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Grand Jury Report - 1917

An example of the broad authority the grand jury exercised in the early days - notable in this case its investigative authority

GRAND JURY REPORT - from the Jan 5, 1918 edition of the Border Vidette newspaper (Nogales, Arizona 1894-1934)

To the Honorable W. A. O' Connor, Judge of the Superior Court of the State of Arizona, in and for the County of Santa

We, the Grand Jury, duly empanelled and sworn on the 11th day of December, A. D., 1917, as a grand jury of the Superior
Court of the State of Arizona, in and for the County of Santa Cruz, beg to report as follows:

We have inquired into three cases of murder, and five cases of grand larceny, one of assault with intent to commit
murder and one for bootlegging, and herewith present to you the following true bills and indictments, to-wit, two for
murder, five for grand larceny, one for assault with intent to commit murder, and one for bootlegging.

We hare made a thorough investigation into the murder of Fred. J. Miller at Mowry, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, on the
12th day of October, 1917, but from the evidence produced before us we were unable to return any indictments charging
anyone with the murder of the said Fred. J. Miller.

In view of the fact that it is the duty of the State Examiner, who is an expert accountant, to examine the accounts of
the several county offices, the Grand Jury have deemed it unnecessary to examine the accounts of the various county
offices, as the State Examiner will in due time make a thorough investigation of the accounts of the several county
offices, and will, at that time, make a report of the result of his investigations to the Board of Supervisors.

Investigation shows that a number of defendants have gone without trial on account of a trial jury not being called in
time to try these defendants within the time specified by the statute of limitations. We respectfully suggested that a
method be adopted, or the system improved, so as to avoid a recurrence of this situation in the future, and to that end
we respectfully recommend that the Court adopt the same system that is now in effect in Pima county, viz, that a trial
jury be summoned in the month of January of each year. to serve for the entire year, being excused from time to time to
be called again within a time not to exceed ninety days. In this manner no defendant will escape for want of a trial
jury within the time specified by the statute of limitations.

We have investigated conditions relating to the practice of prostitution within Nogales and the county in general, and
from our investigation we find that there is a considerable amount of prostitution being practiced, but the laws of the
State are inadequate to handle the situation, and for that reason we have had no remedy to apply, nor any laws upon
which we could base any indictments.

Investigations show that there is also a considerable amount of bootlegging being carried on in Nogales and in the
county in general. We subpoenaed numerous witnesses before us to testify concerning alleged violations of the
prohibition laws, but none of them were able to give us any definite information along these lines, and because of our
inability to secure proper and satisfactory evidence we have been unable to return any indictments charging any one
with violation of the prohibition laws, save and except one defendant.

We believe that the Sheriff's office is greatly handicapped and crippled in the enforcement of the laws, and in the
apprehension of criminals, because of an insufficient number of deputies and jailers, and to this end we strongly
recommend to and urge upon the Board of Supervisors that they re-establish the positions of two County Rangers; that a
deputy sheriff be appointed for and stationed at both Patagonia and Duquesne, and particularly at Patagonia, as the
people in the county are entitled to just as much police protection as are the people in Nogales, and that an
additional deputy be appointed for duty in Nogales.

We also strongly recommend and urge that the Board of Supervisors increase the salaries of all jailors to the sum of
$125.00 per month; that all deputy sheriffs be paid at least 125.00 per month, and that the under sheriff be paid
$140.00 per month, the present schedule of salaries being paid to the jailors and deputy sheriffs being inadequate to
supply the average man with the necessary cost of living.

We further recommend that a new county jail be erected, the present jail having outgrown its usefulness, and that until
such time as a new jail can be erected that the present jail be repaired and put in a more sanitary condition, and that
the county physician be required to inspect the county jail at least twice a week.

We also recommend that iron bars or steel netting be placed across the jail yard so that it will be possible for
inmates of the county jail to have access to the jail yard during daytime.

We have investigated all county offices, and from our investigation we find that all of them are being run
efficiently, and economically.

Thorough investigation of road construction shows that the system of handling this work by day labor is very
inefficient, and that proper check has not been made covering the keeping of the time or the services rendered. We
recommend that in the future in the maintenance of county roads that a system be adopted that will prevent like leaks,
and that the taxpayers be given full value for their money.

Respectfully submitted,
Geo. J. White, Foreman.

Last modified: 03/11/16