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Man, God and Supernatural Abilities - part I

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... how especial humans acquired their supernatural capabilities

(1st edition - March 2007) by A.O. Kime
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(A spirit world epiphany - part 1 of 3)

Demonstrated herein is how especial human beings throughout the ages obtained their supernatural abilities … and this marvel was due to their otherwise esoteric comprehension and application of the logical disposition of the spirit world… its ‘frame of mind’.

While religions profess only a few such capable men ever existed - if not just a single individual upon whom that religion is based - over the ages there were likely hundreds, if not thousands. However, for these purposes, one need not be convinced any particular religious icon was as gifted as advertised… the focus here is to simply demonstrate such abilities can actually exist. However, because of the fame of Jesus Christ - his popular acclaim due largely to his alleged miraculous deeds - for comparative purposes he will often be referenced within this article.

However, exactly what capabilities are possible and how long they last depends. Such capabilities (as Jesus was alleged to have) may have only been experienced for a short time with some men… perhaps only for a few days or mere hours. It is predicated on how long someone can maintain the proper frame of mind. It is all about the ability to first comprehend the logical disposition of the spirit world and then fully adopt it.

While knowledge about the ‘composition’ of the spirit world may forever remain unknowable for the simple reason it is essentially unapproachable from that angle - being non sequitur since the term isn’t applicable - that’s not the case with its ‘logical disposition’. Its logical disposition is not only knowable but the infinite wisdom it possesses declares it is also its essence... after all, knowledge must be the progenitor of creation.

Since the spirit world is so incredibly difficult to comprehend, effectively impossible for most mortals, although entirely due to their conflicting material pursuits, typically human, it’s the reason few people have ever grasped its essence and even then, such an understanding is often fleeting… as fleeting as the details of last night’s dream. This happens because of the difficulty to remain focused and any retreat means that within a week the vision is all but forgotten. In effect then, one must adopt and maintain another frame of mind almost beyond man’s inherent ability to do so… yet, curiously, this ability is nonetheless there.

However, losing the vision doesn’t mean losing all the pieces of the puzzle… some knowledge is retained albeit largely disjointed as a result. To lose this vision means to lose the ability to see the bigger picture which the pieces are trying to paint.

In order to grasp this picture doesn’t require trances as one might suspect either; instead these men utilized a methodology as clear-headed as any scientific approach. One need only apply their natural intelligence otherwise having gone largely untapped due to the impositions of society. One could call this open mindedness ‘empirical intelligence’ which is inherently human and hence… spiritual.

While empirical thinking has been maligned for ages as being unscientific and thus nonproductive, and while largely true for practical matters, that certainly isn’t the case when it comes to metaphysical phenomena. In fact, it is the only way to achieve a greater understanding. One might consider it the language of the spirit world (often expressed in metaphysical poetry).

It is to first ‘feel’ the logical disposition of the spirit world, and then to try to rationalize in those terms. Whether you’re on the right track can be determined when you finally obtain a recognizable connection to divine intelligence (the Divine Intellect). Confirmation is when enlightenment begins to emanate.

Like all things metaphysical, there is little in the way of semantics or analogies to fully explain this connection however. Nor can it be adequately conveyed just how difficult it is to make. In order to communicate with the spirit world one must learn to think spiritually and once this monstrous hurdle has been overcome, it then becomes an ‘artful practice’ to extract information… a practice one must develop themselves however. It cannot be taught.

In order to prepare and condition oneself mentally for this, one must first rid themselves of all traces of a herd mentality. A herd mentality is that which keeps an average person average. While there are other necessary preparations, they would be better understood if pointed out alongside the sequential order of those spiritual realizations which would occur in such a quest.

While the following initial assessments are not unusual for someone at first, Jesus Christ (and others like-minded) understood initially there must be a greater purpose for life and began to seek ways to discover it. The purpose can’t just be, they reasoned, that man was destined to merely experience life and then die. To them, this simply made no sense… there had to be something more. After all, ‘to exist but once’ holds no logic nor would reincarnation if that were the case… since only a retained memory spells reincarnation.

At some point later, after groping about for months if not years, ultimately they’ll realize there is only one way to get answers… ask the creator. Of course, asking the creator means (in effect) asking his agency… after all, we’re talking about the spirit world… etherealness. In other words, in reply the ‘messenger' would not be a describable or nameable entity. While a description might be attempted for the event (a verb), the result would be very vague… as in an unwieldy description of an aroma. Of course, blocking the way in trying to describe sensory experiences, or other metaphysical phenomena, is the shortcomings of language.

As a result of some limited experience which allowed these men to subsequently discover that divine intelligence can and does emanate, they knew asking for it doesn’t mean one will automatically get a response. They knew (by now) there were preconditions for such spiritual communications… that one must first demonstrate their worthiness and sincere desire. At this juncture it was still somewhat an assumption due to their limited experience… but nonetheless a correct one.

Their next question was… by what standards and in what manner does one demonstrate their worthiness? While they knew this demonstration would be about proof, they soon came to recognize the process as being no less than a phenomenon. As they discovered, it is their person which emanates… meaning that which emanates is not some quantitative measure of one’s worthiness, or a list of their good deeds, but instead what emanates is who that person IS (or has become). This echoes the old adage “you become what you think about”.

With the help of some precursory enlightenment, of which almost all humans are privy, they then began to realize that one’s own subconscious mind serves as the judge. After all, it is perfectly positioned and most qualified. Since it alone is fully capable of emanating one’s essence, it would toss the concept of Akashic Records into the mythical wasteland of redundancy. So, in a nutshell, one need only prove themselves worthy to themselves.

While they inherently knew what worthiness entails, albeit somewhat a fluid understanding and not necessarily corresponding exactly to social standards, regardless the era, they also knew it must be sustained for some period of time… months, if not years. They believed that once they ‘measured-up’ (in the opinion of their very own subconscious mind), then, and only then, would a connection be allowed. In dedicating themselves to this proposition… they had proven themselves right.

While one can easily see sincerity and desire as being part of the formula but what is meant by a ‘fluid understanding’ as it relates to worthiness?

While a ballpark idea of what worthiness entails will open some doors, to know exactly would be a major accomplishment. To know the God’s version of worthiness, which he alone is capable of teaching, is to know God himself. It is a key component in the overall discovery process although being somewhat a catch-22. While one must prove themselves worthy before they can connect to divine intelligence, they must first discover what that entails. Fortunately, since mortals are already equipped with some capabilities by default, soul searching must go deep… very deep.

The next hurdle was to determine how to make use of such a connection. Well, this goes back to what they wanted to do in the first place… ask the creator some questions. This time however, the divine agency would be listening and information would begin to emanate.

While that sums up how a connection to the Divine Intellect can be made, it should be mentioned again just how hard it is to remain dedicated to this proposition. It is extremely difficult to remain focused. Aside from ridding oneself of a herd mentality, one must also avoid and/or eliminate as many negative influences as possible. The more this can be accomplished the better… which would include distancing oneself from all negative-type people, avoiding the alcohol and drug scene altogether, and generally withdrawing from society. Society, after all, is a bad influence since it reeks of a herd mentality.

A.O. Kime

Continued - see part II

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