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Merry-go-round of logic

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Mankind's static way of thinking - its errant basis and the dysfunctional traditions of society

(2nd edition [re-edit] - Feb 2014) by A.O. Kime
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It’s strange the same old way of thinking circulates like it does… it seems to go unchanged for centuries on end. Beliefs seemingly endure forever as well. Only rarely will they get thrown off this merry-go-round. Despite the ever-changing idiosyncrasies and social differences between centuries, humans still think like humans. At least that’s what the books indicate.

Note: There are two ways to look at the prevailing mentality of a given century… one can either focus on the differences between centuries - as does the article The 19th century and the evolution of thought - or focus on the amount of thinking that goes unchanged. Both have an interesting story to tell.

Politically, however, they’re usually significant differences. Except they just don’t last as long. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a positive influence on justice or negative. It’s what people fight over leaving most all else static.

Sometimes though, a certain logical disposition isn’t ’thrown off’ it’s just that nobody is hanging on to it anymore… it just ‘flies off’. It was something replaced, lost its appeal or is finally forgotten. It is referred to less and less with each passing generation.

As another way to put it, those things which are added and subtracted usually have little influence on the everyday, almost ingrained, outlook. It’s because ‘life’s realities’ are the constant… at least what people think are the realities. Still, whatever was retained, added or discarded could make a big difference.

We should be very careful what we discard or forget however. There’s likely a very good reason it was originally adopted.

America is a 'republic', not a 'democracy'

Nearly forgotten by the general public is that America is a ’republic’, not a democracy. A republic is based on the ‘rule of law’ and that’s what our Founding Fathers intended. Individual rights is what the U.S. Constitution protects… not ‘group rights’. In a democracy, 51% of the people could take away the rights of the other 49%. A democracy is majority rule (mob rule) and for centuries recognized as dangerous to the rights of the individual.

As a representative form of government America is only a ‘democracy’ when it comes to deciding who gets elected. Then, and only then, is majority rule constitutional. That’s because the U.S. is a ‘representative republic’ (different from a run-of-the-mill republic).

Yet the media and politicians always refer to America as a democracy. At least that’s true for the last 70 years or so. Before that it is uncertain but likely the term ‘republic’ was once more commonly referenced. Someone once said “Politicians use the word democracy when they want something from the people, and they use the word republic when they don't.”

While the reason is perhaps innocent because the right to vote is so suggestive of a democracy, it could also be for public relations (PR) purposes. After all, calling America a democracy gives the impression the public is in control. While the "public in control" may sound like a good thing - thus the PR value - it isn't... it's majority rule. And, just as marshal law can bypass the Bill of Rights, majority rule can too.

For instance, 24 states allow voter initiatives and it’s not unusual to see one passed which violates the state or U.S. Constitution. Or the Bill of Rights. If not overtly, then covertly (the devil being in the details). And, once passes, there is no remedy short of having to take the matter to court. So, who does the legal challenging and bears the cost? Usually the injured party… except it might not be a cohesive group (like smokers). And a group that is not cohesive group is largely a defenseless group. A prime example of this bushwhacking was Arizona’s proposition 203 in 2006.

Typically the backers of voter initiatives are special interest groups and to get voter support they’ll pitch the idea on TV, radio and in the newspapers. But whatever these initiatives concern, it amounts to special interests taking advantage of ‘majority rule’. Of course, grassroots-driven initiatives can easily do the same.

While grassroots-driven initiatives often produce positive results (i.e., lower taxes for everyone) - it’s still a potentially dangerous process. They can also target a group or put one at a disadvantage. In those cases, it automatically creates a ‘minority’ (even if they were never considered one before).

From the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information:

Minorities -- whether as a result of ethnic background, religious belief, geographic location, income level, or simply as the losers in elections or political debate -- enjoy guaranteed basic human rights that no government, and no majority, elected or not, should remove.

Legislators also vote

But because our legislators vote on issues in Congress is also suggestive of a democracy. However, if to have a representative form of government, it is a necessary evil for our republic. And, obviously, evil it became. Votes are often bought, sold and traded like cheap watches. While term limits may not wipe out all the shenanigans and traitorous activities, it would go a long way. It would greatly increase the chance Congress would become an institution we could all be proud. Finally, at long last, citizen legislators would reveal the true soul of our country.

It would be an instance whereby something adopted (term limits) could make a big difference.

The warped views retained

It’s just not what societies forget however - or almost forgot - it’s also the warped views retained. They are warped because they are based on the physical realities as put forth by the sciences which are no more than ’surface explanations‘ (the mechanics). Totally ignored or misinterpreted are the realities within the ethereal. And, the picture is not complete without taking into account both the physical realities and the ethereal realities.

The discoveries in quantum mechanics are not appreciated for their godly aspects... scientists being content just knowing their mechanical properties. They simply don’t connect the dots… what the totality really means. While their discoveries may prove to have some practical value, they're effectively 'sterile'. Therefore, their theoretical models of the universe aren't worth beans… probably better would be what Mother Goose thinks.

