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Farm Policies and the Treachery of Farmland Administration

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Revealing the existence and treasonous nature of agricultural socialism within America

(2nd edition - April 2008) by A.O. Kime
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Aside from death and taxes, there is one thing certain... governmental deception. American agriculture isn't based on free enterprise as our government would have people belief. At least 80% isn't. To illustrate this fact, below is a 1996 article published in the Backbone Newspaper in Payson, Arizona. While normally one wouldn't post an old article but in this case it's still applicable. Even though I wrote it, I was tempted to edit it somewhat but I didn't because it became a newspaper article, 'on record' in a sense, so it didn't seem ethically appropriate. At any rate, I don't think I stressed enough how egregious our farm policies are... that which has caused so much devastation in America's heartland.

Nor did I point out how our foreign trade policies affect all of America, not just family farmers. It has caused the whole character of America to change... from one of small businesses to that of giant corporations, socially and economically un-American. Neither did I stress how traitorous to the American ideal our politicians and bureaucrats have become.

Everything which made America an economic powerhouse over the decades, primarily small businesses and family farms, is being continually stamped-out in order to compete worldwide for the benefit of the transnationalists. It is social and economic suicide. Our American way of life, once laid back and neighborly, and for the most part ethically and morally sound, of security largely, has practically disappeared. Once the envy of the world for our high standards, in business, personal interactions and politically, albeit not always, is no more. The politicians in America, touting our country as a bastion of free enterprise, portraying it as a democracy, is now done only for appearances... because it is no longer true. It is no secret our politicians, with few exceptions, are owned by the corporations and do their bidding. As a result, the face of America has changed and will prove its undoing. Like Rome, progressively it will become comprehensively bankrupt.

With agriculture and the oil industry now virtually controlled and the rest of industry heavily regulated, general services included, demonstrates the term 'free enterprise' is a moving target... continually redefined to fit the current situation. What free enterprise meant in the 1950s isn't what it means today... yet it is still called 'free enterprise'. The 50s version has virtually disappeared. After all, excessive laws and regulations make the situation far less 'free'. The only thing 'free' about free enterprise today is the right to buy or sell a business... how it is operated is the government's business now. The latitude which still exists in America today is no different than what exists in socialist or communist countries.

When 80% of American agriculture is under a socialistic regime, being the largest industry and the number one employer, that isn't free enterprise. Little can be found in America of any importance that isn't now on a leash. Without a leash however are the transnationalists running amok while enforcement of antitrust laws have become a farce.

I remember when the press in America, up to and during the 1950s and even into the early 60s, was critical of England, Canada and Australia for their socialist ways, often mocking them because their major industries were under government control. While the American press was vastly more critical of communism, the English Commonwealth was commonly referred to as 'socialist' in a negative fashion. We don't hear that anymore because America has joined their ranks.

While controls may have their place, it should be limited to noncompetitive situations, like power grids. For the competitive arena, antitrust laws are supposed to keep competition healthy by keeping domination in check... but that isn't happening. While socialism in itself is not evil, nor is communism, they represent excessive, unnecessary and inhibiting controls. The thing that rankles me, aside from having socialism shoved down our throats is that our politicians won't admit America is socialist... nor will the American press. If America is effectively socialist, and it's apparent... why not say so? If indeed it is a good thing, they should be happy to admit it. Conversely, denial says it isn't a good thing... and it isn't.

While most Americans know most politicians are treasonous corporate lackeys, continually undermining the basic tenets of Americanism, they seem resigned to the fact... having given up hope for anything better. Apathy can also be attributable to the psychological razzle-dazzle long recognized by politicians around the world as the way to maintain control or get re-elected... however shamelessly. In name too are the common deceptions such as 'the people's republic of...', ' the revolutionary party of...', etc., etc.. While America doesn't use those terms, it uses 'democracy' and 'free enterprise' in the same manner. America isn't what it was 50 years ago and that is evident... it is now a common run-of-the-mill socialist country. Of course, these changes won't stop until freedom is redefined to mean 'straitjacket'.

Although the quest for globalization began with controlling farm production, as a predictable consequence was the
outsourcing of manufacturing jobs spelling the end of the American dream. See Outsourcing... the killer plague of
the American Dream

Whoever is responsible for undermining America, for causing, or being a party to these changes, are clearly traitors... and if justice prevails their legacies will reflect it. Hopefully their gravestones will also cite a conviction. While some may argue America's new-age politicians and bureaucrats are no more wicked than those of other countries, and probably true... this is America, we're supposed to be above all that.

