phenomenal… just because they are commonplace doesn’t lessen the fact. Also, while the tactics of mankind have been attributed to intelligence, and entirely true in one respect, instead one should look at tactics as being the result of exercising a power and that intelligence is merely the guide. We should appreciate latitudes for what they are... a condition whereby one can always do things more phenomenally.

The most common frames of mind are the mood altering types such as sadness, anger and joy… all of which have effects, and all of which are within our power to create and manipulate. While generally they are very weak powers, going largely unnoticed, that’s not always the case… these powers can be easily manipulated upwards to a noticeable point. For example, we all know how easy it is to ratchet-up the power of anger. Any consequences would identify anger as the cause … as in “effect is the cause revealed”

The effects of sadness are not so obvious unless one becomes morose which, in turn, states there are extensions to sadness and therefore some latitude. Also, like anger and our healing powers, the degree of sadness can often be manipulated... being just another case of an unappreciated power.

Joyfulness has its effects as well since good vibrations affect everyone and, like sadness, joyfulness is known for producing 'ripple effects'. These ripples shouldn’t be looked upon as being insignificant however… smiles have been known to change the world.

The point is, while it is generally known what moods are capable of both commonly and academically, these men didn’t look upon moods as being merely human traits but instead as power-possessing features. In short, they looked upon mortals as being essentially comprised of powers and capable of omnificence.

One of their most startling observations was that the supernatural abilities they first imagined as possible paled in comparison to those they already had. After all, walking on water is just another way of crossing it and the ability to throw a fireball is just one of many last-resort weapons.

Even though the question remains enigmatic as to whether ‘translay’ is a real option, after awhile one would begin to sense the folly in pursuing it without divine guidance. Assuming it is possible, the naturalness involved wouldn't be fathomable otherwise. Without divine guidance, one would likely be as far off-base as a blind man’s perception of sight or a deaf man's idea of rock-n-roll. It is a curious oxymoron... that which is 'natural' is the most bizarre.

Aside from this enigma there is also a discomforting and formidable paradox… while one is otherwise left to only hope immortality is automatic, the contradicting and haunting fact is that the gruesomeness of death stands in sharp contrast to the wonderful gift of life. It’s as if death is a penalty.

Although the cycle of life is depicted in the classroom as consisting of stages represented by arrows which form a circle, as if being the complete cycle as nature intended, and while that one dimensional depiction is considered to be unfailingly applicable, schools failed to take into account that nature is also known for making exceptions. After all, Mother Nature is famous for her countless and confounding exceptions throughout creation… it would be out-of-character that death would be solely immune.

For the intellectual basis of our metaphysical articles - being neither scientifically derived (maybe a tad) or
containing an ounce of religious dogma (maybe an iota) - see Spiritual Metaphysics … the overlord of realities

So, in applying that classroom depiction to virtually all humans as if invariably the case, it is not only presumptuous but likely misleading. Since gruesomeness does not exist on the same plane as beautifulness… instead birth and death should be considered as existing on the opposite ends of a spiral… at least potentially.

A.O. Kime

End of a 3 part series - see part I to begin

Matrix of Mnemosyne... the place of smoke signals from the spirit world

Last modified: 02/06/16