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Immortality and the Afterlife

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How to find clues as to what immortality might entail

(2nd edition - February 2006) by A.O. Kime
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Whether immortality is in the cards for humans has been debated for centuries, assuredly since the Stone Age. Yet there are only two sides of the coin when it comes to the question of immortality. It is simply yes… or no. Either it exists or it doesn’t. It is a simple matter only initially however, and especially simple if the answer is no, because then the trail would end. If the matter is yes, and if to pursue the particulars, it would become just like all other metaphysical questions… elusive and subject to all sorts of possible answers.

Compounding the problem... answers to metaphysical questions lie within a vast sea of unknowns where everything is diametrically opposed to human logic. This makes very precarious humanly-conceived metaphysical theories and spiritual beliefs. From even the slightest deviation from the truth, the reality of a theory (or belief) could be situated anywhere on the map. And this map is, well, huge… the scope of metaphysical matters seems to be infinitely dimensional.

While theories about immortality have only two doors to choose from initially, either the ‘yes’ door or ‘no’ door, there would be countless other doors behind the ‘yes’ door. They would be doors to rooms containing, of course, answers to all questions surrounding the hereafter. Of all the possible scenarios humans could possibly imagine, there are surely countless unimaginable scenarios. Humans have probably imagined thousands of afterlife scenarios, if not millions… which means, by virtue of this, the range is wide for the imagination to roam. Perhaps though, we can narrow it down somewhat.

Afterlife clues

First of all… where do we begin? Well, we can only begin with clues… because there are only clues from which to begin. That’s because no facts exist. While religions tell us of an afterlife, they offer no details, no proof… leaving the matter in doubt. Religions, therefore, are of no help.

Near-death experiences aren't much help either. While they might make someone believe more in an afterlife, they yield no information as to what lies beyond. Other than these near-death experiences, there just isn't any circumstances whereby ordinary folks might become privy. Meanwhile, theories are just theories. Ordinary folks, therefore, are of no help... which leaves the spiritual-minded.

Of course we already know science would be of no help... scientists know nothing of the metaphysical and try to explain phenomena in 'rational' (scientific) terms. Except to be rational, according to science, one must stay within the boundaries of their core belief… which is, answers must be ‘logical’. However, it is instead illogical to think man's version of logic would apply to the metaphysical... comprised of different realities. The only metaphysical existent science acknowledges is life itself even though, contrary to practice, it does not 'square'. For obvious reasons, science is forced to acknowledges life.

While science would accept metaphysical realities if they could be proven but some things are so evident they shouldn’t need proving. Why even try? Why should mankind try to square everything with his subjacent realities? After all, they are subjacent due to the fact the reality of the spirit world is more encompassing. Who says so? The mysteries of metaphysics.

So, if religions, ordinary folks and science are of no help... how do we find clues as to what immortality entails then? Well, there is only one way… spiritually.

There are at least two spiritual means available... the Divine Intellect and dreams. Actually, dreams serve to corroborate what is learned from the Divine Intellect and in this sense, they compliment each other. The Divine Intellect lets it be known certain facts exist, otherwise unknowable, and some dreams add credence to it. It isn't that any particular dream would shed clues, but instead it is recognizing the significance of a particular type of dreaming. Assuredly, that type of dreaming represents the activities of our spiritual soul. That type of dreaming is clearly different from all the other types of dreams… in that they are drawing very little, or nothing, from our memory banks to create the plot and the characters within it. Often the characters are like nobody we’ve ever met and the scenes aren't derived from experiences.

While the human imagination does play an important roll, perhaps dominates, that doesn’t lessen the wonder just because it is commonly viewed as humanly (psychologically) created. In other words, scientific terms don’t automatically limit or lessen a metaphysical marvel. The roll imagination plays in this type of dreaming suggests only its profound complexity, its astounding ability to 'create', whereas scientific explanations of these dreams merely demonstrate shallow straight-line thinking, much as Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Immortal philosophical failings

Before we continue along these lines, let’s first better understand where we’re at today and what we’re faced with in trying to figure out metaphysical questions. First of all, science hasn’t made the slightest headway in the last 2,000 years. What science claims to know is almost invariably the result of a forced fit. Matters of the spirit world exist within a different environment than our physical world… just as the term ‘metaphysics’ suggests. It follows that the vastly different reality in the spirit world would generate a vastly different ‘logical disposition’. In other words, the circumstances dictate what can be considered logical and why ‘earthly logic’ doesn't apply to spirit world curiosities.

