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"Metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy"
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"A sagacious accounting of the Stone Age and the beginnings of civilization"
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STD LEX... a book on the metaphysical realities in America's politically-challenged democracy

A bible for the Tea Party Patriot?

arrow Note: STD is the Latin acronym for 'sacrae theologiae doctor' (doctor of sacred theology) and LEX is Latin for 'law'

Intelligent reasoning on metaphysics, social issues and on the failure of institutions... but with a spiritual twist

arrow STD LEX is testimony to the power of tenacity, poetry and divine intelligence
arrow a fictional odyssey is included (25% of the book)... a dynamic new concept
arrow bear witness to the very essence of American patriotism as boldly demonstrated

A bookshelf prize!

book cover picture of STD LEX

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STD LEX (2nd edition)

While the underlying purpose for STD LEX is to demonstrate the existence of ‘divine intelligence’ it does so largely by example… often by addressing the metaphysical realities in America's ‘politically-challenged’ democracy.

STD LEX also takes logic to the next level concerning America’s social issues as well. Practical matters or not, it remains evident throughout that this sagacious book is applying ‘spiritual logic‘.

In appreciating the fact people are fickle about metaphysical matters, forever cynical of another’s opinion, STD LEX offers no final conclusions... leaving it up to the reader. Since self-realizations are often equivalent to first-hand knowledge, thus more believable, this highly allegorical book was purposely designed to be a challenge. It had to be.

There is more...

Aside from its obvious usefulness for the soul, spiritual enlightenment can also be applied to material concerns as well… demonstrated in the unique manner in which freedom, the blue laws, religion, metaphysics, mythology and the family-farm crisis are boldly addressed. One will quickly see what 'spiritual logic' is largely about... that it cannot ignore the issues of freedom. They’re inseparable. While these topics are addressed from a metaphysical point-of-view, to help support certain contentions great visionaries, philosophers and statesmen are often quoted which include Emanuel Kant, Plotinus, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Samuel Butler, John Stuart Mill and Walt Whitman.

A fictional but illuminating odyssey is incorporated as well comprising about 25% of the book. It is a dynamic new concept which can add a fascinating dimension to a book giving the author the ability to further clarify points by using fiction to create those often-needed analogies. For example, one cannot explain the smell of a flower or the sound of a saxophone without using comparisons.

So too, there's metaphysical poetry, lots of it... uniquely structured in a way seldom attempted.

In summary…

Prepare yourself for the most unusual book you'll ever have the pleasure to read... sure to be recognized for its inroads into metaphysics as much new ground is broken. We also think you'll find these periodically-injected episodes featuring some very unusual characters very entertaining. While in their quest to rescue mankind from the clutches of political evil, the Warrior Poet and Illuminati also find themselves snared in episodes on the lighter side. Among other characters, there's also the Eye of the Shadow, the faster-than-light horse Tachyon and the ridiculous General Audacity of the Academies. 

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Even more about the book... and/or read Chapters 1-2

STD LEX reveals (mainly by example) the existence of an absolutely amazing spiritual phenomenon called the 'nous' (divine intelligence) which was first described by Plotinus (205-270). It is this incredible nous which holds the phenomenal wisdom of the spirit world, and importantly, it is accessible... meaning metaphysics need not remain a mystery. While STD LEX could be considered intellectually challenging, generally it can be understood by anyone because people automatically recognize inherent logic. From a spiritual perspective STD LEX addresses metaphysics and reviews certain aspects of religion and mythology. This book also includes some metaphysical poetry (popular in the 17th century). Sure to be recognized as a blockbuster for its groundbreaking insights into metaphysics, enlightening throughout, STD LEX is also far ahead on the Promethean curve to serve the interests of human rights.

