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"Metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy"
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"A sagacious accounting of the Stone Age and the beginnings of civilization"
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Career help page - includes Career Information System (CIS) links

Helpful tips and other considerations for students planning on starting college

Picking a location

At some point finding the right college or trade school will be on one‘s agenda. Oftentimes their location is the deciding factor and our ‘browsable’ directories of U.S. colleges and trade schools are the quickest way to see the schools within a given area. And, with just links to their websites lets them tell their own story.

Help for counseling, admissions, scholarships and student loans

While there are many questions one faces in choosing a career - from its stability to the financial rewards - high schools and colleges can make counselors available to help you decide. Of course, in order to achieve your goals, it’s also about finding the right college, getting admitted and paying for it all (see 'student loans' further below).

Although not all states belong to the Career Information System (CIS) network, it's an excellent source for guidance and information (generally free to the state's residents). Be sure to check if fees apply using similar systems and programs.

Career Information System (CIS) and similar programs

Note: the following information is only for the central, western and Midwestern states - not yet included are the eastern and southeastern states.

Arizona Career Information System (for info on Arizona's tuition cap initiative see note under 'student loans' below)
California - see California Career Resource Network or see Eureka
Colorado - see Career Services (for UCB students only)
Idaho Career Information System
Illinois Career Information System
Indiana Career Information System
Iowa Career Information System (called "I Have A Plan Iowa")
Kansas - see Kansas Career Pipeline
Michigan - see Michigan Virtual School
Minnesota Career Information System
Missouri - see Missouri Connections
Montana Career Information System
Nebraska Career Information System
Nevada Career Information System
New Mexico - see GEAR UP New Mexico or see Career Exploration (Santa Fe Community College webpage)
North Dakota - see North Dakota’s Workforce Intelligence Network
Ohio CIS was replaced with OhioMeansJobs
Oklahoma Career information System
Oregon Career Information System
South Dakota - see SDMyLife
Texas - see Labor Market and Career Information
Utah see Utah Futures
Washington State - see WOIS/The Career Information System
Wisconsin  - see Career Locker (or the UW-Eau Claire webpage career Information for some good tips)
Wyoming - see Center for Advising and Career Services (University of Wyoming)

If you need additional help the following may prove helpful:

Fateful college decisions

Since decisions are always fateful - of an everlasting impact both professionally and personally - the need for due diligence is stressed as the rewards are often relative to one’s researching efforts. Right decisions shouldn’t rely on luck. A flexible curriculum should also be considered allowing one to re-focus later if a better idea arises. After all, born of the imagination goals evolve… seldom resembling the targets of yesteryear.

Important: Be aware of deceptive 'diploma mills'... for more information see:

Student loans (why and when they shouldn't be sought)

For the purpose of financing your education, if at all possible avoid student loans like the plague... chances are you'll regret it later. Pay-as-you-go is probably the best advice you'll ever get. One need only read the horror stories to be convinced... of countless graduates being overwhelmed with debt and repayment demands. Nobody can make life miserable like bill collectors either - especially government bill collectors. You might as well be a killer on the run with a pack of dogs on your trail. And, as you will discover, student loans will follow you to your grave... not even bankruptcy will wipe them out. Also consider this... what if your education doesn't produce that higher-paying job? There's no guarantee, you know. If it didn't, anyone obligated to repay while still stuck with a low-paying job would be worse off than they were before.

Only if you're reasonably assured of a high paying job (quickly enough) would student loans make sense. But however you finance your education, to help insure success enroll first in your state's Career Information System.

While pay-as-you-go would take much longer to earn a degree - for most students perhaps typically requiring twice as long - each class taken would be appreciated more. Having already been bought and paid for with your own hard-earned cash you'd be more apt to make your education pay off. As if an obligation to your blood, sweat and tears, you'd demand it of yourself. Besides, what's the rush? After all, life experiences (along the way) would help guide your education. During this time you'd develop a clearer idea of what you want... the education process could then be made 'more efficient'.

As another option, the College of the Ozarks (Missouri), has a "work for an education" program (no tuition). A few other colleges have developed some innovations as well. Of their various creative repayment plans, it's mostly about making it easier (with less hassle).

Note for Arizona residents:: Currently being organized is a citizen's initiative for 2016 that would cap tuition increases for in-state students at Arizona’s universities and community colleges... for details see http://www.tuitioncaps.com

Jobs versus going into business for yourself

Generally speaking - taking into account that not all professions are of the type one can be 'self-employed' (i.e., teachers, astronauts) - it's seemingly odd that most people think only in terms of working for someone else. Perhaps jobs should only be considered stepping stones, never a goal?

After all, it's a pressure cooker lifestyle and good bosses never seem to last. It's also appropriately called a 'rat race'. Yet, self-employment opportunities rarely occur... often being a matter of forcing the issue. It's not easy either... almost invariably it takes money to make money. But the hardest part is actual plunge... that leap of faith.

But also scary is knowing you'd be exposing yourself to continual risks. However, usually only ill-conceived plans are risky such as working for oneself one chances bitter and painful disappointments. On the other hand, losing a job can be bitter and painful. Seemingly then - like a turtle - it's just a matter of sticking one's neck out a bit further. The upside is the chance to experience supreme satisfaction and - to the extent regulations permit - freedom. Comprised entirely of degrees, the highest degree of satisfaction only happens when it involves something that is entirely yours.

Further thoughts on education

With an agrarian society having been tossed aside as an ideal, one of true independence and self-sufficiency at the household level, of a closeness to nature, to family, getting a good ‘bourgeois’ education is more important today than ever before. In the process however one’s spiritual side should not be forgotten. While it’s the tendency, often being intellectually incompatible, it is the other half of 'success'. Whether for better or worse, it is the reality we've been dealt… the first minted coin made it inevitable.

"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. Society is a joint-stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs." --- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Last modified: 09/23/16
Notice: By listing any particular school or company does not constitute an endorsement