While occasionally science may have caught the scent of some particular spiritual reality, it is forever left with nothing to hold in its hand, that is, nothing logically compatible with physical realities. And since it isn't compatible, it is summarily tossed aside. In other words, human logic is based upon all those things established by the known laws of physics and therefore human logic isn't applicable to the spirit world. It’s a horse of a different color. As a result, as in psychology or sociology for example, scientific assessments aren’t painting the full picture and often the wrong picture. Academia tries to force-fit God’s modus operandi into their professions… well-paid professions by the way, to explain the human psyche.

This is not to say it is impossible for humans to figure it out, just human logic. One needs to set aside human logic for these purposes. It is to scrap all previous notions and begin thinking in ways never before imagined. Forget about known scientific contentions, and except for Plotinus, forget about what all the other philosophers have said as well... although at least Immanuel Kant recognized this:

"Metaphysics has been the battlefield of endless conflicts. Dogmatism at first held despotic sway; but ... from time to time skepticism destroyed all settled order of society;... and now a widespread indifferentism prevails. Never has metaphysics been so fortunate as to strike into the sure path of science, but has kept groping about, and groping, too, among mere ideas. What can be the reason of this failure? Is a science of metaphysics impossible? Then, why should nature disquiet us with a restless longing after it, as if it were one of our most important concerns? Nay more, how can we put any faith in human reason, if in one of the very things that we most desire to know, it not merely forsakes us, but lures us on by false hopes only to cheat us in the end? Or are there any indications that the true path has hitherto been missed, and that by starting afresh we may yet succeed where others have failed?" --- Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

Since the spirit world has a different ‘logical disposition’, the approach to metaphysical questions must therefore be different. Just like man learned to swim, similarly, man needs to learn how to ‘think spiritually’. First though, one must sense spiritual logic to get anywhere. It must be recognized and its essence grasped. Spiritual logic will tender spiritual truths simply because its logic represents its corresponding reality whereas human logic, based on completely different realities, is only applicable to itself. Logic, you see, is the child of realities. But, in order to be a legitimate child (logical), it must accurately represent a given reality.

In another way to describe spiritual thinking, it's like tuning into the correct radio frequency for input from the spirit world. Spiritual thought then acts like a processor to decipher spiritual logic and begins thinking in those terms. Within spiritual logic, one can find purpose. Purpose, of course, is man’s biggest curiosity. And if you can nail down purpose, it answers a lot of other related questions.

The Divine Intellect and immortality

But hold on, it isn’t so easy. Unless you measure-up, you’ll never have a clue what spiritual thinking is all about. One must prove themselves worthy first. Further, while man managed to teach each other the art of swimming, spiritual thinking is something you can’t teach someone, you can only teach yourself. That capability is within everyone however… it is an inherent feature.

Human logic is useful for one thing though, for ascertaining the correct door... the immortality door. As a result of pondering the magnificence of it all, life in general, the perfect nature of it, even within the most insignificant things, there is only one logical door… the ‘yes’ door. It requires a little more than logic to determine this door is the right door however; it takes an especial appreciation of these wonders. Most people aren’t appreciative enough however, having just taken the gift of life and ran… like some giddy beggar would do after getting a whopping 100 bucks from some sympathetic donor. For anyone found guilty of being unappreciative, even though they might have chosen the right door, they will find nothing behind it.

Yet, people still listen to academia as if the final authority. In concert, the media spreads science’s biased findings to the point of muffling out all other voices. The initial successes of science have resulted in a large following, no longer interested in spirituality… hence having left behind the proper attitude to think spiritually. In order to think spiritually, nothing has changed however; it’s still all about gratitude, attitude, worthiness and brains.

At any rate, once the correct door is selected… what’s next? Well, once it is opened, the next door is for Room 101, that’s where the basics are taught. Until some of the basics are known, one cannot imagine how to open the remaining clue-doors… no more than a blind man can imagine eyesight. The professor in Room 101 is the Divine Intellect.