STD LEX, purposefully allegorical often, is also very comprehensive, incorporating the various aspects of institutional failures and societal shortcomings to paint a more defining picture. It is a book taking ‘common sense’ to the highest level possible by utilizing what Kime calls ‘spiritual logic’. It identifies the most serious of mankind’s problems due to conformity and illogical thought and addresses the problems inherent to all institutions. The family farm crisis weighs in and is effectively an exposé on government policies. The basis for our latter-day economic system is also tackled; the axiom ‘all new wealth comes from the soil’ is stressed. Often highly profound, the overall theme of STD LEX is 'metaphysically spiritual' in nature.

INTRODUCTION (from the book)

"Because of the content, this book begins cautiously, careful not to unnecessarily overwhelm the reader initially with metaphysical thought because STD LEX is the result of a natural thinking process…. in a sense how one would likely rationalize without the influence of imposed realities. To accomplish this, STD LEX utilizes an ancient phenomenal resource (Muses) but like anything mystical today, often scoffed at. However with an open mind, it promises to awaken your inner self. From this primordial wellspring STD LEX is perhaps one of the most unique books ever, incredibly insightful thanks to the Muses of Greek mythology. Using different forms of expression this book tries to embody logic in its finest form as it tackles our most important concerns, primarily human rights.
An apropos title, STD is the Latin acronym for 'sacrae theologiae doctor' (doctor of sacred theology) and LEX is Latin for law. The verses within are an incredible creation and as such, the manifestation of a metaphysical phenomenon either unknown or unacknowledged by modern-day science. The power of spiritual mysticism becomes evident once again, feared for centuries by every kingdom throughout the world and the bane of self-serving religions.
Protracted for ages, the masses were deviously lead to believe by those existent institutions that mysticism was evil, not necessarily so. Whether mystical abilities are good or evil is dependent upon the practitioner and not exclusively inherent. It will become evident that the spiritual mysticism within expresses only multivalent spiritual desires and with wisdom to effectively expose the hypocrisy in societies, religious and governmental institutions, every institution, even those scientific. Although a metaphysical blockbuster, again, the main purpose of this book is to express and promote humanistic ideals.
Once a family farmer for twenty-five years and a native son of Arizona, and until recently only aware of our earthly mentality which always seemed logically sufficient, I was slowly 'educated' otherwise during 1997-98 through a series of extraordinary experiences. These were encounters with the spirit world and in the beginning they were mostly telepathic but were later followed by exhibitions of a metaphysical nature. I've witnessed phenomena never before recorded. But it is not my purpose or intent to convince the reader of these potent capabilities or promote them but mainly through my spiritual resources (Muses) to demonstrate society's follies and illogical thought, why humankind has its continual troubles. This is done by tapping this undeniable logic; some may call it the Divine Intellect, and thus flows forth yet another phenomenon, an automatic passionate desire to substantiate these spiritual truths with an unsurpassed form of expression. Within this book are, uniquely, uncontaminated points of view, truths from a largely inexplicable awareness of spiritual realities.
I fervently hope that henceforth, as a result of this book, society might know itself better in order to demonstrate its perfectibility and therefrom institutions would acknowledge there indeed exists a higher standard, whereby humankind, now more apt to be resolute, can exhibit its godlike and benevolent capabilities.
Having said that, I also hope this book can elevate itself above any appearances of being naive, passé‚ or illegitimate initially. This may appear to be the case in the first few chapters as I cautiously condition the reader for something new. Perhaps when I try to be accommodating, this oversimplification might be misconstrued and therefore the reader might label the text as shallow material. If so, again, it would be the consequence of trying to make phenomena understandable to readers by diluting the essence of comprehensive realities through the process of compromising expressions, in short, representing phenomena in a cursory manner and truths meekly. However religions have done much worse, representing the power of God largely in irresponsible ways and in the end became self-serving. Despite their faults however, they've kept His words alive.
Conversely, casual judgments determining what may seem to be naive, passé‚ and illegitimate are often embellished with these same adjectives. This must be understood at all times, in that conformity in thought has been the root cause of society's imperfection. Not only will this book prove itself having such powerful undeniable logic once it's understood, it should also demonstrate the futility of spiritual organization. The very essence of organizations (institutions) is that they become ultimately inert and largely counterproductive, failing to recognize spiritual contact is a personal matter, or anti-organizational. There is simply no need to organize to be effective, single individual will is sufficient to accomplish anything.
Maintaining a consistent perceptive while writing this book was the most difficult part, not to mention maintaining a connection with the Muses. In trying to be objective, to portray realities as they can be best described was a daunting task since there are countless variations in the condition of our society, literally ranging from that grand and beautiful to pitiful and shamefully evil. How does one express the varying state of affairs in order to provoke a profound thought or base a representative critique of society? Verse does it best.
Contrary to conventional wisdom that one must target an audience for a book, STD LEX was prepared having no idea as to who the individual readers might be, what their opinions could be or how they might perceive the realities of today. Perceptions will vary and that poses problems in selecting the best manner of delivery. Primarily for that reason, the ‘narration’ within attempts to bring metaphysical verse into focus but because of the difficulty, it must be done in a creative fashion. Attract and be of interest to the average mentality, one might think, if that's ever possible to determine. Nor is it any easier to determine what might be truly palatable in a book to the above-average mentality yet a higher standard is expected for sure. It is for this discriminating reader, my ambiguous target, which I venture beyond conventional limits...
Maleficent persuasions within our society must be considered and one must conclude all realities are weighted, the most serious having the most influence, dominating the circumstances which mold and constitute the realities at hand. If this is true, and it must be, then this book is right on target. To attack the problems of society one must determine the root causes, not tinker with the peripheries as pundits do. Nor can we ever achieve a satisfying society without higher standards, or an enduring one.
To understand verse is to know this, chosen words create the parameters that creatively fence in the meaning while reserving for itself a mysterious hue and indiscernible depth for unexplainable reasons, therefore naturally esoteric. The essence of the verse’s meaning is determinate upon the depth the reader is willing to experience. It is to feel within those parameters and hear the language of the spirit world. Verse is the spokesman and our Warrior Poet will enable the reader to tune in if they wish. Enter thee then into a mystical world, where juxtapositional logic and realities exist. Uniquely, this is a book where mankind's serious societal issues are addressed by mythical characters with keen minds and an enduring interest. Discover further their plan of attack on the hills of the blue laws, Cornucopia and the City of High Towers."

