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Man, God and Supernatural Abilities - part II

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... the next steps to becoming superhuman

(1st edition - March 2007) by A.O. Kime
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(A spirit world epiphany - part 2 of 3)

So, what were the next steps for Jesus Christ and the others? For this answer, again, we must go back to why they trekked down this path in the first place… which was to achieve a greater understanding… except, it wasn’t just for curiosity sake.

At this point recognizing (at least) that the hereafter consisted of indescribable beauty - although they may have known more - they wanted to be a part of God’s purpose and somehow insure themselves immortality.

Among the other bits of spiritual knowledge they acquired, albeit to an unknown degree the success of others, they would have (at least) been nudged into reasoning that the sole purpose for the universe was to physically accommodate mortals. In other words, there was no other reason. And, since there is more than just the physical aspects of the universe, they recognized that the totality of ‘all that there is’ was created solely to serve awareness (whether eternal or temporary).

So why call it awareness?

While awareness is seen by science as being a manifestation of life, and while true within this framework of understanding, they were beginning to sense life differently… at least to the extent they knew the scientific concept was wrong. They were beginning to look at life itself in a whole new light… therefore the use of a different term (awareness) helps point this out.

They also came to know that the concept of time, as mankind knows it, isn’t applicable in spiritual matters. It is only useful for relative purposes. Also, in recognizing the fact that languages are not structured for the task of dealing with spiritual matters, despite the best efforts of linguists, they had almost as much to unlearn as there was yet to learn.

To put it differently, while they knew the common concepts of life, awareness and time had enough shortcomings whereby their true relationship could never be scientifically established, they also knew it wasn’t necessary to solve for the task at hand. A vague idea was enough… besides, like the human senses of smell and taste, vagueness is all you get. First though, they had to ‘quit thinking in language’ since manmade terms will box-in a concept. That meant the given names for all phenomena had to be set aside.

While they reasoned life as a mortal was a necessary step towards immortality, they also knew obtaining it is conditional… of a very strict nature. How strict? Well, for one thing, the divine agency expects more of a person than what religions preach. In order to maintain the largest congregations possible, religions lowered the bar in their dogma.

Once Jesus Christ and the others made this connection, now receiving enlightenment emanating from the spirit world, now believing they are on the right track towards immortality… is there something else they should be doing? Well, from this point forward, it is unclear. It is unknown what Jesus Christ and the others did. For example, except for Jesus, it is unknown whether they tried to develop ‘metaphysical powers’ of one sort or another. Perhaps not all of them thought it would be wise. Jesus Christ apparently developed special powers but we also know he paid the ultimate price. Perhaps for that reason many decided against it. After all, it isn’t hard to imagine what the authorities would do to someone demonstrating extraordinary powers. Such people would be considered a threat to any political establishment... and it wouldn’t sit well within most social circles either. Extreme and thus dangerous jealousies would automatically exist. After all, however 'evil' it may be considered, jealousy is a powerful force within human nature.

In fact, mortals with such powers would be the most hated men on earth. Francois VI Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680) once said: "The evil that we do does not attract to us so much persecution and hatred as our good qualities."

The reason for this deep-seated jealousy is because we are all subconsciously competing with each other for the rights to immortality which, in turn, conveys the otherwise unsaid message that the ‘seating’ is limited… perhaps very limited. In this circumstance then, jealousy becomes entangled with survival instincts.

Feeling satisfied that so much has already been accomplished; perhaps some of these men might have been tempted to just sit back and enjoy the rest of their mortal being. After all, they’ve got immortality in their pocket… don’t they? Eventually however they would begin to think… how can someone rise from the dead automatically? With that revisited concern, although a question which usually vanishes on the doorsteps of adulthood, they might then begin to think that perhaps they shouldn’t depend on it. After all, perhaps they still lack the necessary understanding and that perhaps rising-from-the-dead it isn’t quite so ‘automatic’.

On the outside chance it isn’t automatic; they would begin to look for ways to ‘insure’ their immortality. After spending some time searching for answers, inevitably they would have stumbled across the ancient concept of ‘translay’. The Catholic meaning of the term ‘translay’ is ‘to convey to heaven or to a nontemporal condition without death’.

So why didn’t they just ask the creator about it rather than traipsing all over creation looking for answers? Well, specific answers are never given for specific questions. Though emanation, effectively the only type of information available is the logical disposition of the spirit world…how it thinks. From only that information one must determine the specifics. Yet, knowing its logical disposition can reveal much.

Well now… another major hurdle and a missing piece of the puzzle. It seems that spending years developing a connection with the spirit world isn’t enough, being spiritually enlightened isn’t enough, and not even having the ability to develop metaphysical powers is enough. It isn’t enough, apparently, to feel immortality is assured. At least it doesn’t seem enough… especially if one still feels vulnerable and left dependent on a process they know nothing about.

That is why one would consider this very curious translay option… and why one would try to determine whether or not it is necessary. If it is necessary, then it must be achievable.

A.O. Kime

Continued - see part III

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