As a current student of the Divine Intellect, albeit not a very good student, having often been expelled from class, I can still tell you the school's entire curriculum surrounds immortality since it is the ultimate purpose. It is the purpose for everything in existence. Transient life is illogical even in the opinion of the spirit world as it serves no ultimate purpose. Without purpose there would be no meaning... arbitrary then, born of chaos, would be all existents. The word ‘purpose’ is unique in a way because it is one of the few words both man and the spirit world understand and agree upon in a similar fashion.

Everlasting life and the senses

So what will the afterlife be like and where will it take place? Will we be flesh and blood or become a spirit of some sort? Well, I can’t say, I haven’t completed the course in Room 101 yet... therefore I can't open any more doors. So far, the professor hasn’t said either. I’ve often raised my hand to ask those questions but he ignores me. Apparently he is of the opinion that if you're searching for clues, the right to open those doors must be earned. While reaching this point would demonstrate a fervent desire for eternal life, whether it makes any difference is unknown, but it would seem important.

I also gathered that whatever immortality will be like depends on what senses we’ll get... although it is unknown whether the professor hinted at this or I surmised it on my own. Five of the six senses which we now possess require a physical body assuredly unlike the sensing capabilities of the spiritual soul. Since 'to live’ means 'to experience’, and since the senses provide these experiences, in effect then, the senses represent life itself. So, as to what immortality will be like… it depends on what senses we get. However, so far the Divine Intellect hasn’t shed a clue about what these senses will be… and maybe he won’t. Or perhaps only those more ‘in-tune’ are capable of grasping that answer. Perhaps Buddhist monks are more capable… since they found for themselves the best environment to learn such spiritual things. A hermit might also... distractions, after all, are a killer. Also, some people seem naturally more capable than others... such as Irish females, the redheaded ones.

The other thing one must learn is how to listen. There are no languages spoken, as you might have already guessed, it’s like mental telepathy. Similarly, it requires one to interpret messages through a sensing mechanism… what could be considered another capability of the sixth sense. This particular capability of the sixth sense is like a processor which breaks down messages into something understandable… but it takes time to get the hang of it.

To summarize, full success depends upon whether you’ve been deemed worthy… and it is your very own subconscious mind which makes that determination. Failure occurs for many obvious reasons but largely due to insincerity. Insincerity creates a feeling you can't hide. You know, it's the feeling you get from telling someone you love them when you really don't. This feeling resonates to the subconscious mind effectively ‘blocking’ spiritual communications. Otherwise, with the proper spiritual connection (syntax), communications will flow.

Forever to dream?

Lastly, if we don’t receive a new set of senses in order to experience living as we now know it, then another possibility exists, the dream state... call it afterlife dreaming. However, the dream state would completely shatter our concept of what is required to be considered 'alive'. Who knows, in light of the awesome capabilities of the creator, omnificent, maybe life can exist in varying degrees after all. Perhaps the following is a clue ... even though all living creatures are considered ‘alive’, it is a term consistently applied to each creature equally, as if being 'equally alive', whereas it could be a relative matter... as in one form of' life possessing more 'features' of life than another. For example, a 'lowly' creature with merely instincts is not as 'featured' as a larger animal which also possesses awareness. The 'human element' is one more additional feature. What if even more features existed? Perhaps then... ‘alive’ and ‘life’ should no longer be viewed as synonymous.

This website has articles on practically every metaphysical subject... see the list in our Metaphysical wonders & inkwell philosophy webpage. Inspired by the muse they are original, enlightening and endearing.

We shouldn’t necessarily feel cheated by the dream-state possibility however. Many of our dreams, especially those mentioned earlier, are effectively the same thing as living. After all, the images and action are vivid enough to believe them real while dreaming. Besides, 'afterlife dreams' could be even more vivid. To a large extent, reality equates to that which is believed to be reality anyway.

Importantly, those images and scenarios experienced in dreams (or in afterlife dreaming) wouldn’t take place if we didn’t have our current senses however… perhaps the purpose for being human.

A.O. Kime

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