One of several 'poems' from the book...

WHO-WHAT-WHERE were first, as cavemen try,
a useful beginning for their mastodon fry,
from this WHO-WHAT-WHERE, WHEN was taught,
WHY came last, as a sophisticated thought.
By the twelfth century the 'w' words came,
maybe much earlier on a Stone-Agers train.

Mystics have said in those times long ago,
that languages are barriers, as ever slow,
then posed a question, as yet outstanding,
do words further, or create understanding?
If mystics were right, our thinking wrong,
makes God illusive when words always bomb.

I go assured into the heart of the matter,
atop WHO-WHAT-WHERE is WHEN up the latter,
of time to relate, WHEN took some thought,
then a dimensional WHY for answers sought.
While WHY makes sense in an earthly realm,
we can't assume so for that ethereal helm.

WHY is a bastard and three-lettered stray,
and a different color is this misfit gray,
yet WHY is for reasons, purpose and cause,
that He doesn't need WHY, is WHY's clause.
Creators fashion to tie language in knots,
why we hung our WHYs for not telling lots.

Can creators create without a good reason,
but holding jobs with no rhyme is treason,
in redemption however, left me my thought,
complete are works where no WHY is taught.
They left no reason for vestiges or skies,
yet identifies freedom by telling no WHYs.

If there was a WHY, then meaningless free,
yet given necessities, seeds, a nice tree,
of elements and love, for in the sun bask,
came truth in masks, our earthly WHY task.
Freedom was served for a spiritual matter,
unanswered WHYs put my proof on a platter.
A.O. Kime (1941- )

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