People are also influenced by religious views and what their parents and friends think. And then there’s peer pressure to think in an ’acceptable way’… it must closely match how society as a whole thinks. Just like mannerisms, one either conforms to an acceptable degree or they’re ostracized.

In light of the fact so much is unknown about so many things of a metaphysical nature one should question every assessment. While all concepts are based on some knowledge, there’s often little regard for what might be unknown about the subject. These unknowns could change 'the truth' completely. One shouldn’t be so fast in drawing conclusions… the door is still open to almost any possibility. The truth of the matter will likely turn out to be far more bizarre than ever imagined.

Doubts, unnaturalness and the 'dance'

If someone has ever doubted, sensed an unnaturalness or considered the peculiarities of society as just a ’dance’, it’s a sign they’d rather deal with the true realities. Or it’s a sign of ‘awakening‘. Whatever… there’s a dozen ways to say it.

As for the lingering unnaturalness, it’s largely the fault of the institutions. For good reasons though… it is their underpinning. Institutions are like a caller of a square dance and probably why so few people are trying to throw it off. It’s the only dance they know and, it is strongly implied, dance they must (if they want to eat).

However, there might be enough people trying to throw off the idea that governments should control us or that law enforcement agencies should run roughshod. Among other things people are trying to throw off are the ideas of an income tax, surveillance of our lives and outsourcing to China. None of these things, of course, make a sensible merry-go-round. Nor a sturdy and long-lasting one.

The 21st century walking hand-in-hand with the Middle Ages

If societies were ever to come to their senses, future historians will surely consider our times as still the Middle Ages (otherwise 5th to 15th century). Along with other dysfunctional evidence they’ll find are the blue laws (‘crimes‘ which have no victims) and that war medals were still being issued. War medals are the most ancient of all traditions but the idea there’s glory and honor in battle goes all the way back to the Iron Age. Maybe even the Stone Age.

While battles may often be necessary, they are shameful affairs. They are shameful because the killing had to happen. The sooner forgotten the better. That war heroes should be decorated with shiny medals is sadistic, twisted and thus dysfunctional.

Such backwardness doesn’t apply to the technology sectors however. Tolerating no dysfunction whatsoever these sciences have jumped ahead of the social and political aspects by 4-5 centuries. There is something bizarre about the Middle Ages and the 21st century existing simultaneously (even in harmony). It's just a curiosity however, little more.

Strange too, when it comes to interpreting metaphysical matters, the sterile logic of the sciences is both progressive and regressive. It blazes well the mechanical trail but is oblivious to the more important spiritual trail (scientifically un-blazed). And, only saboteurs would ruin the joys of living with their details... like the romantic hue of the moon and the dazzle of comets. They would even ruin love with their explanations if they could. In short, they've removed God from the script, stripped wonderment and ruined the show.

Perhaps we should be thankful they have no symbols yet for life, light or fire (’c’ represents the speed of light, not light itself). Odd… even cavemen would have known their central positions. Today it's the spiritual-minded.

The greatest irony is their shallow view of the sun, earth (Gaia) and our being. Scientists might as well keep telling us the world is flat. The sun and earth, after all, are living forces and humans are the forces of God (if activated within). Humans can become God’s ‘agents’ so to speak.

Trust in one's senses and fire

But if to put further trust in one’s sensing abilities - powerful forces in their own right - it gets even more bizarre. One senses that powers and forces (some ‘alive’) are absolutely everywhere. They might only get hung up on the ’alive’ part until it is realized life is not limited to just flesh and blood.

As an example of sensing something alive is that aside from the radiating sun, any fire is ’alive’. Even manmade fires... fire is fire, no? With fire having such a central place in the scheme of things, it must have a special status - a ranking such as a ‘divine power‘ or ‘living force‘. Based on the animated characteristics of a fire - plus its consuming nature - it appears more as a living force (life) than a power. Plus, a fire demonstrates ‘independence’ and is driven incorporeally (albeit at the instinctual level). This all describes something alive.

Note: For more on why fire may be ‘alive’ see The Quest for the Nature of Light

On the other hand, powers (metaphysics) are not animated and do not consume (this doesn’t describe anything alive).

However, such distinctions may not exist exactly like that in the ethereal. If the truth be known they could be characterized differently. It may require new definitions, new terms. Of course, that’s assuming there’s any distinctions at all. After all, the ethereal appears more akin to verbs (actions) than nouns (entities).

The ancient Greeks also believed fire had a divine status. As their analogy goes, it was "stolen from heaven". But even the mention of fire in such a context means they viewed it as something extraordinarily special.

Then there is Darwin’s theory of evolution… that we thought we descended from monkeys would also make the future historians chuckle. It is as outrageous as believing the moon is made of cheese.

A.O. Kime

Last modified: 03/09/16