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Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

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Ultimate Conspiracy Theory
by Jay Werbinox Taylor

People often speak of the Balance of Nature as a principle that administers justice in the universe, a justice that eventually produces consequences for every action, and evens out all inequities across a span of time. This span of time can be so vast, however, that most of us never live long enough to see it played out. What we do witness is a multi-year drought disposed of by a four month deluge. We see that nature can be alternately fertile and desolate with intense unpredictability. We see earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, and fires - all processes of a living planet - occur without any consideration for our homes, cities, and desires for permanence. The forces of nature go about their way with total indifference to our human presence.

Imagine indifference itself as a kind of power. How can human beings live according to a universe that does not even notice them, let alone consider them? How can mercy and justice be derived from natural forces that exemplify indifference because they possess no consciousness at all?

For some the answer is - "there must be an Entity like ourselves (conscious ego) that exists behind these forces, a Being who controls these forces. This means that everything is an _expression of will, a Divine will!" - and with this kind of thinking the concept of God was born, and continues to exist to this day. It is important to understand the sense of security and power that can be gained by postulating a conscious Entity behind the indifferent flux of natural phenomena; with this idea one seemingly conquers indifference, and can appeal directly to the Being who controls nature, a being who "notices you"!

Every religion, faith, and invention of God so far has been, amongst other things, an attempt to escape the horrifying idea that the universe is ultimately and totally indifferent to us. Better to believe in the fires of Hell itself than to know that there is no Cosmic Moral Order, no Scorekeeper, no Witness, no Judge, no reward or punishment in an Afterlife, and no supernatural audience.

It is the same in our interactions with other humans. People demand an audience for their virtues and deeds. "Where is the value of an action" many unfortunately think, "if no one is there to witness it?" - as if value is bestowed by a spectator, by the mere presence of a spectator!

Love and hatred are fine for most people, as long as they are noticed. It is to be treated with utter indifference that is the greatest blow.

-Now extend this hatred of indifference to nature and the cosmos. People would rather believe that tragedy and disaster are delivered upon their heads deliberately by a "god" with a plan and a "higher purpose" than to think that it happened for no reason whatsoever. All magnitude of tragedy can be endured so long as a purpose can be found in it. When none can be found the human survival instinct must manufacture one.

The Greeks could not endure suffering that had no purpose, so they invented an audience of gods to witness their strife. Purpose was found in being a Divine Spectacle.

The Jewish people could not endure slavery under their rulers who worshipped a multitude of gods, so they invented a single all-powerful God to serve as their liberator and protector; a God who later served as their great punisher whenever they failed to obey a strict moral code, which allowed the ruling priesthood to interpret every hardship and defeat as the will of God (Yahweh) and therefore deserved.

In each case a god was created to serve the self-preservational imperative of the people who needed it, and later to preserve and expand the power base of a ruling order. It is no different today. "God" comes from human psychology, not from empirical evidence in nature. Though a complex order of magnificent and robust design is ever revealing itself within the workings of nature, it is human psychology that extrapolates this evidence into "proof" of a Conscious Entity that spawns and controls it all, a conclusion that is anything but scientific in its willingness to declare that "intelligent design" proves the presence of an "intelligent designer".

Many people are fond of seeing a god's will in everything, from disasters to elections to an acorn falling at their feet at the right moment. This is to make God the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory.

If a tornado destroys one church, but not another
- "It is God's will."
If someone loses an election
- "God has spoken."
If our nation hits hard times
-"God is punishing us."
If I get constipated
-"God is punishing Me."
If our enemies are destroyed
-"God is Just."

This anthropomorphic thinking is an attempt to recreate nature in our own image. It assumes that behind every Deed there is a Doer; behind every chance or accident there is an ego conscious entity exercising its will; behind every event, no matter how large or how small, a master hand is placing pre-determined puzzle pieces. This psychology reinvents the universe into the ultimate conspiracy theory.

This view may serve the preservational imperatives of many amongst us, but it is far from any criterion of truth, or necessity to believe. How could the rational amongst us live according to such an all pervasive entity? One would have to kill such a god to exist at all, let alone be free. It is a good thing for us that "God" is a creation of the human mind - for the mind, and its hidden psychology, is our ultimate guide and ruler.

Jay Werbinox Taylor

Last modified: 03/11/16