(Article - Backbone Newspaper; September 6, 1996)

Whatever happened to the family farmer?
by Allen Kime

It seems strange that in America, of all places, free enterprise is not trusted—not when it comes to agriculture. The body politic, USDA and our foreign trade policy, the Farm Bureau, ‘institutes’ claiming to be farmer based, many trade magazines and an endless array of other self-appointed agricultural ‘experts’ made that point clear. They rationalize and nurture farm socialism, either because they like farm socialism, are under a neophyte spell or have other self-serving agendas.

As a farm policy for cotton, wheat and feed grains, much of America’s cornucopia, Congress and the USDA created a Rube Goldbergian system as a means of control. Socialistic throughout but to maintain public acceptance, they utilize a creative psychologism ideology and fed it into the mainstream of conceptual realities. In short, they accentuate (illusional) positives and eliminate the negatives. Few, if any, acknowledgments are made to the success of un-regulated farm products, like fruits and vegetables, proof free enterprise works in agriculture. Occasional shortages, sure, but weather related, and the few times a farmer gets to play catch-up.

Preoccupied with another agenda, governmental intervention into major crops relates to destructive gluts, an omnipotent (USDA) controlled situation which continually repeats, countered with price and acreage manipulations, etc., whereby in the end, is a danger to America.

Meanwhile, policy makers and many spellbound trade magazines continually advocate an endless array of complex solutions to nothing more than a contrived problem (adequate supply), for whom Rube would be proud. Juggle, circumvent and a variety of counter-measures, endless. However, with no benefit to farmers, it appears more a choreographed policy (these gluts) to fulfill the needs of world trade advocates. Besides, the dynamics of supply and demand works, AUTOMATICALLY, it doesn’t need tinkering. After all, this is America. Don’t we believe that? It works, even in agriculture, but for globalization cross-purposes, shunned. There are thousands of articles by writers who mislead the public by underwriting governmental policy because they themselves have been brainwashed. Either having been cleverly hoodwinked or else they don’t trust free enterprise and should admit it. Perhaps they are just socialists by proxy.

Sixty years is more than adequate time to prove one unequivocal fact—farm socialism does not work. It does not work for farmers, the public nor for anyone with an environmental conscience. By any standard, governmental acreage and price controls of America’s largest industry has been an absolute and utter failure, at least for stated purposes.

The facts and figures speak for themselves and any final analysis would overwhelmingly support this conclusion (except those of the USDA). Their role should be strictly limited to pesticide regulation, quality control and research. USDA’s outstanding world-class scientists have contributed greatly to American agriculture and credit is due, but the problem lies with their knavish brethren.

The basic elements of the USDA farm programs, in collusion with our foreign trade policy, typifies the term ‘mission creep’, often referring to what happen in (originally limited) military campaigns when the ‘mission’ grows. Similarly, but worse, in farmland America the original mission became a full-blown war of attrition, summarily eliminating 3-1/2 million family farms since 1950. Farm programs grossly fail to serve their original purpose, conversely, by promoting globalization (world-control by trade), benefit only importers at the expense of farmers. Who wins? OPEC, Reebok, Nike and Archer Daniels Midland. Although once a New Deal plan to save farmers, now an American decades-old devil incarnate and a policy from hell.

The reasoning behind latter-day farm programs is all too obvious. Primarily globalization, but they don’t trust farmers either, having an absolute fear of these rural bogeymen. Equally scary for minions is the horrid free enterprise creature, be it death unto their career to gaze upon. In defense, they decreed that food is a political weapon, too big a stick for farmers, so without probable cause began a relentless government siege to maintain control. THEIR (whipping boy) STICK to roundup, corral and thereby deny farmers the fruits of their labor, unless, of course, they be Chinese, Pakistani or Brazilian farmers. Oh yeah, also except large American corporate farms, those trying to be a supermarket to the world. Smaller herds are easier to control, dude.

I find it odd, ironic really, socialism being touted as a weapon to protect America from itself. Future historians should find that somewhat perplexing… In their retrospect, however, perhaps not. The purpose for psychological wizardry is no mystery, a first line of defense to justify an existence. Institutions have a survival instinct greater than man, willing to sacrifice its creator. And as I speak…

(end article)

Last modified: 02/07/16