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Books by A.O. Kime
book cover picture of STD LEX
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"Metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy"
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book cover picture of Metaphysical Cavemen
"A sagacious accounting of the Stone Age and the beginnings of civilization"
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Books on metaphysics and ancient history by the acclaimed metaphysician and poet A.O. Kime

(1)STD LEX (2nd edition - published 2002)
(2)Metaphysical Cavemen (published 2003)

book cover picture of STD LEX

A bookshelf prize!

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(STD is the Latin acronym for ‘sacrae theologiae doctor’ (doctor of sacred theology) and LEX is Latin for ‘law’)

(the following is just a synopsis... for more detailed information see about the book)

While the underlying purpose for STD LEX is to demonstrate the existence of ‘divine intelligence’ it does so largely by example… often by addressing the metaphysical realities in America's ‘politically-challenged’ democracy. STD LEX also takes logic to the next level concerning America’s social issues as well. Practical matters or not, it remains evident throughout that this sagacious book is applying ‘spiritual logic‘.

In appreciating the fact people are fickle about metaphysical matters, forever cynical of another’s opinion, STD LEX offers no final conclusions... leaving it up to the reader. Since self-realizations are often equivalent to first-hand knowledge, thus more believable, this highly allegorical book was purposely designed to be a challenge. It had to be.

There is more...

Aside from its obvious usefulness for the soul, spiritual enlightenment can also be applied to material concerns as well… demonstrated in the unique manner in which freedom, the blue laws, religion, metaphysics, mythology and the family-farm crisis are boldly addressed. One will quickly see what 'spiritual logic' is largely about... that it cannot ignore the issues of freedom. They’re inseparable. While these topics are addressed from a metaphysical point-of-view, to help support certain contentions great visionaries, philosophers and statesmen are often quoted which include Emanuel Kant, Plotinus, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Samuel Butler, John Stuart Mill and Walt Whitman.

A fictional account is incorporated as well comprising about 25% of the book. It is a dynamic new concept which can add a fascinating dimension to a book giving the author the ability to further clarify points by using fiction to create those often-needed analogies. For example, one cannot explain the smell of a flower or the sound of a saxophone without using comparisons. It’s a matter of the deficiency in semantics.

So too, there's metaphysical poetry, lot's of it... uniquely structured in a way seldom attempted.

In summary…

Prepare yourself for the most unusual book you'll ever have the pleasure to read... sure to be recognized for its inroads into metaphysics as much new ground is broken. We also think you'll find these periodically injected episodes featuring some very unusual characters very entertaining.

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Metaphysical Cavemen

book cover picture of Metaphysical Cavemen

A conversation centerpiece!

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see about the author
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see chapters 1 & 2
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(the following is just a synopsis... for more detailed information see about the book)

Metaphysical Cavemen takes an insightful and refreshing new look at the Stone Age... a matter long overdue. As evidenced by its many new observations, the book demonstrates there is an alternative method to assess the Stone Age which is superior to the scientific approach. In divergence to scientific thought, the book makes it obvious cavemen were our intellectual equals. Resourcefulness, after all, is the truest gauge of intelligence. However, because cavemen would have been more spiritually enlightened, common while living amidst the wonders of nature, they would have been intellectually superior in the important matters.

Metaphysical Cavemen also debunks Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and does so convincingly... but it doesn't take the biblical point-of-view completely either. To compliment the overall analysis, it reveals more truths about cavemen than anything put forth in the last 150 years. You'll be surprised how wrong anthropology has been.

There is more...

Further illustrating the book's unique qualities, a dynamic new dimension was added by incorporating a fictional account for effect. A delightful saga about a forward-thinking caveman comprises about 25% of the book. The whole idea of a fictional account within a non-fiction book is a unique concept which only a few authors have attempted but is proving to be a fascinating feature.

Much the same as in STD LEX (our other book), by addressing the topics of evolution, ancient history and the caveman in the manner that it does… the existence of ‘divine intelligence’ becomes all the more evident.

In summary…

This truly remarkable book will prove instrumental in the development of a process for a greater understanding in all areas. Divine intelligence had a great deal of influence on this book and the ability to connect to a higher intelligence becomes more believable than ever before. If you had any doubts remaining after reading STD LEX... Metaphysical Cavemen will put them to rest.

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Note: Most people have a hard time accepting (as perhaps credible) spiritual concepts they are unfamiliar with. This is understandable. Therefore, references to divine intelligence (or Divine Intellect) would not be immune to doubts. Even though this phenomenon was first defined by Plotinus (205-270) which he called the ‘nous’, later to become known as the 'Divine Intellect', still, even after 1,800 years, few people are aware of this phenomenon. However, Kime doesn’t claim it is an independent entity as the name may suggest, no more than anything else metaphysical, but it needed a name... just like all phenomena. In order to refer to a particular phenomenon or concept, mankind was forced to name them, names such as ‘guardian angels’, ‘soul’ and so forth. The problem is, by attaching a name to a phenomenon often it has the effect of being perceived as an independent entity. Since mankind can’t say for certain such are entities, or that they exist independently, we can only name what they seem to represent using terms which seem appropriate… hence 'divine intelligence' or ‘Divine Intellect’. At any rate, before you summarily discount it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. See Divine Intellect

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