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The great forest of miracles

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The miraculous wavelengths and why commonplace miracles are set aside

(1st edition - March 2013) by A.O. Kime
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While some people might think miracles only happen occasionally, if at all, it seems it’s because they haven’t learned to recognize them. Or, for the strangest of reasons, blank them out. They tend only to associate a miracle with some astounding event - highly unusual.

The truth is, we’re awash in miracles. Every second, countless times a day, the miraculous occurs. But for spiritual-minded people, this is nothing new. Still, for them and people in general, sometimes addressing miracles from different angles will produce something not considered before. And, as some may know, a different way of looking at things often comes from out-of-the-blue. In the form of suggestions they flow and it’s called ‘emanation’ (a phenomenon often attributed to the muse). That, in itself, would be miraculous.

Being awash then - the forest soon to be identified - most miracles are commonplace miracles and therefore not unusual. Yet, they should still be looked upon as astounding nonetheless.

But how can one remain astounded by the commonplace and get anything done? Instead we'd be constantly staring off into space in wonderment. Well, that’s what happened… early-on we all learned we can’t do that and still function productively. Our attention must be focused on day-to-day matters, survival. That’s why the miraculous isn’t seen as being truly miraculous anymore.

Commonplace miracles

Over the passage of time we undoubtedly set-aside the miraculous nature of the human body and the realization it's where the greatest concentration of miracles lie… a beating heart being just one of many. But, unfortunately, we’ve grown to rarely think of a beating heart as a miracle. Nor of eyesight, hearing and a second set of teeth. Each, of course, was God’s doings… attributes set in motion.

Of course, science won’t go so far… explaining only how these attributes work and how they are passed on from one generation to the next. And, because their analysis is incomplete scientific explanations fall short. Certainly no ‘why’ is ever addressed. Of little consequence however, in this arena science is just another voice in the dark expressing its opinions… just like religions voice their opinions. Neither one is the ultimate authority.

The authority rests with the individual as one’s subconscious mind would testify if given a chance.

As for the scientific explanation of origins… that our greater assets could develop randomly is preposterous. The unimaginable simply can’t be willed into existence. Not even toenails can be willed.

But, so far, nothing really new.

Digging deeper

While there’s much more to learn about miracles, to uncover the ‘why’ would seem to be the ultimate goal. Except, of all the ’w’ words of “who, what, when, why and where”, ‘why’ is the bastard and three-lettered stray. For one, it has depth. One could also say it is the wellhead of disguise - or else a back-alley vender of excuses - or else a devious cloak-maker. One can give someone a reason (why) about something and still not reveal the heart of the matter. There are shallow whys, deep whys and a whole lot of whys in-between. Take your pick.

On the other hand, about miracles spiritual folks already know why… it’s just so hard to put into words. And, the whys gets harder to explain the deeper one tries to go. Further perplexing, shallow whys are rarely convincing - to oneself or anyone else - clinging like barnacles are suspicions and doubts.

So it is…. the deep whys are just sitting there waiting for the right words to come along to unwrap them.

But the problem is compounded because of language differences. The ethereal has its own language for the very reason an ethereal mentality exists. Whether spoken or unspoken they go hand-in-hand. It’s called ‘divine intelligence’. And, it’s different because it’s based on different realities and therefore things would be characterized differently. As a result, the thing you’d like to nail down would likely be unrecognizable… meaning you wouldn’t be able to unwrap something you can’t find. Our search terms likely aren’t even in the ballpark.

“Where, oh where, can I find stuff about miracles?“ - you’d wonder.

So, if someone is going to try explaining things - even to themselves - they’d first have to learn its language… how it would characterize things. It’s the only way to clear up all our misconceptions… if not about miracles then about instincts, awareness, the sixth sense and the list goes on. However, it wouldn’t be an easy task and sure to take awhile.

However, since it’s always “discover first, explain later” when it pertains to the ethereal , the interim reward would be in gaining an understanding how miracles work for yourself. Even a rough idea would be rewarding. It would be cause to really appreciate miracles.

No longer would one be saying “Wow, a miracle” and let it go at that. One would have a deeper understanding and appreciation for what took place. Or is continuing to take place… like that beating heart or the developing second set of teeth.

Anyway, one doesn’t need to be anyplace in particular to witness a miracle. Or wait for ages. The great forest of miracles lies within our own mind and body.

Categorizing miracles

If to ever categorize miracles, our five senses should be filed under ’powers’ because, in a roundabout way, they are continually exerting themselves like any force would (the sixth sense is another animal). They wouldn’t be the first candidates to be nominated either. Early-on the ability to heal was foreseen as a power (aka: “healing powers“). In addition, the ability to communicate with divine intelligence via emanation - certainly miraculous - ought to be considered a power.

So then, many of the miraculous aspects of humans are more-so the equivalent of ’powers’. And, there’s a good chance the spirit world (the ethereal) would also characterize them as powers. It would be a good search term. One possible surprise is to learn each power has its own dimension.

However, ’dimension’ really isn’t the right word. The spirit world’s characterization of these ‘power dimensions’ may resemble more our idea of ‘wavelengths’ (signal bandwidths).

So how does that square with the physical fact eyeballs create sight and eardrums create sound and so forth? Well, the driving forces (the wavelengths) obviously found a way to manifest themselves in the physical. The fact they can replicate these devices is also obvious. Offspring inherit the same powers.

Powers transmitted on wavelengths, of course, is God’s invention. Or, one way God manifests himself.

The primary reason our idea of ‘dimension’ isn’t the right word and not applicable is because it is based on different principles. The human idea would tend to be heavily influenced by our 3-dimensional scheme which is only good for defining the physical. Humans would be expecting something that isn’t there. For much the same reason ‘time’ (the so-called 4th dimension) wouldn‘t be applicable either. There’s no such thing as ‘when’ in the ethereal… only in one’s imagination.

One could expect a difference and make allowances however. Along with these so-called wavelengths a feature roughly resembling our idea of dimensions seemingly exists. The difference between being dead and alive might be the best example. At least it’s the best one imaginable. Dreaming and apparitions might also be examples. As for holograms being an example… well, it seems that’s what apparitions are.

Yet, there’s more. We have other powers not so obvious… such as kindness, courtesy and ethics. And, they’re even more powerful… put to use they reverberate worldwide. Viewed from that perspective, then humans can also create wavelengths capable of miracles. After all, these attributes must have some way of transmitting… don’t they?

Over the airways these things fly on their appointed channels.

For one’s spiritual sake it should be beneficial to go back to marveling at our miraculous attributes once again. Go imagine…

A.O. Kime

Matrix of Mnemosyne... the place of smoke signals from the spirit world

Last modified: 03/09/16